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(en) Czech, AFED, The crime of electoral fraud - The entire text of the historical flyer, to which we refer in the last issue of the A3 wall paper. [machine translation]

Date Mon, 25 Sep 2017 09:04:35 +0300

In this season of election frauds, all those who have subjected their influence to a greater or lesser mass of the people on the political scale. Everywhere people feed the electoral hype, and everybody is pounding for the savior of mankind! And the first victims of these electoral debates are the criminals themselves, the sovereign people I am devoting to these lines. ---- Of course, people, you are not aware of your crimes. You choose and you do not see that you cheat yourself and fall for yourself. Did you not know from the experience that the representatives and aliens you seek, and who are always your supporters, are liars, and they know that even if they want, they are incapable of doing something good for you? ---- And you know that, and you laugh and you choose to go on. Indeed, the rulers and agents always work and work for their own benefit and for those who help them to lure the well-being.

The well-known thinker Lev Tolstoy rightly judges legislators in his Letter to the Chicago Workers, where he deals with industrial crises and workers' representation in legislative chambers; says, among other things: "All this is nothing but the transfer of lawfulness - the preparation of a new, yet unknown, way of slavery. It is understandable, therefore, that the cause of slavery does not lie in one or the other law, but in the fact that legislation exists at all; that people who have the power to multiply and enforce the law for their own benefit, and so long as the people rule by this power will be slavery. "

And can it be different?

Controls are inferior, inferior, weaker, exploited, or have you ever seen the opposite?

As long as the wicked people fail to understand the necessity of organizing production, consumption, and modifying their way of life, as long as they are frivolously subject to authority, rulers and leaders, they support them and deem it necessary, MPs as exploiters will live from your labor and stupidity.

You yell and you scream at everything! But are not you alone the cause of all the evil that you suffer and which you instigate by your inertia and relying on someone to do what you should do alone?

You are suing for your police protection, army, barracks, courts, prisons, public administrations, ministries and laws, deputies, governments, bankers and employers, wages and taxes, the dilemma of life needs, and many other social vices and injustices.

You still complain, but you are not trying to contribute to change, but you are directly immoral in the state in which we are dying. Sometimes you raise your neck and you face a revolt, but you end up with new leaders and rulers.

Why do you let yourself be so controlled, robbed and slaved? You are the maker of everything, walnut, sowing, building, foreing, forging, feeding and dressing your oppressor, why do not you think about it to satisfy your hunger, why do you go ripped and you live in cages in narrow streets? Yes, why are you without footwear, shelter, even home? Why are you not your master? why obediently bend your back and serve others? How can you be subjected and enslaved? You are the maker of everything and you have nothing. Everything comes from you and you are nothing! No, we are wrong. You are a citizen, voter, recognizing law and authority; in your voice you sanctify all this misery and submissiveness!

You are a volunteer and obedient servant, a faithful subject licking blood-stained reprimands at the feet of your master. You are a policeman, a spy and a jailer; You are a loyal person and obediently pay taxes. You are a loyal official and a devoted servant, even you are your murderer. Why then do you complain and sue for your fate?

We, as free people, deprived of these prejudices, as anarchists, would hate you from the depths of our souls if we were not convinced that you were deceived, and if you did not exclaim ignorance and blind sincerity.

We hate you as we hate the government and other tyrants in whose hands you put your life and which you choose, support, nurture and protect with the bayonet blades, protect and celebrate with brutal violence and obstruct your voice and proud that your trap you choose yourself and thus voluntarily give up your human rights. - Yes, you, human, are shamelessly cheated. Political speech praises your maturity and flatters you. So be content with your fate, wait until you are shot in the next strike or massacred on the border of the state under the bloody shadow of your national flag.

It is also possible that you are proud of your stupidity; you are content with your tribulations, and you still think that all this slavery is more tolerable and safer than disdaining the laws and getting rid of all those trampolines and humiliations. So, prior to freedom, you prefer this misery. Your fear of the beauty of freedom, wide and unlimited - of which you have no idea of it - is the fear of an individual and social life without the law, watching you like a shadow, and you are more than satisfied with a dirty den and a prison. And for a long time, you will be swept in the dust and the priesthood like a worm without the courage to rise. You are overwhelmed by your sovereign authority, blinded by the promises of the candidates and "your officials" and the leaders who promise you all to cheat and betray you tomorrow, and you are proud of them and, like other times, this year, with music and fireworks, you will be delighted with the victory of one or another government political party. Therefore, perhaps you do not deserve a better fate, because you are not aware of your value and masculine independence, perhaps you are not even able to worship complete freedom.

So just call! Fill the urns with the voting paper. We have full confidence in your candidates. Give yourself all your lords.

But stop once with whining and wailing. Take at least as much courage and acknowledge that you are an accomplice to your misery. Perhaps after a long and bitter experience, you will recognize that those who, by their slings of jail only, are mistaken for wanting to live freely and freely in an equal society, and whom you consider to be crazy today, since they have also freed themselves from the government of both divine and governmental jealousy; who have sacrificed all their time, peace, and lives for their ideals - they were right.

The Rowless Group, New York

Quotations from the leaflet were used in this September's issue of the Anarchist Monthly magazine A3 .

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