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(en) Greece, Initiative of Thessaloniki: On 27 June we set up a anti-fascist block: we defend the battlegrounds (gr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 2 Jul 2018 08:22:13 +0300

THE DOLLARS DO NOT HAVE A PATRIDA ---- TOLERANCE TO THE NATIONAL FISIERS ---- The revival of the Macedonian issue was a rare opportunity for every kind of nationalist and fascist squat to take a place in public speech and try to promote its murderous political plans. The January nationalist rallies in Thessaloniki and Athens served this very purpose. It became apparent to the most naive, that the supposedly uncomplicated and non-political character of the rallies, advertised with so much diligence by the media, was simply a sheep that underneath it hid the beast - and as it turned out it did not take him much to feel certain and to reveal his real face. Somehow, the useful idiots turned into dangerous idiots. It is obvious that several tendencies of the far right and nationalist space consider it time for a parliamentary party of the far right beyond the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. But it is also obvious that the ideology of national unity that seeks to instill reconciliation with class and social inequality and oppression does not only benefit these circles but almost all of the sovereignty, as the spread of the nationalistic poison breaks the social basis and distracts it from its real problems and interests, especially during periods of capitalist crisis.

For a number of years, we have from this side of the border an irrational requirement that the Greek state has the main reason against the name of another nation-state, which, unfortunately, is socially supported by a significant part of Greek society. A demand that is now mitigated by the EU's willingness to integrate the Republic of Macedonia into it and the need for NATO to expand its sphere of influence. On the other side of the border we see a growing nationalism that aims to create and consolidate their own "national myth" and often takes totally ridiculous forms, but clearly not even more ridiculous than our "own" nationalism. A look at the photos of the two rallies confirms the verdict.

Now that the "consultations" between the "two" sides have ended up with the name "Northern Macedonia" for the neighboring country, once again the national indignation overflows (!) For the audacity of the neighbors living in the northern part of the geographical area called Macedonia to "whisk" the name "Northern Macedonia" (!). What if the use of the term "Macedonia" has long been accepted by the Greek side (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)? These are fine prints for patriots who will once again rush to present at nationalist rallies at the same time that they are not fascists. The Macedonian uniforms will come back from the wardrobe,

The oppressed and the exploited have nothing to divide between us. Our oppressors are common and have the same name, regardless of their nationality, and they are the state and the capital. The only thing that nationalism manages to do is to separate and distract them from the bottom by facilitating the bosses, and that is precisely the service that offers sovereignty, that is why it is systematically promoted and planted on the social basis. We, for our part, will strive to dissolve every separation on the body of the oppressed and exploited. So we must fight together with the oppressed and the exploiters of all countries to create a common internationalist front that will raise a barrier to nationalism and fascism, who will fight against the state and the capital, which will thunder that it will not let our bosses separate us on the basis of nationality, color, sexual orientation, gender, religion or any other line. Who will fight for an a-state, a-class, non-national life.

Alongside nationalism, we will struggle to crush its most advanced form: fascism, whenever he tries to raise his head. In this city, we saw the various fascists trying to appear on the road with various occasions. We see them and now lead the a-colored rallies, the first berry behind the banners, the first berries in the "episodes". But we, as anti-fascists and anti-fascists, see the fascism as the long hand of capital, regardless of the circumstances that the fascists invoke in order to get out of their hole and to assemble various racists, Greek-believers, religious people. And that is why we are not separating our struggle against the fascism from it to capitalism. Fascism is the intensification of the capitalist condition of the exception. Our fascism wants slaves of the bosses. Fascism intensifies the misappropriation and militarization of labor, placing conditions of extermination on the "labor force".

Fascism is the birth of this world of oppression, exploitation and exceptions. That is why it is treated in class terms, upsetting the system that rears it and which it always serves. We will not leave our city to the fascists and the ultra-nationalists, as few as they are, no matter how ridiculous they imagine.






On 27/06, we support the security of our occupations and hangouts. We defend the battlegrounds by all means against the fascist - nationalist militias.
Eleftherial Initiative of Thessaloniki - member of the Anarchist Federation

lib_thess @ hotmail.com
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