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(en) [Russia] Repressions against the Narodnaya Samooborona Organization By ANA (pt) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 10 Jul 2018 09:32:27 +0300

In what ways do Russian special services attempt through torture to create the "extremist anarchist community with the aim of overthrowing the constitutional order." ---- In the last six months, special services are trying to destroy the anarchist movement in Russia. They are using much more cruel methods compared to the "classic" repressions against the rioters in Russia. Kidnappings, torture, fabrication of criminal cases. Most notable is the case of the " Network " organization , in the course of which the anarchists of Penza and St Petersburg are exposed to monstrous pressures and tortures. Explored by official media and accused of "terrorist community" for playing airsoft in the forests. Much information is being circulated about this case.

But this case is far from the only one. Repression also hit the Crimean anarchists. Alexander Kolchenko is a crimean anarchist kept imprisoned for several years. And the new crackdown began in March 2018 with mass searches, arrests and torture for the crime activists. The reason was the communication in social networks and the notification received by the authorities on the holding of a meeting. Now one of the Crimean anarchists - Alexey Shestakovich - was forced to leave the country. Other - Evgeny Karakashev - is in a detention center.

In addition to attempting to create the idea of a "terrorist community" and cleaning up the Crimean peninsula of the anarchists, special services are trying to forge a larger criminal case in which they could include not only airsoft players but also any anarchist activist . Now they are no longer trying to create the false image of "terrorists," but rather "extremists." And the methods are the same. Anarchists from different cities suffer torture for distributing readings on members of the "extremist anarchist community" Narodnaja Samooborona (Popular Self-Defense). And it is possible to read in the mass media about the brave security officials of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Center E who report on the detention of the "leader" and "members" of the Narodnaja Samooborone (NS).

Narodnaja Samooborona is the most popular and fastest growing anarchist media platform in recent years. It is published in it news about the events that are happening in the country, the world and the anarchist movement, analytical and historical articles and materials with an attempt at a critical rethinking of the anarchist theory. In addition, many reports of the anarchist actions of Russia and Belarus are published on the platform. These reports are not sent from a group or from a group network. Everyone can collaborate by submitting reports on their actions and they will be published. By the way, Narodnaja Samooborona interacts closely with the project Narodnaja Samooborona (Direct Action), whose main objective is a fight against unscrupulous employers and scammers, confrontations with bandits and apartment invaders.

A great growth of anarchist activity was noted last year. Anarchist campaigns were held regularly from May 2017 to May 2018 - in solidarity with political prisoners of anti-corruption protests, comrades arrested after the G20 protests in Gamburg, anarchist political prisoners from different countries. There were also actions against loan firms, against the Platon system, antifascist actions and memorandum events dedicated to murdered antifascists, actions against the increase of tariffs and against the ruling party ... The maximum activity was in February and March 2018 when they were organized campaigns against the presidential elections and many actions to protest against the repression of the case " Network". Actions of different formats were carried out in dozens of Russian cities. Most notably were anarchist actions such as the unauthorized march through the street Myasnitskaya against the terror of the FSB in Moscow and the action near the local department of the FSB in Chelyabinsk, when a banner written "the FSB is the main terrorist" was hung and smoke pyrotechnic was launched in the territory of the department. Except for solidarity actions for repressed activists in the " Network " case , a small attack by anarchists on the "United Russia" office (Russian party currently in power) had a special resonance.

All these actions attracted the attention of the special services, which tried to unite them as actions of Narodnaya Samooborona . Previously, Narodnaya Samooborona also received special attention from the FSB and Center E, who made inroads into anarchist events and intimidated activists who might be connected with this movement. Now the growth of anarchist activity has drawn his attention by active actions against the "NS". In addition, in March 2018, before the start of crackdowns against Moscow anarchists, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the special services to detect and punish organizers of unauthorized actions.

In February, several Moscow anarchists were arrested as suspected of attacking the "United Russia" office, and also Chelyabinsk anarchists were convicted of attacking the FSB department. Chelyabinsk anarchists after prisoners were tortured in the FSB department. Throughout the night they suffered electric shocks to confirm their participation in the action. In addition, the FSB terrorists demanded that they say that the idea of the action had been found in Narodnaya Samooborona . And one of the imprisoned comrades - Dmitry Tsibukovsky - was designated by the FSB as leader of the Chelyabinsk branch of the "extremist anarchist organization" Narodnaya Samooborona .

In March, repressions continued in Moscow. Center E and the SOBR (Russian Rapid Response Force Service) searched and detained the homes of Moscow anarchists before the March 14 presidential election. One of them - Svyatoslav Rechkalov - was tortured in the SOBR minivan. He was forced to confirm his participation and leadership in the "NS", organizing actions and anarchist campaigns in the territory of all Russia. Agents of the Center And stated that the reason for the tortures is the growing anarchist activity, "the anarchists quickly began their actions everywhere."

Clearly the special services are preparing to open a major new criminal case against the anarchists, they are trying to get through torture of the anarchists of different cities the recognition that all current anarchist actions in Russia were organized and coordinated by "NS." This is not true. The media resource of Narodnaya Samooborona is, above all, a platform and every anarchist group can send content to it. It is obvious that special services torture the arrested anarchists and require them to confirm that the action was prepared and carried out by "NS" because they want to create an "extremist organization."

The reasons of such interest to us are clear. Attempts to clean up the political sphere of dissidents in Russia were made for several decades. Recently, special services paid close attention to anarchists. And, of course, they could not miss the most popular anarchist media platform - especially as the level of anarchist activity increased and the number of published reports grew.

The attack on Narodnaja Samooborona is an attempt to destroy the anarchist info-structure, disabling the most popular media platform that spreads information about events from several separate groups.

It is also obvious that repressions are indicative of the effectiveness of anarchist activities in Russia. Why do special services catch people who could be anarchists and try to designate them as "activists" or "leaders" of Narodnaja Samooborona and Russian anarchism?

This is because the state is afraid of the growth and activity of the anarchist movement. Every effective activity, every upward movement goes against the repressions and pressures of the State. We are calling to continue the actions of solidarity with the Russian anarchists and to remember all the anarchists who have been repressed. Resisting repression is possible only if we are all together, and the struggle must be fought against the repressive state policy in its attitude towards all anarchists. So we are calling for all cases of repression in Penza, St. Petersburg, the Crimea, Chelyabinsk and Moscow to appear in their acts. All these repressions are the links of a chain for us.

But it is also very important not to focus only on this theme by doing actions of solidarity with repressed anarchists. If this happens and we forget about other problems in our society, the State will achieve its goals, divert our attention and stop the spread of our ideas.

And of course no form of repression can suppress our desire for freedom and equity. We are calling on the anarchists not to be afraid of anything and continue their struggle. If we surrender and retreat now, we will achieve nothing and they will think it is easy to repress us. And, of course, every time the anarchist movement grows, repressions will grow. Only the dedication in our struggle and solidarity can help us get up at this difficult time.

Source: https://naroborona.info/2018/06/10/repressions-against-narodnaja-samooborona-people-s-self-defense-organization/

Translation> Gabriel Assis

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