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(en) ait russia: "Radical Ecology - Death to Capital": Ecology and the 47th act of "Yellow Vests" [machine translation]

Date Thu, 10 Oct 2019 11:02:42 +0300

The 47th act of protest of the movement of the "yellow vests" in France took place in collaboration with environmental protests and activists of the "black bloc" in various cities of the country. In Paris, protesters captured one of the leading shopping centers. In Amiens, Besançon and Toulouse, clashes occurred with the forces of the capitalist order. ---- In Amiens, the demonstration began late in the morning in a festive atmosphere. The "activist village" was defeated, slogans chanted about the demands of the "yellow vests" and the consequences of the fire at the chemical plant "Lubrisol" in Rouen. The "yellow vests" and the "black block" staged a round around the city center, stating that they had "gone looking for" the Macron that had once grown in this city. In the afternoon, the protest escalated into clashes with the police. Demonstrators responded to tear gas by throwing sticks and stones. Several bank branches were defeated, an attack was made on McDonald's. 2 commandos received minor injuries from stones. 9 people were detained. In the end, the march ended peacefully: the demonstrators, having completed the round, returned to their starting point,

In Besancon, the demonstration was held under the banner of protecting social services. During the rally, protesters smashed a ladder with metal sticks on the facade of the prefecture's building. Clashes broke out twice, police and gendarmes used tear gas in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators. Several dozen people tried to break into the station building. In total, 3 policemen were injured. 5 people were detained for interrogation (https://www.cnews.fr/france/2019-10-05/gilets-jaunes-en-direct-incidents-amiens-et-besancon-en-marge-de-la-47e-semaine-de;

In Toulouse, authorities once again closed the central square of the Capitol for demonstrations. According to the call, distributed on social networks, the protesters gathered at 14.00 in a traditional place already - at the metro station "Jean Zhores". No formal application for the march was filed. The action was called "In the face of the courts - we will protect ourselves." The main theme was the protest against repression and the demand to immediately release all arrested and convicted protesters. The action was also carried out under the sign of "convergence of struggle" - against pension reform, reform of unemployment insurance, against climate change, underfunding of hospitals, etc. (https://actu.fr/occitanie/toulouse_31555/toulouse-place-capitole-nouveau-interdite-gilets-jaunes-lacte-47_28184914.html) Together with the "yellow vests" environmentalists protested. Demonstrators marched in the direction of Joan of Arc. Clashes occurred near Capitol Square. Taking advantage of the fact that the march slowed down, the police broke into the convoy and tried to take away the banner. A fight ensued, during which the captain of the police was knocked to the ground, her helmet was taken away and she was slightly kicked ... The police used tear gas (https://www.ladepeche.fr/2019/10/05/gilets-jaunes-invasion-dans-un-centre-commercial-parisien-pour-lacte-47-manifestation-a-toulouse,8460536.php; https://www.revolutionpermanente.fr/Toulouse-Retraites-Climat-Services-Publics-Les-Gilets-Jaunes-exigent-le-Tous-ensemble)

In Montpellier, the Ale Yellow Assembly and the Yellow Vests Collective Defense group called for a protest. The main slogan was the release of prisoners (on the eve of the rally held near the prisons in Nimes, and on Sunday at the Villeneuve de Magelon prison) (https://lepoing.net/des-gilets-jaunes-mobilises-sur-un-rond-point-a-st-jean-de-vedas-des-actions-prevues-dans-le-gard-et-lherault/?fbclid=IwAR2OxTV2w3Fht1e8JF2pVb3I6WVbq_4hZMhck0peQK2o-Y91gU_NBIWRKGM). The march in Montpellier passed this time without major incidents. However, the police grabbed 3 people for "concealing faces" (https://www.ouest-france.fr/societe/gilets-jaunes/plusieurs-incidents-en-marge-du-47e-samedi-des-gilets-jaunes-6551966).

The actions of the "yellow vests" were also held in Avignon, Brest, Lanester, Lille, Lima (action for free travel), Rennes (where clashes occurred while trying to break through police barriers during a regional action; 2 people were detained); Fleurus, Chalon and many other cities and towns, as well as at crossroads in various parts of the country.

But the most high-profile action took place this time in Paris, where activists of the Ecstionion Rebelon environmental movement, yellow vests, Justice for Adama Committee, Youth for the Climate, and representatives of other social initiatives performed under the motto: "The last capture before the end of the world. " They captured one of the "symbols of capitalism" - a large shopping center "Italie 2" and held it for almost a day, despite police attacks.

Chronicle of the Paris capture

At about 10.30 a.m., hundreds of protesters broke into the mall, chanting Solidarity with Rwans. On the banner it was written: "Rouen: there is no justice - there is no peace!". The guards who arrived in time were met with shouts: "Work, consume and shut up" and "We do this for your own children." Attempts failed posters and banners, and took away cameras and mobile phones failed: there were too many protesters! As a result, the guard retired. Demonstrators released buyers and blocked the entrance to the mall. "We are here, we are here, even though Macron does not want this!" They chanted. Slogans spread throughout the huge hall, and the boutiques closed one after another. "This shopping center symbolizes the economic world, which constantly incites us to consume more and more resources of the world,

After 11.20 protesters open their general assembly - the general meeting, which discusses the main problems of society and resistance. A huge banner hung on the facade of the main entrance: "We will destroy the palaces of power, we will build houses of the people" "We will burn capitalism", can be read on the other.

