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(en) Poland, rozbrat Anarchist Federation fa-poznan: The first brochure in the series Biblioteczka @ -TAK-u - Temptation of nationalism [machine translation]

Date Thu, 19 Jul 2018 08:02:34 +0300

Nationalism still tempts the impoverished, because other perspectives seem more bleak. The culture of the ancestors was destroyed, so from a pragmatic point of view, it failed. The only descendants who survived are those who have inhabited the system of the invaders and survived at the ends of the garbage. The utopias of poets and dreamers and numerous "mythologies of the proletariat" also failed. They have not worked in practice. They turned out to be vain dreams about the beyond. In fact, this proletariat is as racist as the heads of the police. ---- The packer and keeper have lost contact with the old culture. The fantasies and utopias are not interested in them, they essentially treat them with the same disdain with which a practical businessman treats poets, wanderers and dreamers. Nationalism offers them something specific, something that has undergone trial and error testing - and is ready for action. From a mundane point of view, the descendants of the persecuted have no reason to continue being persecuted, since nationalism puts them before the prospect of being persecutors. Closer and further descendants of victims can create a racist national state. They can lead other people to concentration camps, dispose of other people as they want, fight a genocidal war against them, expropriate them to obtain initial capital. And since they can be done by "racial relatives" of Hitler's victims,

Every oppressed population can become a nation, a photographic negative of the oppressor nation, a place where the packer has become the supermarket manager, where the former watchman becomes the police commander. Using an improved strategy, any watchman can follow in the footsteps of the pretorian guards from ancient Rome. The bodyguards of a foreign mining company can proclaim themselves a republic, free the people, and free him, until he has nothing left to pray for the liberation to come to an end. Even before taking power, a gang could call itself a Front and offer the poor, something that is still missing to the poor, the poor, an organization collecting contributions and a squadron of assassins, that is one more taxpayer and another police, this time a folk one. In this way, the people can be freed from the last traces of their ancestors-victims. All relics remaining after pre-industrial times and non-capitalist cultures can finally be destroyed once and for all.

The idea that realizing the genocide, that the memory of extermination, can only bring people to dismantling the system, is wrong. The constant temptation of nationalism suggests something quite the opposite: that the realization of the genocide was successful for the people to mobilize themselves in the genocidal armies, that the memory of the extermination was successful for the people to make new exterminations. Sensitive poets, reminiscent of loss, and the researchers who documented it, are like those pure science fans who have discovered the structure of the atom. Specialists in applied sciences have used their discovery to break up the nucleus of the atom, to create a weapon that will break the nucleus of each atom. Nationalists used poetry to break up and bond human populations, to mobilize genocidal armies, to carry out further exterminations.

Pure science lovers, poets and researchers do not feel guilty for devastated villages and burned bodies. Are they really innocent?

I believe that at least one of Marx's remarks is true: every minute dedicated to the capitalist production process, every thought devoted to the industrial system, strengthens the enemy power of nature, culture and life. Applied science is nothing foreign - it is an integral part of the capitalist production process. Nationalism did not come from abroad. It is the product of the capitalist process of production, like chemicals poisoning lakes, air, animals and people, like nuclear power plants irradiating microenvironment in preparation for irradiation of the macro-environment.

In the postscript, I would like to answer the question before it falls. The question is: "Do not you think it's better that the descendant of the oppressed people will become a supermarket manager or a police chief?" I will answer with another question: "Which head of the concentration camp, which national tormentor or executioner was not a descendant of the oppressed people?"
(Fragment of the book)

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The paper itself is not enough for us, because what is the issue without practice? For us it has and still has a lot of meaning. For this reason, we take an active part in the activities of the anarchist movement by participating in countless meetings, discussions, direct actions, and demonstrations. We are a group that wants to coordinate and strengthen anarchist activities throughout the country. We try to reach people and groups of beginners and those more experienced. We help in establishing contact with other individuals / groups, we exchange experiences and skills. We also create and disseminate nationwide materials promoting anarchism - leaflets, posters, stickers.
Please contact people and groups who want to cooperate, regardless of whether and to what organization they belong to, or support our activities financially.

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