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(en) liberta salonica: NTU-Rubikonas Invasion of the Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki [VIDEO] machine translation]

Date Wed, 23 Oct 2019 09:22:12 +0300

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=uwuudL18-m8 ---- On the morning of Tuesday the 15th of October, twenty-two companions of the Black & Red - Libertatia groups (members of the APO) intervened at the entrance of the Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki as a solidarity movement in the struggle of the Rojava people and against the invading Turkish people . ---- Banners were opened and slogans were shouted in favor of Kurdish fighters defending the territories and conquests of the Confederate model of self-government in their area. ---- The MAT squads guarding the Consulate attempted to overwhelm their initial surprise by showing excessive zeal for the repatriation of those gathered on the opposite sidewalk. They typically pushed the comrades over the main street of Agios Dimitrios while passing cars.

Of course their passion multiplied when they realized that they were dealing with anarchists, who defied their power and caused them to pause their morning coffee.

Our move follows on from the mass presence of anarchists at last Saturday's 12/10 demonstration, where the multicultural participation of Thessaloniki's Kurds again found in front of the Turkish Consulate large police forces that did not allow it to continue. its door.
As Erdogan's killers repeatedly massacre the Kurdish people, they, along with FSA criminals, are trying to further destabilize Syria by reasserting the remains of their jihadist, Islamist-fascist allies, the US-led ISIS the cops play the role of locks protecting the Consulate from the just rage of the people who accept the oppression of the soldiers. They emphasize in practice the dirty role of the Greek state in the imperialist geopolitical bazaars of the Eastern Mediterranean, through which the clouds of a generalized war in the region thicken.

We call on all people to take part in the next moves, with the first rally on Saturday 19/10 against war and nationalism, against the invasion and the military conflict in Syria in solidarity with the Kurds who accept the military attack.

No war between the peoples, no peace between the classes.

To build an anti-war antidote

a communist movement with a weapon of solidarity between the struggling peoples. And they win.

Why we support and will continue to support the liberation struggle in Kurdistan.

The story of the Middle East is that of wars, terrorism, state and religion, the clash of superpowers and regional imperialism. This has been the case for decades and continues to this day with a focus on the Syrian civil war. And yet something has changed.

Within the bounds of dictatorships, jihad, Israel, the Americans, the Russians, and Erdogan's Turkey, a people and the political-military organizations born in his country make the difference.

To put it bluntly: if the Kurdish movement in Syria and Turkey were a common affair of the oppressed people demanding the abolition of national oppression and the creation of their own state, we would express our sympathy. National oppression is a severe form of oppression, we can only greet every struggling people, but up there. Another state in the region, more or less bureaucratic does not mean much. One oppression will succeed the other, the worst massacres in the Middle East, and they are usually done by homosexuals and homosexuals, if not for another eight years of civil war in Syria.

We support with all our strength the Kurdish movement, the PKK fight in Turkey, the struggle of the People's and Women's Protection Units (YPG / YPJ) in Syria. This is because they have chosen another path to liberation than to put an elite of their favored nations to command through the state, as national liberation wars usually do behind the big words.

Talking about equality and feminism is a cosmogony in the Middle East. Securing religious freedom is a cosmogony in the Middle East. Standing up to religious darkness without representing another religious darkness is a cosmogony in the Middle East. Trying to integrate foreigners and foreigners into your movement is a cosmogony in the Middle East. Being an oppressed ethnicity and instead of calling for your own state to fight for autonomy through a multiracial community system with direct democratic elements is a cosmogony for the whole world.

We defend this in the Kurdish struggle. That is why revolutionaries from all over the world go and fight and die in the deserts of Syria. For this prospect he managed to blossom into the most inhospitable part of the planet. For this reason, and conscious of the symbolic extent of our intervention, we have chosen this action.

We are neither naive nor looking for an international struggle to blindly dash our subversive hopes. For decades, the anarchist / antiauthoritarian movement has been building political and militant community channels with the heroic Turkish and Kurdish movements. We have found ourselves in this race with this world and some of us have fought alongside them. We know what we're talking about.

This movement was at the heart of the most barbaric imperialist competition. He was found to be facing everyone. He fought and defeated the hordes of armed jihadist jihadist opposition to the Syrian dictatorial government of Assad in the Turkish genocidal imperialism. It was found in the vise of the Russian-American conflict. He was obliged to regular alliances. Because it was a movement that carried out its struggle on the field and not on ideological purification test tubes. They were certainly expecting that the US would eventually sell them. It certainly makes no sense to burn a superpower because it had no "moral values" and abandoned its "allies."

And of course the Kurds know that the new deal with the Russians (Assad and his government is no less than a puppet) will lead to new fights, new suffering. But the dead can change nothing. The Kurdish people in Syria must survive so that they can continue to hope. This is always the story of the movements that are making a revolution compared to the ones just talking about a revolution.

The game of the Turkish state is as scary and commonplace in national competitions. Its goal is to transport some millions of unhappy refugees living in Turkey to the Kurdish areas. Populations that are inevitably in control and will use them as tools of population change, as a means of persecuting the Kurds and their national expansion. Do not listen to the alleged protests of the states in Europe and Greece against Turkish expansionism. Apart from the European capitalists' billions of euros of contracts with Turkey, the regimes are in fact praying for the victory of the Turkish army. Only with such a victory will racist and xenophobic Europe and Greece "escape" from the masses of refugees that have become Erdogan's most inhumane foreign policy tool.

At this moment the Kurdish movement was forced to resort to Russia to survive. No one knows what is behind the imperialist dahlia and what their real goals are. It is certain that the Kurdish people in Syria will see part of the land inhabited by the Turkish army ethnically cleansed, it is already seeing hundreds of thousands of Kurds uprooted, and will soon see oppression and coercion by Assad and the Russians. to the rights it has conquered. He will survive but new plagues are heading towards him. And in these afflictions, as in the preceding, as in the present, we shall stand by his side.

At the moment the enemy is the Turkish state and we are turning against it. We will turn against the future enemies as well. Because what is at stake is not just the survival of a national group. It is a ray of light in the place that is dominated by total darkness. It is a hope for the whole world. The hope that you can defeat the ethnic-religious oppressions without reproducing them, the hope given by the libertarian ideas from which the Kurdish movement inspired its strategy, that they can solve the murderous deadlocks created by its ideas and practices.

We were, are and will be in solidarity with each other. Let everyone remember this.



Thessaloniki Freedom Initiative

Anarchist collectivism of Rubicon

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