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(en) Turkey, yeryuzu postasi: This choice is over: can we try something else now? - Cem Sky (tr)[machine translation]

Date Thu, 5 Jul 2018 07:42:14 +0300

As always, after the announcement of the results of the June 24th elections, the heroic opposition to the AKP became dominated by a deeply troubled atmosphere mixed with anger, anxiety, and astonishment. Just over a year and a half ago, on April 16, 2017, the AKP-MHP alliance outlined the "Yes" in the Constitutional referendum, endorsing the opposition and cutting off the CHP street protests. Then; anger, anxiety and astonishment. However, on June 7, a year and a half ago, the AKP lost its chances of becoming a ruling party, and the MHP and other opposition parties, which were not formally formed by the AKP, ended the solution process, while the CHP and the HDP were "trying to form a government." The solution process ended with fascist attacks and massacres , the election was re-elected on 1 November and the AKP became the sole ruler. Then; anger,

You do not have to go any further. This has become a repetitive routine in every election, especially after the Trip Resistance. The constitutional parties gathered all the opponents from socialist to anarchist behind every election, saying "we will win for sure", "this last election", "there is no alternative". People are excited by saying "this time will be", "I will not vote again unless it is already in this election". Then; anger, anxiety, and confusion ... This was the election in this election, and responded to the opposition "Hodri Square!" to the dominant elections in which the AKP-MHP alliance determined the conditions, the rules and the time.

Although the "boycott" debates were made as hotly as possible on the first days of the election, the words "It is not legitimate!" After the April 16 Referendum were forgotten. A handful of people trying to tell the CHP that they will not go out on the streets and keep the people busy will almost see AKP pro-AKP proposal treatment, . The party remained in the hands of the parties, again convincing people that this time and that there is no other remedy.

Afterwards, he lived in front of the eyes: those living in many places, mainly in Kurdish provinces, mainly in Suruç where three HDP tradesmen were killed by relatives of AKP deputies; the miraculous success of the MHP in the Kurdish ills "which came out of the images of a section such as a ballot box, ballot papers, an RTE seal on a ballot box and an MHP seal. If the candidate thinks that he did not cheat at the end of the election because he said that Muharrem Ince said so easy. We know that this is an elective trick, but at this level, the tricks are not enough to cover up. A few hours ago, the party representatives declared that "we are winning," and that the CHP has accepted the individual results, accepting the results do not show anything other than that they are partners of this dirty wheel. The words "You are threatened, keep it from him!" Will not justify them. People ask: What else did you expect? Then why did you come into this game? Then why do you say we win for sure? Then why did you pretend to pretend that we will have a ball at the expense of our lives?

At this point, the attitude of HDP needs to be mentioned separately. In his speech on 19 October 2016, Selahattin Demirtas said: "There will be elections, but democracy will come out of there, election equal democracy. lovers lie. Justice, in a non-equality environment, the crate will only institutionalize fascism " ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgney1C96Ys ) It is right, of course, but then you have to ask HDP too, why did you choose these choices? Why do you contribute to the institutionalization of fascism?

From SP, from IYIP, from Abdullah Gül, and so on. I do not know what to expect without a crusher ... On 7 June, MHP did not take a lecture on the harsh reality of living, maybe this time the founder member of IYIP, Mehmet Aslan, comes to them after the election: "Justice and Development Party he needs palm deputies. If this can be taken from the GOOD Party, if it is a law that is useful for the nation's future and the nation's future, the MHP may not be needed. If the good party is good enough to be good, whoever is speaking the truth will defend it. If the AK Party comes out and defends the right thing, what the party is saying is a good thing for the nation, the GOOD Party will support it. "

Despite all of this, the "professional politicians" seem to be very pleased with their responsibilities. HDP threshold, CHP exceeded 30 percent, socialist candidates are happy for parliamentary entry; "We will do the meclist, we will continue to fight like this." No one accepts his mistake and does not criticize himself. However, now that the parliament is no longer functioning, everyone is known, the voice of a deputy is getting kicked in. So we are rightly angry. However, this anger is dragging away from the quest for salvation within the parliament and the order, which is not the real source of power at all - but rather, entirely from struggle. In the end, there are not many organizations that criticize many of you. So we should not criticize ourselves first because we fall into this game every time?

Something else is possible!

Election night a friend said "This is my last choice". I know that a lot of people are voting because they think they are boycotting and there is not a strong boycott work. I emphasize not to be misunderstood, I do not say these because boycotts have a meaning alone. The most important thing is to organize where we are, to fight in the street in the most general sense, to be able to create a revolutionary alternative. We started to do this five years ago in the aftermath of the Tourist insurgency ... But the elections intervened like a poisonous arrow, and we struggled, polluted and eventually broke our struggle. We may not go back to the past, but we can act by taking lessons from our positive and negative experiences that we have experienced since then.

We leave the political quests in the order that we have not rejected elections that create a false division of life style preferences and identities among the workers and integrate them and leave a feeling of heavy defeat on the social opposition and leave us strong as long as we do not return to the struggle in our streets, even a simple recovery is not possible. The managers of the well-known organizations will not do it easily, because they have no other problem than to keep their shops, social clubs open. With the understanding of the traditional left politics, therefore, we have to live a confrontation, a theoretical and political confrontation with ourselves, with what we have done up to now. It will protect the revolutionary intentions of unorganized individuals and organizations that will do this,

As long as we do not do this, let's say we see this defeat as our own defeat and what we would like to do today, we will continue to run in the same mud again in the next election. But this defeat is not ours. Beyond being defeated in practice, politically bankrupt is still an understanding of the opposition within the order of the election. The construction of an authoritarian repressive regime has been completed in accordance with the needs of the world's leaning and ruling class. The opposition has been designed according to the new regime of all order parties with power, those who do not obey it have been liquidated. Therefore, this order will not become old, and improvements will not take place in relation to their internal dynamics. It will either be demolished or going worse.

It is not easy for us in the coming period, but it is not easy for a ruling government and its regime to stand up with bargaining and alliances between the cliques in the state and the elections in the days when the economic and political crises are on the horizon. Of course there is no recipe for what to do. I believe, however, that we can always find together with open-minded debates like those in post-trip forums on the conditions we seek from the toxic effects of parliamentary politics and statehood.

We can discuss direct forms of action, such as strike, boycott, blockade, rather than individual federal actions such as symbolic actions such as press statements or hunger strike, for example, by gathering around unorganized grassroots organizations that focus on struggle rather than establish legal institutions or enter into existing ones and fight seats there. Instead of hoping for the politicians of this order to change our lives, we can develop practices like communal kitchens that directly affect our lives, solidarity activities or alternative education activities that everyone contributes according to their own ability, discussion groups, libraries, social centers where we can discuss all this and more. Instead of saying that nothing will happen from this person, we can start to change people by starting from ourselves. Syrians vote for AKP,

Dear friends, who say "there is no other way" and "this is the last time" in every election and angry at those who say the axioms, have tried this way to this day ... What do you say, can we try something else?

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