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Date Fri, 6 Apr 2018 23:59:01 +0200 (CEST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(en) wsm.ie: The Fenian Proclamation (1867) vs the 1916 Proclamation - the lost radicalism of Irish republicanism
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 17:51:02 GMT 2018

Considering the fact the Anarchist Communism as a coherent and easily transmutable
ideology only came to be during the 1870's and 1880's the Fenian Proclamation of 1867 is
striking in its progressiveness and clarity of thought. A product of the Irish Famine,
English economic and military Imperialism in Ireland and a tradition of insurrectionary
attempts against Imperialist rule, the original Fenians of 1867 should be viewed as proto
socialistic in their values and analysis. ---- This i...

(fr) Organisation Anarchiste - Solidarit&#xE9; avec la CNT-F attaqu&#xE9;e dans ses locaux Lyonnais
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 14:20:37 GMT 2018

Apr&#xE8;s les l&#xE2;ches agressions de lyc&#xE9;en-ne-s et d'&#xE9;tudiant-e-s (&#xE0; Paris,
Lille...) et derni&#xE8;rement &#xE0;
<br>Montpellier par des nervis extr&#xE9;mistes, l'attaque fasciste lanc&#xE9;e dans
la nuit du 30 au 31 mars 2018
<br>contre les locaux lyonnais de la CNT-f, apr&#xE8;s celle perp&#xE9;tr&#xE9;e il y a
quelques mois contre les locaux
<br>de la CGA dans cette m&#xEA;me ville, nul n'est besoin de montrer que la
radicalit&#xE9; et la criminalit&#xE9;

(fr) Alternative Libertaire AL #282 - Italie: Crise sociale et pouss&#xE9;e r&#xE9;actionnaire
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 14:20:08 GMT 2018

O&#xF9; en est l'Italie? Appauvrissement de la population, &#xAB;crise
d&#xE9;mocratique&#xBB;, recompositions
<br>politiques... Un contexte de d&#xE9;sespoir des classes populaires et de
succ&#xE8;s &#xE9;lectoral de la droite
<br>dure et de d&#xE9;magogues en tout genre. ---- D&#xE9;but mars, l'Italie votait
pour les &#xE9;lections
<br>l&#xE9;gislatives, alors que l'&#xE9;conomie du pays tourne au ralenti avec un
taux de ch&#xF4;mage de 10,8 % et
<br>des in&#xE9;galit&#xE9;s de rev...

(fr) CGA Un Autre Future - Attaque fasciste contre le local de la CNT UD 69 de Lyon
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 14:19:30 GMT 2018

Le groupe &#xAB;Un autre futur&#xBB; de la Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes
apporte un soutien total &#xE0;
<br>l'Union D&#xE9;partementale des syndicats CNT 69, face &#xE0; l'agression fasciste
dont ielles ont &#xE9;t&#xE9;
<br>victimes dans la nuit du vendredi 30 au samedi 31 mars. ---- Nous
apportons notre soutien total aux
<br>camarades lyonnais&#xB7;es, qui ont &#xE0; subir les diverses attaques fascistes
contre leurs locaux, ou les
<br>militant&#xB7;e&#xB7;s eux&#xB7;elles-...

(fr) CGA Un Autre Future - BD &#xE0; lire en ligne sur les fausses id&#xE9;es li&#xE9;es au cheminot-e-s
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 14:18:40 GMT 2018

Bande dessin&#xE9;e &#xE0; lire sur le site d'Emma, pour d&#xE9;construire les fausses
id&#xE9;es sur les cheminot-e-s
<br>et sur la SNCF: ---- Les preneurs d'otages ---- 19 MARS 2018 ~ EMMA ----
Vu la quantit&#xE9; de mensonges
<br>prof&#xE9;r&#xE9;s sur le sujet par les m&#xE9;dias, il m'a sembl&#xE9; utile de revenir sur
quelques id&#xE9;es re&#xE7;ues. ----
<br>La p&#xE9;riode est critique, alors soyons nombreuses et nombreux &#xE0;
manifester le 22 Mars pour d&#xE9;fendre

(en) awsm.nz: March of Return - Join us in protest at the massacres currently happening on the Gaza border!
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 07:24:52 GMT 2018

Support the Palestinians in Gaza who have gathered peacefully as part of a &#x201C;Great March of
Return&#x201D; to demand refugees and their descendants be allowed to return to their ancestral
homes in Israel. They have been met with bullets and tear gas fired from drones by the
Israeli military. ---- This peaceful protest is expected to continue until 15 May when
Palestinians commemorate The Naqba when more then 700,000 people were either forced to
flee or were forcefully expelled fr...

