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(en) Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki: Invasion of the Macedonian-Thracian ministry by the NAP and the Rubikon (gr) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 14 Sep 2017 11:43:44 +0300

In view of Tsipra's visit to the TIF, the Eleftherial Initiative of Thessaloniki and the anarchist collectivity of Rouvikon invaded shortly after 12 noon at the Macedonia-Thrace ministry. A banner was opened at the entrance of the ministry, and thousands of tricky men were thrown while a small group of comrades managed to reach the top floor of the building where it dropped banners. There was a great mobilization of the police forces in Thessaloniki. Data verification was performed and all comrades were released. Everyone on the road on Saturday 9/9, at 18:00, in Kamara. In a little while will be a video of the action. This is the call of the Anarchist Federation. ---- Video: ---- After the invasion of the Macedonian-Thracian Ministry, the banner of the intervention was hanged in Kamara.

Nothing's over. Let's go to the counterattack! | TIF Route 9/9 18:00 Kamara

Every year at the Thessaloniki International Fair, capital, through its civilian staff, sets the living conditions of the workers, the unemployed, the retired, the lower.

Every year the Prime Minister comes - always with regret (!) - to announce the new steps of an all-out attack on state and capital on labor and social achievements. Every year, he promises that the measures are the latest.

The worst that can happen to you with chains is to get used to them. Already, for seven years, at regular intervals state and capital "bite" and a new piece of the last means of survival of the world of work. It looks like a natural phenomenon every 1.5 years, after a "pent-up" period of supposed negotiations between the Greek state and its patrons, the EU and the IMF, the announcement of new cuts in wages and pensions, the loss of new labor rights, our class is increasingly underestimated. Not even the phraseology changes from PASOK to SW and from SW to SYRIZA.

Year by year, state and capital are increasing the armies of poor, unemployed, homeless, who can not meet their basic needs, who have no access to health or education - with public schools and hospitals shutting down or under-working . Labor rights are constantly being curtailed, for the benefit of both local and foreign bosses. In the coming months, a new labor law will be put to vote. This law is expanding and completing the scene of absolute misery and social disarray.

By abolishing the minimum wage, the 13th and 14th salary, by abolishing and / or bypassing collective labor agreements and replacing them with individual employment contracts - at each appetite of every small or big boss - with the right to strike (it is more difficult to declare strikes by increasing the days to alert the start of the strike, the 51% decision of the strike industry and the establishment of lock-out), the scene Recent years have become more and more dystopian. A form supplemented by new conditions of precarious work, such as individual contracts or contracts through ... telephone, mini jobs, teleworking, employee hire and others,

At the same time, social benefits and benefits are abolished, pensions are reduced and cut, the age limit for retirement, insurance funds are abolished or merged.

As long as one is struggling not to see it, choices are now becoming narrower within the systemic framework, the illusion of social peace is cracked.

The downward trend in the rate of profit, the inherent contradiction of capitalism, which is the result of (and) the increase in labor productivity and the inability to capitalize on existing capital, has led to yet another structural crisis of over-accumulation. In these circumstances, state and capital carry out an all-out and coordinated attack on the social basis in order to overcome the deadlock. The social consensus on the regime is increasingly shaken, so state administrators resort to emergency measures.

Within this critical environment, the state and capital have been stripped. Their barbarity is obvious. The power grid is exposed. The variety of relevant policy proposals is spread out on the table. First of all, we have the allegedly democratic, left-wing government, which, due to the demands of local and international capital, implements policies of austerity and social impoverishment. It is essentially about neo-liberal policies that would be a craving for the broader liberal arc, with a dominant position within it being held by the main opposition. Qualitative differences between them exist only in relation to the increased (communicative) use of the brush that lasts for the last time, that is, persecution and repression of those who struggle and resist the plans of sovereignty (for SYRIZA has also demonstrated in the local and international capital that it will joyfully suppress immigration riots, collusion demonstrations, evacuate occupations, continue the anti-terrorist crusade etc.), but also at the level of rhetoric, with the right to work perfectly in the communication field solvents of class consciousness (for the benefit of the bourgeoisie of course), namely, personality, patriotism and religious plus observation. Smaller resonance seems to have traditional social democracy or a common "center-left", constituting another dusty urban pawn. Still lower is the Eurocommunist left - we could say the pre-election SYRIZA number 2 - with a reformist pretensio of social character, continuation of capitalism with protectionist policies and return to the national currency. Regarding the revolutionary proposals enclosed in the ruling family, there is a wide range of the revolutionary left. Pioneering parties, with the long-term goal of political revolution, the establishment of a centralized state, and the emergence of state capitalism, as an intermediary of the supposedly linear course towards communism. Finally, as a reserve of capital, fascism stands as the last mound for the bourgeoisie. Whether as a parliamentary force or supposedly extra-institutional bodies, its purpose is concrete: the attack on the world of the struggle, the diffusion of hatred and ultimately the fight against social resistance by an iron boot for the benefit of capitalism.

Within this political setting, SYRIZA did what it promised. Not to us. But in the regime that is always served by the left wing and social democracy. He dismayed the momentum of the social counterattack of the first monumental years, dragged her into the humiliation of the ballot box and then exchanged it with a position not only in power today, but also as a constant pole of the new bi-mathematics in the years to come. Not too bad for Euro-communists of 4%, very bad for all of us. Why is the best way to get used to your chains that he promises to tell you that it is ultimately necessary to take them. SYRIZA was the best gift, the surest solution for the state and the capital that in the historical period we have been living has decided to "gather" everything.

Faced with the evolving dystopia of modern totalitarianism, we ought to organize a social and classical counterattack that will overcome the present political and economic structure of society, the world of state and capital. That is why it is imperative to build militant social and class-based movements. Organize in grassroots clubs, neighborhood assemblies, political collectives and anti-fascist co-ordinations. We ourselves, from the bottom, know our needs and desires. We do not need any savior, any supposed external dispatcher of our will. One thing is left to do. Take our lives in our hands, so that we can not live like slaves.

As anarchists, what we are calling for is to push for the social revolution and the radical transformation of society, collectively, unpretentious and from the bottom. It is the struggle for the destruction of the state and capitalism, for the elimination of all separated power and exploitative relationship, with the aim of creating a classless and extreme society of generalized self-direction, with solidarity as a coherent link. All of this is shaped by the occupation of the means of production and labor self-management, without bosses, in order to serve the needs of the community, by assisting in the organization of production and distribution by everyone according to their capacities to each according to their needs. With community-based issues being decided through horizontal community assemblies building from bottom to top a federation of decentralized and self-governing communities, including voluntary associations and free cooperatives. In addition, the struggle for universal emancipation ought to be internationalist and to break down the borders that stand between peoples.

For us, political freedom and economic equality can only be considered as indivisible in terms of the empowerment of the stratum strata, hence the indifference and compatibility of anarchy with communism. The holistic self-realization of man and the experience of humanity find their full expression in the society that is built on the basis of libertarian communism.

We urge everyone to go down the road and participate in the course of the TIF, to support and participate all year long in the mobilizations against the implementation of the memorandums in every sphere of our lives, taking action initiatives where they do not exist and actively taking part where there are.

The state proclaims in all tones that it has continued. Class and social struggles also have to follow in all tones.

Trying to make it impossible, man has always achieved what is possible. If, however, we do not do the impossible, we will face the unthinkable.

Nothing's over. Let's go to the counterattack!


18:00, KAMARA
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