At 11.40 am, special forces officers from the CRS gendarme are concentrated at the entrances from the outside. At 12.30 one of the commandos of the commandos tried to get inside through the restaurant. Protesters barricaded the entire terrace and windows with restaurant furniture to keep them from getting through. A relaxed atmosphere reigned inside the building. Some activists took a rest, others gathered in groups and led discussions. The police are still circling outside. As soon as they were heading to one of the entrances, the besieged reinforcements were immediately pulled in to strengthen the blockade.

At 13.05 the movement "Extinsion Rebelon" published on Twitter a statement on the objectives of the action: "to seize for as long as possible a place symbolizing the distortion of our system, which threatens life ... Today this place will be turned into a place of life, reflection, organization and convergence. This action of civil disobedience is non-violent and takes place with joy, good humor and complacency. Activists are seated to occupy it for as long as possible. "

At 13.15, the general assembly of the blockade participants temporarily ends work. The ideas put forward during the discussions are recorded on a poster entitled "Wall of Ideas". Among them - "call speakers to better communicate"; "dismantle the fire exit system"; "in the event of expulsion from here - join the opponents of the Eurocity project" (just at that time conducting a march through Paris in the direction of the Matignon Palace). The names of lawyers in the event of reprisals, the distribution of places of rest, the location of toilets and safety information are also listed there.

At 13.25, AssaTraore from the Justice for Adama movement, who came to support the blockade, addressed the meeting. The young man of Adam Traore died in 2016 after he was arrested by the police. "We cannot talk about ecology and climate, not to mention the droughts in Africa or Asia, the hunger and plunder of resources in the Congo that feed this consumer system," says Assa Traore. "We cannot talk about this without condemning the repression, which we have been experiencing for a long time in the working districts that kill our brothers and make us suffer everywhere. We are faced with the same military machine. You are all soldiers opposing it, and only together we can make it fall. "

At 2 pm, after about an hour's break, dozens of "yellow vests" resume singing and chanting slogans: "Macron is at war with us, his police too, and we are determined to block the country." After 15 minutes, the security evacuates all the employees of the shopping center who were still in stores. Activists were expecting an early police assault.

14.45. Says 15-year-old Clement from the Youth for Climate movement: we are here, "because marches for the climate are good, but we need to go up a level to be heard. We knew we were taking risks, but the most important thing was to be able to take advantage this moment of emulation, reflection, even if we are surrounded by the police. "

14.50. Activists who seized the mall are organizing. Iron shop blinds and billboards are covered with posters: "Metro, work, Black block", "Prohibition of deadly paralysis technique" (speech about special means used by the police) ... Animated discussion groups gather in the hall. There are medical teams. Everyone does what he knows and talks about what he came up with: media activists shoot videos, people discuss the privatization of the Paris airport and collect signatures for a referendum ... The general assembly resumes work on the underground floor.

15.00 Tension is growing. Mediators from the Extinsion Rebelon in orange vests urge activists to pull themselves up to the front doors. Driving through the streets of a fire engine is causing excitement: everyone is waiting for the assault to begin.

15.25. Performances are continuing. Activists block "from half to two-thirds" of the shopping center, which includes 120 boutiques.

15.55. On the underground floor, some are resting (siesta), others are discussing what to do if police cleansing begins.

16.15. The installation of two huge banners with the inscription: "Nature is not for sale. Ecology is social and national." Outside, opposite the shopping center, the presence of the police is not very noticeable, but dozens of gendarmerie cars are located around.

16.45. In the afternoon, hundreds of new activists join the seizure center. Because of the lattice separating the captured part from the non-captured part, activists shout to the curious: "Open us, we will consume together!" and "Work, consume and shut up." A medic distributes sweets to security guards who are much more complacent than in the morning.

17:00 - Occupying the center settled for a long time. Urinals and toilets are installed, hammocks are hung by ropes. The police are not yet trying to go on the storm: perhaps they are waiting for the end of the trade center.

10/18. Activists are divided into various working and discussion groups and discuss a variety of topics: "imperialism and ecology", "sexism and patriarchy in the struggle movements", "repression", "libertarian municipalism", "Protected area in Notre Dame de Land" , "international movements", "violence / non-violence" ...

7 p.m. One of the activists warns with a microphone about the imminent start of a police operation. He calls for a "barricade" or "civil disobedience," but "without direct confrontation with the police." "If the CRS manages to break the door and enter," one of his comrades says, "force yourself to pull back, you will slow down their invasion without aggression or physical damage." Outside, mobile gendarmes light flashers. Wooden plates and chairs are pulled to the entrances.

