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(en) anarkismo.net: [Catalunya] Proposal for the creation of a popular housing movement by Embat (ca, it) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 22 Apr 2018 09:59:33 +0300

The housing area of Embat (Libertarian Organization of Catalonia) was constituted a few months ago and consists essentially of rank-and-file activists from various groups, unions, assemblies or associations linked to the struggle for the right to housing. ---- We endow ourselves with this space to be able to raise questions of a more analytical and strategic nature, which we miss in our habitual militancy spaces due to the frenetic pace and daily conflict that derives from the struggle for Housing. ---- The main shortcomings that we find in this area in order to improve our social impact, capacity for mobilization, public recognition and the construction of popular power in short, are at the organizational level. We see the need to build an organized popular movement.

What exactly does this mean and how do we propose to do it?

Recently there have been several meetings, at least in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, which show some interest in paddling in the direction we are aiming, to start acting more like an Organized Popular Movement. The idea of the medium and long-term organization was mentioned during the debate For a possible offensive, the Housing Movement beyond the resistance , at the La Base Cooperative Association on February 24; and it was also tested during the last meeting of the space Barcelona Not For Sale, on March 10, with a high participation of housing movements in Barcelona, which we believe could be an important precedent to be taken into account. Also during the last weeks we have seen how, as a result of the repression suffered by the Badalona PAC, a space of coordination among collectives has been created.

It seems evident then, the need to deepen at the organizational level in Catalonia, both to improve our defensive capabilities and to obtain victories that can give us a boost, demonstrating that beyond resignation and resistance to the most flagrant violations, we can face to the mafias that we face every day in our neighborhoods. We are aware of the diversity that can exist between housing groups and the importance of strengthening the commitment to grassroots organizing in neighborhoods, but we believe that it is possible and essential to equip ourselves with structures that go beyond atomization or one-off meetings Groups, networks, unions, housing offices ... We can put different names but deep down it is much more what unites us than what separates us.

That is why we believe it is necessary to imagine a Popular Movement Organized by Housing.

How? Well, although we know that it has no clear precedent in these latitudes in recent years, we believe that the holding of a congress of social movements linked to the struggle for housing, in the manner, saving the distances, of the Sants congress of 1918 , it can be a formula to explore. For us, there are three elements that define an Organized Popular Movement:

The existence of common objectives defined in the short, medium and long term. Beyond the slogan "No neighbor outside the neighborhood", we must analyze the situation together and establish achievable and verifiable objectives.
Organizational tools that allow us to act as a single social muscle when necessary. Both on the scale of action and communication. That is, on the one hand being able to hit together when the occasion is more propitious. On the other, increase the efficiency of our daily effort.
The existence of common tactics and strategies that help us achieve the objectives. Like the enemy, we also need to update our fighting tools, we share them and we can defend and deploy them together. For example, if the common objective is to avoid expulsion from the neighborhood, the strategy could be to achieve a victory against a large concrete investor fund to set a precedent and the tactic could be to stop its economic activity through direct action or to point out those responsible through scoffs or other forms of social ostracism.

Obviously organizing as a movement requires deepening our capacity to commit ourselves among ourselves, being able to comply with some agreements while maintaining our autonomy in everyday life. The balance between this autonomy and the creation of a collective force is the key for this process to empower us and take us beyond what previous meetings and coordinators have led us.

A congress is a meeting of different social actors with the aim of debating and approving a series of materials (documents, dynamics, responsibilities, creation of commissions, etc.) with a binding nature that is finite in time. It is necessary to point out that the congress is a process that lasts for months in its preparation and that finally it concludes in a face-to-face meeting of several days in which to make decisions. We also believe that the holding of a congress, in addition to making us more capable at the organizational level, can serve to give visibility to the movement and initiate a process of expanding the social base organized in this area, an aspect that is absolutely essential if we want to change the situation, Well, badly we regret, we are still few compared to the attacks we are receiving.

A congress can be assembled in a multitude of ways, there is a whole series of issues to be discussed and debated before a date is set to celebrate it.

It is necessary that there is, therefore, a motor group that dedicates part of its militant time to closing these issues. This would be responsible for preparing the base documents, prepare the call and create, in short, a complete proposal of congress. We have detected several challenges in order to start a process of this magnitude: Which groups will be invited? What tools and documents will we have to deliberate, debate and make amendments? What will be the form of vote? Individual per militant, delegate per group? What would be the scope of the debates within this congress to be able to reach agreements and not get bogged down in areas where surely agreements can not be made? This work is not easy, nor will it have immediate results, but in the medium and long term it can help to give us a skeleton to the small social muscles that we have distributed throughout the territory. Nor can rush in a process like this prevail. If the proposal looks good and the preparation of a congress of this type begins, it may not be possible to celebrate until a few months have passed.

With this document we want to send you the formal proposal to start a process that, in summary, would be the following:

- Acceptance by an important part of the groups and housing groups in the participation in a congress that will help us to conform as a Movement Popular Organized.

- Creation of a motor group with delegates with executive capacity by the different groups involved.

- Opening of a period of a few months for the preparation of the congress in two phases: definition of the congress model, beginning of the deliberative process with the definition of the points to be discussed and the submission of papers.

- Face-to-face meeting of a couple of days from where we could leave with clear agreements and, why not, with some kind of public declaration.

We know that not all groups have the same energies or situations, so to assess whether to take forward a proposal like this we ask a response from among the following:

A- Our group wants to participate in the congress and can allocate at least one person in its preparation.

B- Our group wants to participate in the congress but currently can not allocate any person to their preparation.

C- Our group does not want to participate in the congress.

Conscious of the rhythms that housing groups have, we have thought about giving a month of margin to receive the answers of all the groups, depending on the number of interested groups (answers A and B) we will call a first meeting of the motor group .

Clarify that the role of Embat-Habitatge in this matter would end with the convening of this first meeting where we will participate, if our group so decides, as militants of our respective collectives and not as Embat-Habitatge.

Fraternal greetings, above those who fight!
Related Link: http://embat.info/cap-a-un-moviment-popular-de-lhabitatge/

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