(en) Poland, Workers' Initiative - Germany: shorter working week in industry [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 05:01:19 GMT 2018

From next year, more than 2.3 million employees and employees of German industry will be
able to shorten their weekly working time to 28 hours. This is the effect of the agreement
that in February this year concluded by the IG Metall trade union and the employers'
association of the metal and electrical industry Gesamtmetall. The signing of the
agreement was preceded by mass strike action. The leftist daily Junge Welt reported that
as part of a series of 24-hour warning strikes at the ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #281 - Violence: Art or pigs ? (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 05:00:54 GMT 2018

Awareness of the violence suffered by women (mainly in their professional environment) has
started in recent months. Since the actresses dared to raise the silence on Weinstein, the
women have denounced sexist acts of violence, harassment, aggression on the part of public
figures including a good number of artists. What to do with pigs and their works ? ----
The place of works and their authors in public, cultural or educational spheres is a
debate that remains legitimate beyond the hi...

(en) wsm.ie: Repealing the 8th - what the opinion polls are telling us
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:57:14 GMT 2018

The Sunday Times with Behaviour &amp; Attitudes have ran two very useful polls that give a
strong sense of how the campaign to Repeal the 8th Referendum is going. The overall story
the poll results tell is bad for the Vote No campaign and promising for the Vote Yes
campaign. If the referendum had been held at the time of the March poll then Repeal would
have been carried by 64% to 36%, almost 2:1. The polling data also shows No has a soft
vote that is very much larger proportion tha...

(en) For a self-organized movement and struggles that converge! by Youth Secretariat (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:56:39 GMT 2018

Students and high school students continue to mobilize against the Vidal law which
introduces the selection at the entrance of the university and against the end of the
compensation between subjects in License. Police attacks have joined those of the extreme
right. In response, several facs are strongly mobilized, while the strike is preparing the
railroads. ---- In several cities high school students organize themselves and them to
coordinate their actions, as in Ile de France or Renn...

(ca) Anarquistas de Gran Canaria: Encuentro solidario organizado por &quot;La Furia&quot;
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:56:26 GMT 2018

El Colectivo Feminista &quot;La Furia&quot; de Tenerife ha organizado un encuentro solidario para
recaudar fondos para la Comunidad &quot;La Esperanza&quot;. En la FAGC siempre nos ha sorprendido
que nuestro trabajo se reconociera m&#xE1;s en la pen&#xED;nsula y en otras partes del mundo que en
Canarias, pero la din&#xE1;mica est&#xE1; cambiando y eso es algo que nos satisface mucho. Otro
motivo por el que nos emociona especialmente este evento es porque lo hace un colectivo

(ca) cgt aragon: VIDEOS Y FOTOS DE LAS JORNADAS LIBERTARIAS - Lunes 19 de marzo de 2018 (pt)
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:56:13 GMT 2018

Despu&#xE9;s de seis d&#xED;as de actividades se cierran las Jornadas Libertarias organizadas por
CGT. Cientos de personas han pasado por los diversos actos convocados disfrutando de unos
y unas ponentes espectaculares y de actos m&#xE1;s relajados como cine, bicicletadas y verm&#xFA;s
amenizados por el Coro Libertario de Torrero. ---- Comenzamos las Jornadas con una
exposici&#xF3;n y recital de poes&#xED;a en una Birosta abarrotada de p&#xFA;blico, al igual que las dos
sesiones de cin...

(tr) DAF, Meydan #44 -Erke&#x11F;in Dizinin Dibindeki Diziler- &#xD6;zge Baltac&#x131;
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:50:26 GMT 2018

Ak&#x15F;am olur. Yorgun arg&#x131;n eve d&#xF6;nd&#xFC;&#x11F;&#xFC;m&#xFC;zde ya da g&#xFC;n boyu evin i&#xE7;inde d&#xF6;n&#xFC;p durduktan sonra
&quot;mola saatimiz&quot; geldi&#x11F;inde, az&#x131;c&#x131;k kafa da&#x11F;&#x131;tmak i&#xE7;in a&#xE7;ar&#x131;z televizyonu. &#x15E;imdi dizi
zaman&#x131;d&#x131;r. ---- Ba&#x15F;lar bir dizi, ard&#x131;ndan bir dizi daha, &#xFC;stelik her g&#xFC;n bir yenisi.
Elbette hepsinde de kendisine y&#xFC;klenen toplumsal cinsiyet rolleriyle dikka...