19.30. In the lobby adjacent to the main entrance, hundreds of activists line up around the entrance. "We are here, we are here, let Macron not want this!" - chant the audience. Outside, sympathizers drum to the beat in the windows. People wanted to eat. In the afternoon, people brought fruits and vegetables: watermelons, tomatoes, zucchini, bananas, cucumbers ... All this was put in the basement, and then transferred to the dining room, organized right in front of the restaurant. Tables are wooden shields. The kitchen works on the basis of self-government: activists cut vegetables and fruits and cook them with spices, others go with containers with radishes and distribute to those who wish. Vegetables and fruits are eaten raw.

20.00. As expected, the gendarmes were waiting for the official closing time of the shopping center. They approach the entrances and check the doors for durability. The defense holds on. There are fewer blockers than it was during the day. Some left in the last hour so as not to get in touch with the police. The bell rings. But the atmosphere is still fun. People dance to the song of Michael Jackson. And some even manage to sleep.

20.20. The forces of the capitalist order enter an uninvolved part of the trade center. But there are also protesters chanting "We are here." From the inside, a batukada answers them.

9 p.m. Five inputs are controlled by activists. Special forces advances through the hall, panic breaks out. Activists released gas similar to pepper. I can not breathe. There is an explosion, eyes and skin are burning, everyone is coughing.

10.21. The protesters help each other by passing eye drops, skin cream. People speak to each other supportive words. The police "investigation and intervention team" in the hoods is stopped by a metal curtain and is trying to raise the grille with a hydraulic cylinder. They push for 20 minutes - to no avail. The grid is curved and no longer opens. The team with its equipment goes to another place.

21.20. Xavier, rubbing his reddened eyes, says: "Mobile gendarmes tried to get through the back door from the Nature and Opening store. Faced with resistance from activists, they fired gas several times. They were repulsed."

21.35. Police forces were thrown back, but they let in a lot of gas. This is not an ordinary gas, but very annoying, pepper. Many protesters lost their orientation, stumble and blindly wander. Sounds of support and solidarity. People help each other. Five minutes of calm. People take a breath and think where the next blow will come from. The slogans still sound: "We are here, we are here, even if Macron does not want this, we are here." At the entrance, new police cars.

21.40. On the square in front of the trade center, the gendarmes, who had blocked the approaches, had been half an hour already when they left and freed the approaches. You can enter the building, you can exit it. The gas erodes and you can breathe inside. Gendarmes and CRS in their cars ... and the cars leave unexpectedly! Inside the center, residents of the Le Sitadin hotel watch the performance through the windows.

21.55. The occupants of the shopping center congratulate a friend on the first two repulsed attacks and prepare for the third.

10 p.m. Outside in the square are CRS vans; commandos crawl out of them, with helmets and batons, and line up on the site. Hundreds of activists stand there. Volut siren 7 approaching vans. But they are leaving, 11 others are leaving too.

05.22. The vans left, there are no more police outside. But they fear that a new assault is being prepared from within. The situation is confusing. Police and gendarmerie vans are located on neighboring streets.

10.30 p.m. On the site in front of the center are 200-300 people. A dozen gendarme wagons are located on the other side of Italy Square. About 20 gendarmes without helmets and shields are 40 meters from the entrance. So far, everything is calm.

22.40. Inside, activists pull self-service bicycles and electric scooters into the corner, building a barricade. Street benches are also used to barricade the entrances. Several hundred activists are still inside the trade center. The gendarmes are quiet, but concentrated around the mall.

23.15. Many activists now go outside, then come back, taking advantage of the fact that the doors are open. The oppressive smell of gas inside is too depressing for some. People are busy collecting material to expand the barricades. Others, lying down, rest, resting their heads on a backpack. Many went to eat. Fire safety officers are on site and are discussing something with activists. The gendarmes stay outside.

23.20. All gendarmerie and police trucks disappeared. Thus, the activists of the operation "Last Capture Before the End of the World" won and can spend the night in a shopping center. After more than 13 hours of capture, the shopping center bears the imprint of the past day. On all walls are visible inscriptions written in marker or paint. Plastic lobsters are scattered everywhere. Billboards are covered, but not one is broken.

00.00. In the lobby of the shopping center - an impromptu celebration. People dance, hiding their faces with hoods. On the ground floor, at least 200 people still participate in the general assembly.

01.00. A sound system is installed on the first floor of the shopping center. For an hour, I will survive, a remix of Yellow Vests about Demons of the Night (dedicated to police violence), etc. A fire extinguisher is used to lift the mood. Many yellow vests are here. The General Assembly is over. Discussions on the topic "Remain or leave together immediately?" culminated in a decision: to continue the blockade all night. True, not everyone liked it, and some leave the building. One of the sides of the trade center has 7 cars of the Anti-Criminal Brigade.

02.00. In the shopping center for the night there were about 200 people. They celebrate, discuss, relax. From time to time, rumors are circulating about the threat of a new police attack. but it turns out to be false.

03.40. Activists decide to leave the mall. The security service locks the doors. The capture is over. It lasted for 17 hours! (https://reporterre.net/L-action-d-Extinction-Rebellion-a-eu-lieu-a-Paris-au-centre-commercial-Italie-2)

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