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(en) Poland, rozbrat.org: The domino effect, ie potatoes and mandarins Jackdaw [machine translation]

Date Sat, 7 Apr 2018 11:44:38 +0300

In the last week, a lot is said about compassion, about helping. All thanks to Dominika Kulczyk - co-owner of Kulczyk Investments operating in 30 countries around the world and president of Kulczyk Foundation, also present in 30 countries (case?). In connection with this second activity, it appears in the documentary series "Domino effect", in which, as described by one of the portals: "'Domino effect' can not be stopped. One good deed entails the next. This program is the best example of how any wise support can trigger a series of positive changes in the lives of entire communities. This time Dominika Kulczyk helps where the problem of hunger and malnutrition, especially among the youngest, is the most visible ". The concept is quite good and the idea seems right, especially since Easter time, and Jesus taught help to his neighbor. Billboards have appeared in cities in Poland, where we can see Dominika holding a black child. Children catch their hearts, so it is not surprising when an interview with the heroine appears quickly in one of the magazines. Kulczyk convinces him that such activity is her duty. Because as a teenager she was richer than other peers because she had mandarins.

And the domino effect began. Over the past year, the Radio Tok Tok FM awards Anna Laszuk, activists of the Forest Camp, mentioned that Kulczyk Investments, sponsoring this award, is doing something wrong, that they envy her money, which her dad hardly earned. In his commentary on the matter, Wojciech Staszewski writes about the envy of potato eaters against mandarin eater. The other side in the Niger Delta is an environmental disaster. From the same Camp one of the activists resigns from applying for a different prize, because he does not want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Dominika Kulczyk, also nominated to her. In the meantime, there are texts, opinions, columns, people argue in the comments. Some support Dominika as an excellent philanthropist, the heroine of the "third world" and accuse her opponents while shouting that the Niger Delta, that Tunisia.

To find out a little about how Dominika Kulczyk is able to help children around the world, you need to see where her income comes from, as well as her foundation. To do this, just visit the Kulczyk Investments website. We will find all investments there. Half of them are associated with the extraction of natural resources such as oil, gas, coal and gold in Africa and Latin America, the most controversial from the point of view of local communities businesses, which are not without reason leading to numerous protests, often bloodily suppressed. The Kulczyk Foundation provides assistance on these continents. Of course, not only are the companies under Kulczyk's control gaining raw materials in the countries of the global South. The importance of this type of mining industry and its consequences is indicated, for example, by the short films of the Institute of Global Responsibility, which is worth seeing before reading the next part of the text: "The secret of your smartphone" .

Let's take a closer look at the activities of some of the consortia of the Kulczyk family. Let's start with Neconde Energy Limited. Her description of the aforementioned portfolio is: "A consortium that bought from Shell a 45% participation in the OML 42 license in the Niger delta, one of the largest hydrocarbon pools in the world. Participation in the Neconde consortium gives Kulczyk Investments access to very attractive mining assets in Africa. "Is. Famous and loud in recent days Delta Niger, so much invoked by ecologists. In 2008 and 2009, there were leaks that polluted the water, destroyed the arable land, and the oil spot was 200 km long. It deprived of drinking water and ruined the lives of tens of thousands of people in the region. At that time Kulczyk Neconde appeared, which bought the license of compromised Shell. It was quite a successful investment - Shell remained with the consequences and leakage to clean up, and Neconde cheaply acquired a "vein of gold". At that time, there was no humanitarian action on their part. They earned the cost of destroying the house of 30 million people, including many children, while the "Domino Effect" helped 600,000 people, according to what Dominika says.

The next company is Serinus, which was previously called Kulczyk Oil Ventures, and it has recently shown only losses. Mainly due to the fact that he invests in unstable regions, seeking oil and gas. They were, among others Syria before the war, Ukraine against armed conflict and Tunisia. Investment in the last country was loud in the last year, when the company lost access to the oil fields occupied by workers in the strike. This was due to redundancies in refineries. Someone will say - but for a moment they got a job. Only, unfortunately, the mining industry has it, that it appears on some terrain, pollutes the environment, it does work for some time, but leaves later inhabitants with sterilized land, without prospects and opportunities for survival and a destabilized region. Workers in Tunisia, fighting for decent living conditions, they die during the police attacks, and all this so that companies such as Kulczyk Serinus could regain control of their investments at the price of blood. Let us remind you that it was on these people and their work in refineries and mines that the Kulczyk family grew hard from the desk.

In the fourth edition of Dominik's Effect, Dominika Kulczyk will conduct activities in the refugee camp. And here it is worth looking at the next company - San Leon Energy. By entering this name in the search engine, a video appears . There is a refugee camp, lots of children and a protest against San Leon. The woman explains that through the activities of this company they are deprived of basic products such as water and do not want them on their premises. Not to mention the fact that this company extracts for the occupant, through which they found themselves in this situation. I wonder if there will be a program about them ...

And the last company I want to look at. Autostrada Eksploatacja SA, a company with a large part of the A2 motorway, the most expensive motorway in Europe. It was a smart game, because initially Jan Kulczyk downloaded foreign brands to Poland. He made the first fortune on this. To make additional profits on this investment, he agreed with the Polish government and entered the construction of A2. Thanks to this, he could earn a second time on high fares. And the salary is considerable, because in 2011 it amounted to PLN 400 million. Kulczyk Investments explains that he must cover all motorway maintenance costs and pay VAT on ticket sales. At that time, for example, Switzerland is able to remove from the driver for a year the amount of money for driving all motorways, which Autostrada SA once for a two-way journey. And he is unable to give the state 800 million zlotys plus interest for which she has robbed us all (including hospitals, orphanages and canteens in which the Kulczyk Foundation operates), overestimating the forecasts for lorry travel on the motorway. This is how the Kulczyk family honestly earns their charity and their mandarins at the expense of potato eater.

Based on the data provided by the Kulczyk Investments website itself, it can be clearly stated that Dominika Kulczyk is not a philanthropist. She is a simple hypocrite who made a living for the unhappiness of others and that her father had (what he needed to give away) the head of business. And the basic problem here is not - as some like Staszewski say - envy to eat mandarins. Let them eat them. The problem is that the juice of these mandarins is mixed with human blood and tears: working in the mines and killed on protests, as well as those who have been forced to leave their lands, because they are unfit for life due to ecological catastrophes. If she really wants to help these people, she should close the interests in the countries of the global South, and money earned on them to invest in land reclamation and help former employees and farmers. And so we have the "domino effect": to use, to earn, to destroy, to send a trap to help, to show how cool you are. Tell the media about it, to show how you can help with the money you earn. And in the meantime, continue to exploit and finally abandon the interest, leaving the population in an unfit ecosystem.


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