(pt) [Rep&#xFA;blica Tcheca] 6&#xAA; Feira do Livro Anarquista de Praga By A.N.A.
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:50:20 GMT 2018

A 6&#xAA; Feira do Livro Anarquista de Praga acontecer&#xE1; dia 19 de maio, das 10 &#xE0;s 20h, em Eternia.<br>
A Feira do Livro Anarquista de Praga se tornou um evento s&#xF3;lido com centenas de pessoas
vindas de todos tipos de orienta&#xE7;&#xF5;es, n&#xE3;o apenas de c&#xED;rculos anarquistas e antiautorit&#xE1;rios.
<br>Ela consiste na apresenta&#xE7;&#xE3;o e venda de literatura anarquista e antiautorit&#xE1;ria de
diferentes tipos, al&#xE9;m de partes com semin&#xE1;rios e oficinas...

(it) FAI, Gruppo Bakunin: Sabato 7 aprile conferenza dibattito &quot;Il '68 compie 50 anni&quot; allo Spazio Anarchico &quot;19 luglio&quot;
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:50:13 GMT 2018

Sabato 7 aprile, dalle 20:00 in poi, si terr&#xE0; una conferenza dibattito, sul cinquantenario
del 68 nei locali dello Spazio Anarchico &quot;19 luglio&quot; in via Rocco da Cesinale 18 (Metro
Roma B - Garbatella). --- Franco Schirone, storico e autore di vari libri su quel periodo,
racconter&#xE0; cosa accadde in quell'anno dove un vento contagioso di rivolt&#xE0; cambi&#xF2; molte
cose del mondo. ---- Interverranno altri compagni attivi in quegli anni e verranno
proiettati filmati ...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - Por um movimento auto-organizado e lutas que convergem pela Secretaria da Juventude (en, fr, it) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:50:03 GMT 2018

Alunos e estudantes do ensino m&#xE9;dio continuam a se mobilizar contra a lei de Vidal, que
introduz a sele&#xE7;&#xE3;o na entrada da universidade e contra o fim da compensa&#xE7;&#xE3;o entre os
sujeitos na Licen&#xE7;a. Ataques policiais se juntaram aos da extrema direita. Em resposta,
v&#xE1;rias fac&#xE7;&#xF5;es est&#xE3;o fortemente mobilizadas, enquanto a greve prepara as ferrovias. ----
Em v&#xE1;rias cidades estudantes do ensino m&#xE9;dio se organizam e coordenam suas a&#xE7;...

(it) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #281 - Violenza: arte o maiali ? (en, fr, pt) [traduzione automatica]
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:49:48 GMT 2018

La consapevolezza della violenza subita dalle donne (principalmente nel loro ambiente
professionale) &#xE8; iniziata negli ultimi mesi. Dal momento che le attrici hanno osato alzare
il silenzio su Weinstein, le donne hanno denunciato atti sessuali di violenza, molestie,
aggressioni da parte di personaggi pubblici tra cui un buon numero di artisti. Cosa fare
con i maiali e le loro opere ? ---- Il luogo delle opere e dei loro autori in ambito
pubblico, culturale o educativo &#xE8; un dib...

(en) [Czech Republic] 6th Anarchist Book Fair in Prague By ANA [machine translation]
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:49:18 GMT 2018

The 6th Prague Anarchist Book Fair will take place on May 19th from 10am to 8pm in Eternia.<br>
The Prague Anarchist Book Fair has become a solid event with hundreds of people coming
from all walks of life, not just from anarchist and anti-authoritarian circles.
<br>It consists of the presentation and sale of anarchist and antiauthoritarian literature of
different types, in addition to parties with seminars and workshops.
<br>The whole event is self-organized and non-profit. We do not cha...

