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(en) Greece, anarchist group "dignified horse" / APO: 91 YEARS FROM THE RELIGION OF THE SARCO AND VANTSETS ANARCHICAL PROJECTS (CURRENTLY ON 22/8/1927) (gr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 26 Aug 2018 09:18:04 +0300

91 YEARS FROM THE ASSOCIATION OF THE SARCO AND VANTSEI ANRACHE WORKS ---- THE FIGHT AGAINST A SOCIETY FOR FREEDOM, EQUALITY AND JUSTICE CONTINUES AND WILL WIN ---- "The only thing that works is memory. The collective memory. Also the smallest and most sad personal memory. I also have the suspicion that it is difficult to survive without one another, that no legends can be made without personal narratives. That there are no countries without fairy tales with fairies under their shadow. " ---- Taibo II ---- '' If all this had not happened, my life would have been an insignificant failed life. Now we know we did not fail: this was our course and our triumph. We have never hoped in our lives that we will be able to do so much about tolerance, justice, understanding people, what we have done now by mistake. Our words, our lives, our pain, have not been for nothing. The removal of our lives, the life of a good shoe and a honest fisherman, our last moments, belong to us. This agony is our triumph. "

Nicholas Saco

It may have been over 91 years since the execution of the two anarchists and some to consider it now belongs to the history museum. Their case, however, remains annoyingly timely, as many of its elements are very familiar (always respecting the proportions) and today. The indiscriminate and indiscriminate accusations, convictions and imprisonments without evidence, vengeance and revival of the regime are images of the current barbarity of power. A power that is guilty of persecution, manufactures "atomic terrorists," imprisons people either because of their political integration or because of their ideological positioning or even because of their friendly and close relations. A power that is shielded by the introduction of an exception regime for political and social militants. A regime established through the special laws of terrorists, which imposes special trials, special indictments, deprivation of basic rights, special cells and special treatment. Within this treaty, we see the setting up of a prosecution industry, the imposition of abusive sentences, militants being constantly dragged into the courts, and constantly being held hostage. We see entire villages being persecuted with terrorists, incursions into homes, making landings of MAT in areas transforming them into occupied areas. Political prisoners are deprived of their permits and are asked for a statement of repentance,

'' I'm so sure I'm right on my part, so if you could run me twice, and if I could get back two more, I'd live the same life and do what I've done. ''

Bartolomeo Vanzetti

Still, the case of these two fighters is also a source of inspiration for the movement today. The attitude and action of the two anarchists throughout their lives, the grandiose movement of internationalist solidarity created to block their execution, the organization and fighting of the games of that period are useful tools and tools for shaping anarchist movement. A movement that, in the existing suffocating conditions shaped by the raging attack of sovereigns from the bottom, will use memory as a weapon, hoping to contribute to cultivating a collective consciousness that will restore hope. The hope and the prospect of the struggle against the "end of history" and the "no alternative" of the rulers.

On April 15, 1920, Massachusetts robbed a factory, during which a cashier and a guard were assassinated. Then two anarchists, Nicholas Saco, a shoemaker, and Bartolomeo Vanceti, a fishmonger, are initially arrested and accused of "dangerous radical activities" and then of murders.

Sako and Vanetsi were Italian immigrants to the US The two Italians were already known for their action before arriving in the US. as they had opposed the First World War. From the first moment they arrive at the "promised land" they are against the racist and xenophobic regime and against the ghettoization of immigrants in special zones.

Nine days before the robbery for which accused the Sacco and Vantseti arrested a friend and companion, who during interrogation "falls" from 14 the floor of the justice ministry.

In the period (1920-1927), which ran from their conviction to their execution, a grand movement of international solidarity was set up to suspend their execution. Mass demonstrations and clashes take place in a number of countries like America, France, Italy, Germany and Argentina. A characteristic feature of the situation is that on the day of their execution weapons are placed in Charlestown prison, while at the same time there are clashes with the dictatorial forces in the city center. Another indication of the militancy and dynamism of the solidarity movement is that the US Embassy in France is encircled by tanks to protect itself, while six protesters are murdered in Germany.

In 1925 two years before being executed, a Portuguese prisoner confessed that he was involved in the robbery at the factory and that Saco and Vanceseti did not participate. There are seven applications for a retrial and the seven are dismissed.

On August 23, 1927, these two immigrant workers were executed in the electric chair by the US state. for a robbery and a murder they never committed, with a loose and ruined indictment that had nothing to do with reality.

Besides, from the words ("Vansetti may not have committed the crime he is attributed to, but he is certainly his moral perpetrator, since he is an enemy of our existing institutions") Judge Webster Thayer, the reasons and the status for which these two people were tried and convicted. A message of example had to be sent in a climate of social and class struggle.

What has frightened the authoritarian and racist state of the United States is that Sako and Vancetech have in every way embodied the "inner enemy" and "internal danger". They embody the character of the foreigner, the immigrant, the "other", the pariah, the anarchist and the poor laborer. They were carriers of an "infectious" mentality and perception ("red threat" as it was then called by the US regime), which in its spread would continually challenge the power and power of the law, the institutions and the dominant ideology, of which the ruling class derives its status and legitimacy.

Immigrants, who have refused to accept the future that life has reserved for them in the "land of promise", have not accepted the racist and xenophobic practices of the United States. ('' I saw officials responsible for handling cats as animals, and they did not even have a good or compassionate reason to alleviate the heavy burden of the fear of the New Yorkers on the American coasts. land, erupted after their first contact with these harsh officials "). Workers with rich trade union action and daily struggles to claim their rights and anarchist fighters who believed in the existence of a different society and fought for the revolutionary overthrow of the existing system of oppression and exploitation.

Their execution did not take place because they committed a crime. They were carried out to exemplify anybody else "casting doubt on the existing generality with which it does not harmonize as much as it should." They were carried out with the aim of terrorizing and fearing anyone else struggling (or having any reason to do so) for the existence of a different society.

"I understood that in the name of God, the Law, the Fatherland, Freedom and the purest abstract concepts, the supreme human ideals, the most terrible crimes are executed and will continue to be done"

Bartolomeo Vanzetti

'' My son, remember: do not keep it all for yourself. Always take a step back, one step only, to help the weakest stand next to you.

The weaker who cry for help, the humiliated, the victims, these are your friends. Your friends and my friends, our comrades struggling. Yes, and sometimes they fall. They fall, like your father and his partner Bartolomeo fell.

They fought and fell yesterday to win the joy. For the freedom of all. In the fight, my son, there you will feel love. And in the fight you will be loved. "

Letter of Nicholas Sakos to his son.

91 years since the anarchist murder Sako and Vanetsi, their memory remains alive in the struggles against employers' indecency and terrorism, war, fascism, racism, modern totalitarianism and state repression.

91 years later, the struggle for social revolution, anarchy and libertarian communism continues and will be overcome.

anarchist group "dignified horse" / APO

August 22, 2018
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