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(en) [Peru] Anarchist statement on the bombings of the world powers on Syria By ANA (pt) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 29 Apr 2018 14:50:21 +0300

As is publicly known, last week the US government, led by ultra-right-wing Donald Trump, bombed urban areas in Damascus and Homs, with the approval of Western governments such as France, the United Kingdom and Canada, on the pretext of chemical weapons by the Syrian government of Bashar Al Assad, whose family has been in power for several decades. This bombardment led to the repudiation of much of the world's public opinion, given the history of United States international policy, especially in the Middle East, characterized by interventionism and greed for natural resources such as Syrian oil. ---- What has not sparked such indignation, much less the local and Latin American left, is Russia's constant intervention in the internal war that Syria is experiencing. The Syrian government, in its war against fundamentalist terrorists of the Islamic state, financed and armed by the West, Saudi Arabia and Israel, bombarded the Syrian people, backed by Russian aviation bombs, to stifle any outbreak of dissent.

Al Assad's desire is to eliminate any opposition in Syria to be shown as the only viable option against the terror of the Islamic State. It is hard to forget the massacre of Hama in 1982 when the father of current President Bashar Hafez Al Assad sent his army to kill tens of thousands of Islamist civilians who rebelled against his autocratic regime. The historical oppression suffered by the Kurdish people by the government of Damascus, which attempts to destroy their cultural relics to forcibly Arabize them, restricts the use of their language and even withdraws Syrian citizenship from large areas of dissident places.

Today, as Russian bombs fall on the Syrian rebel people, entry of international journalists into war zones is impossible because of government restrictions, so all Syrian news reports are biased both by the pro-American side and the pro- Russian. There are very few Syrian journalists who can inform the real sense of fear of the people, which is struck between both bombings, the Syrian and Russian military and the terrorists of the Islamic State. A scenario very similar to the one lived in the 80's in the Peruvian mountains with the Shining Path war.

The disinformation machine, both American and Russian, does not stop. Although the media agenda of Westerners is known, they mark as terrorists any government and / or people they dislike, especially if the Middle East, the Russian media, with RT and Sputnik News directing, point to any opponent of Al Assad, also calling him an Islamic terrorist and / or mercenary of the Americans. With glib opinions from "experts," who are often analysts and opinion-takers who rarely step into the war zone, such as Britain's Vanessa Beeley, as well as interviews with the Kremlin's own military, the Russian media and its like attempt to disqualify any accusation of bombard the Syrian population, calling it "montage," "fake news" or fake news, while the death toll continues to rise.

By far the largest media campaign of RT and Russian media is that used against White Helmets. A civilian organization that emerged a few years ago in cities like Aleppo and others that were the preferred targets of Russian bombs, was composed of Syrian civilians opposed to the Al Assad regime, who organized themselves to be life-threatening victims of the bombings. Since their work had exposed Russian and Syrian attacks, Western countries and Turkey took advantage of their appearance to begin sending them advice, medical training and funding, with the obvious interest of discrediting Putin and Al's side Assad. This collaboration they received is the main questioning that has been done against them, but putting in context, it stands to reason that a group whose priority is to save lives of bombed citizens, accept the help provided to continue their humanitarian work, without dislodging their work. It is not the first time that human rights organizations working in countries with anti-US governments have received Western aid, which does not mean that human rights violations by these governments are non-repudiating.

However, the Russian internet trolls and the daily RT news have begun to accuse the White Helmets of terrorists, with a criminalizing spirit resembling the Fujimorist regime or also the Israeli government which calls terrorists the human rights activists in Palestine. Completely out of context videos and absurd memes are viralized on social networks, such as the famous Mannequin Challenge video made by the White Helmets to raise awareness, which has been used by the Russian press as supposed "irrefutable proof" that Russian attacks on Syrian cities are supposedly assemblies. It is difficult to find journalistic publications that criticize and / or defame this group of rescuers whose original source is not RT. Doing a quick search on social networks like twitter,

Most pitiful is that many leftist political and activist organizations in Latin America and Peru echo the disinformation of RT. Peruvian Fanpages of political and social activism as Colectivo Dignidad and many others, replicate the disinformation stints of RT, with no interest in actually seeking the opinions of the Syrians who receive bullets and bombs from both sides, which far from expressing solidarity with the people simply denotes ideological alignments. That sectors of the Peruvian and / or Latin American left are supporters of Putin and Al-Assad are offensive to intelligence, since neither of these two leaders is leftist nor Marxist, but rather has the Russian and Syrian Communists as opponents in their respective countries.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to the pro-Russian press, criticism of White Helmets is also shared by the far-right American media, such as Infowars. It is recalled that the same network of disinformation of Russian trolls that now tries to cover up Putin's aviation warfare in Russia, was the same one that favored with publicity in the social networks Donald Trump in the last American presidential elections, where it defeated Hillary Clinton.

With the war against terrorists in the Islamic state, being defeated by Al Assad and Russia, the latest attack by the United States is a display of American desperation to participate in the impending split of the Syrian oil cake, a feast for which civilians will not be invited. Forcing public opinion to align with the pro-Russian side, as some who paint themselves as leftists, with a more geopolitical criterion than internationalist solidarity, are nothing more than a denial of Syria's social and political reality, that is, it is as if in a country where there was a hereditary dictatorship since the seventies, there had never been any protests, dissent or brutal repression.

Anarchism, unrelated to loyalties to governments of any sign and political polarization between left and right and / or similar antagonisms between militarist factions that seek only power, can only express their total solidarity with the Syrian people, the rebel people who are victims and is also a warrior who is bombarded by all powerful countries and is silenced by the media power of Western and Russian governments. The normalization of the oppression of the Al Assad family is no guarantee of peace for the Syrian people, but it will be only with its own organization that it will get rid of the dictator, the religious fundamentalism of the terrorists of the Islamic State, and foreign interventionism.

Solidarity with the Syrian

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