(de) fda-ifa - Vortrag: Ausbruch, Aufbruch, Anarchie - Freiheit f&#xFC;r Jan und alle anderen von agdortmund
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:48:46 GMT 2018

21.04. ab 18 Uhr im anarchistischen Buch- und Kulturzentrum, Black Pigeon, Scharnhorststr.
50, Dortmund. ---- Bald ein Jahr ist es nun her, dass die Bilder einer Abschiebeblockade
an einer N&#xFC;rnberger Berufsschule bundesweit Schlagzeilen machten. Am 31. Mai 2017 sollte
dort ein Berufssch&#xFC;ler abgeschoben werden, doch seine Mitsch&#xFC;ler*innen und andere
solidarische Menschen wehrten sich dagegen. Die darauf folgende Polizeigewalt schockierte
die &#xD6;ffentlichkeit umso mehr,...

(en) Indian Anarchist Federation: INDIA-A CHANGE OF MASTERS - SARTHAK
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:48:29 GMT 2018

August, 1947. Freedom. U.K. ---- T'HE transfer of power in India has taken place, with
pomp and pageantry, and a rather too self-conscious atmosphere of &quot;being in the presence
of history&quot;. Viscount Mountbatten, the Viceroy, becomes an earl and Governor General.
Pandit Nehru's position is unchanged as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. Mr. Arthur
Henderson, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for India, doubles his salary and becomes
Minister of State for Commonwealth Affairs....

(de) evibes: Feminismus in Szene - interaktives Museum zu Alltagssexismus
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:48:21 GMT 2018

Kommenen Sonntag, am 8. April wird es im AZ Conni ein interaktives Museum zum Thema
Alltagssexismus geben. Wir freuen uns dazu eine queerfeministische Theatergruppe aus
Leipzig begr&#xFC;&#xDF;en zu d&#xFC;rfen, die sich in letzter Zeit viel mit Sexismen, M&#xE4;nnlichkeiten,
Feminismen und Empowerment besch&#xE4;ftigt hat - gemeinsam, aber auch getrennt, in einer
FLTI*- und einer kritischen M&#xE4;nnlichkeitsgruppe. ---- Entstanden ist eine interaktive
Ausstellung mit den Stationen: -...

(ca) FAI, Tierra y Libertad #257 - El racismo, una lacra que debemos eliminar - Acerca de lo ocurrido el jueves 15 de marzo en el barrio madrile&#xF1;o de Lavapi&#xE9;s
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:48:02 GMT 2018

La discriminaci&#xF3;n racial y la ideolog&#xED;a que la sustenta hace tiempo que est&#xE1; caducada.
Est&#xE1; demostrado cient&#xED;ficamente desde el siglo XX que el ser humano no est&#xE1; dividido en
razas, sino que todo, independientemente de nuestra procedencia y nuestra etnia, somos la
misma especie de hom&#xED;nido. ----- Pero parece que a los poderes econ&#xF3;micos y pol&#xED;ticos no
les interesa avanzar como especie, sino m&#xE1;s bien dejarnos anclados en la visi&#xF3;n del...

(ca) Izquierda Libertaria: Congreso 2018 FEL / Sesi&#xF3;n 1 clock Wednesday, April 4 at 7 PM - 9 PM
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:47:52 GMT 2018

Desde Izquierda Libertaria y el Frente de Estudiantes Libertarios hacemos p&#xFA;blica a una
jornada de discusi&#xF3;n abierta a nuestro congreso estudiantil 2018. ---- Nuestro objetivo es
construir un movimiento estudiantil fuerte que permita dar peso importante a lo que es el
gobierno de Pi&#xF1;era y la derecha empresarial. ---- Te invitamos a sumarte y a no quedarte
fuera de las discusiones. Estas ser&#xE1;n llevadas a cabo en 4 sesiones hasta el mes de Mayo.
---- Pensemos el movim...

(ca) cnt valladolid es - Derecho a la Salud: La juventud de Cu&#xE9;llar responde
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Fri Apr 06 04:47:38 GMT 2018

Compartimos desde la web de las compa&#xF1;eras y compa&#xF1;eros de Solidarios de la Sanidad la
cr&#xF3;nica de recapitulaci&#xF3;n de las I Jornadas de Salud y Solidaridad que tuvieron lugar en
Valladolid y Cu&#xE9;llar los d&#xED;as 22, 23 y 24 de marzo. ---- Solidarios de la Sanidad y la
Ardilla Roja han presentado en Cuellar mediante diversos actos sus propuestas por la
Salud: primero presentando el modelo de la Asamblea de Usuarios del Bierzo y Laciana, como
un ejemplo de organiz...

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