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Date Sun, 29 Apr 2018 09:31:25 +0300

Against the bleak prospect of the establishment of modern totalitarianism. ---- At a planetary level, the state and capitalist machinery is attempting to increasingly exacerbate inequalities, oppression and exploitation. With a view to increasing power and control, modern totalitarianism does not hesitate to form warfare in the region while continuing to strike against the rebellious strata in the West. ---- The bankrupt political, value and economic status, no longer promising anything beyond wars, exclusions and impoverishment, is shielded from the prospect of the dynamic expression of generalized social dissatisfaction, both locally and internationally. The generalized crisis of the state of the world and the bosses leads with mathematical precision in a way unless a broad and international front of struggle and resistances is formed: in warring societies, the generalization and exacerbation of geopolitical antagonisms and warfare operations to the limits of one great war and in the establishment of the emergency regime as an iron grid to control and suppress all aspects of social activity.

In this treaty, racist and intolerant narratives are found to be the territory of development through which the counter-revolutionary far-right and fascist facet of modern totalitarianism is formed to become the ultimate barrier to the evolution of social history that advances through the unceasing struggle for freedom and equality . War and Fascism, this is the system's "response" to its total and profound crisis, to its own contradictions, caused by the irrepressible conflict imposed by its basic principle, the exploitation and oppression of man by man.

The state and capitalist restructuring in Greece in recent years has the character of a total sweeping attack on society and its resistances. The aggravation of poverty and impoverishment, the plundering and destruction of the natural world and the local communities, the encroachment of refugees and immigrants in miserable conditions in concentration camps, state repression, the fascist gang premium, and the persecution industry against those who struggle points of the total attack by the state and the bosses. The present left-wing government has proved to be the most trustworthy and effective manager and spokesman for the interests of the state and the ruling class, as fixed targets for state and capitalist restructuring are faithfully served.

In recent months, with the stir of the so-called "Macedonian issue," according to NATO's orders, SYRIZA continues to appear to be the most effective trafficker of the bourgeoisie's pursuits and international organizations. At the same time, an enlarged public rallies around nationalistic and intolerant delusions motivated and directed by the deep state, which attempts to build the fascist backbone of the system, both in the prospect of collapse of the imposed but precarious social peace within, fluid geopolitical environment of the Balkans and the southeastern Mediterranean. The entire political system builds on the advanced nationalism the appropriate profile that will allow the power of the author of the arc,

The social and class struggles of the oppressed all over the world open the way for total social empowerment and give inspiration to the constant struggle for the social revolution.

Through organized political presence and action on the real fronts of struggle and through the formation of young people, we strive to build bridges between real social needs and moods and anarchist worldview and practice so that the resistances become the spurts of social and class emancipation.

The bleak prospect of the establishment of modern totalitarianism is only endangered by the flames of the social and class struggles of the floods, the excluded, the oppressed of the whole world, struggles which must be strengthened through their interconnection and the development of strong bonds of solidarity, from their aggregation in the direction of total overthrow of the state and capitalism, with a vision of a new world of equality, justice and freedom. From these struggles of our time, from the momentum of resistance we draw inspiration to continue.

From the solidarity mobilizations to refugees and immigrants against concentration camps and the exception regime, the racist and murderous policies of Europe - the fence, the border and the war.
From the struggles of internationalist solidarity against states, nationalism, war and fascism, and the building of kinematic dikes against nationalist rallies.
From anti-fascist mobilizations and actions, to "territorial battles" in the neighborhoods of cities against the sub-state battalions.
From the struggles to defend the natural world and the survival of local communities (as in Slag and Achelous) toward plunder plans of the state and the bosses in the name of development or "green" development.
From strikes, demonstrations against the continued plunder of social majority, and struggles to defend class gains such as Sunday's Day, in generalized employer terrorism, and in building the class and militant trade unionism of the base.
From the struggles against social exclusion, commercialization and control of MMMs, the obstacles to homeless auctions.
From the militant mobilizations against narcotics, state and social cannibalism in the neighborhood of Exarheia as a field of kinematical culture and historical symbolic significance for the struggle.
From the struggles to defend occupations and self-organized struggles against state and sub-state attacks, as integral points of reference to the anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement and the struggle for the social revolution.
From the struggles against patriarchy, which is one of the foundations of the state and capitalist system and a key element of its social reproduction, and against its contemporary manifestations - such as the outbreak of gendered violence and exploitation in workplaces, trafficking and treaties that women refugees suffer in the upbringing and their enclave in concentration camps.
From the protests against the local and international masters and the mobilizations for May Day, the uprising of December and the Polytechnic to the mobilization of internationalist solidarity to all those who resist the state and capitalist barbarism in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, France, the US, Palestine, Turkey, Syria and Kurdistan.
The struggles in every corner of the earth indicate that the international attack from the bottom, the International of Races and Anarchy is being sought in the face of the international attack on the state and capital.

Eleftheria Festival of internationalist, social and class solidarity in Athens, 5-6-7-8 July 2018.

The organization of the Eleftheria Festival by APO aims to create a public and open political and cultural venue for meeting, communicating and fermenting between the social and class struggles developed from below and the intervention of the anarchist and libertarian precursors within them .

The themes on which political events and presentations will take place will have to do with the whole range of social competition: labor struggles and major strikes, internationalist solidarity struggles, anti-fascist struggles and solidarity with refugees and immigrants, resistance the state repression and the Emergency, the struggle against patriarchy and sexist violence, the struggle against the pillage of nature. At the same time, we aim to create a space where as many as possible can come into contact with the anarchist struggle for a society of equality and freedom through discussions and updates, book presentations, photo and documentary exhibitions, theatrical performances and concerts.

Thus, we will have the opportunity to create another ground where the anarchists' perceptions, practices, proposals, positions and struggles will emerge from a series of issues that run through the political and social reality of our time. A public field of dialogue where we will have the opportunity to get to know and present battle experiences and political conclusions from resistances that erupt both in Greece and internationally, far away from each other, but they are common fronts of struggle against common enemies with common prospect of social liberation.

Faced with the brutality of the war and modern totalitarianism manifested on a global level (restructuring, emergency, exception regime, pillage of nature, war operations and constant preparations for new ones) as anarchists, we have the forefront of the weapons of social, class and international solidarity recognizing that it is now more imperative than ever to connect the struggling internationally and the common struggle against the common attack we accept. In every open front of the social and class struggle, where the aggression of the state and capital manifests itself, attempting the radicalization of the struggles through their connection with the universal social vision of social and class emancipation, proposing the only realistic outlet of the oppressed ,


* to contact anpolorg@gmail.com

April 2018

Anarchist Political Organization - Federation of Collectivities
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