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(en) Greece, Libertarrian Initiative of Thessaloniki - the Anarchist Federation: Solidarity gathering with the arrested anti-fascists of 19/3/2017 action (gr) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 26 Oct 2017 11:14:39 +0300

On Sunday, 19 March 2017, the fascist city of the city attempted once again to surround its rotten flesh in our city. The anarchist and anti-fascist movement of Thessaloniki, as it is obvious, could not have left their way into this city. In the city of 35,000 Jews exterminated in Nazi concentration camps, tens of thousands of refugees have been sheltered in the city, in the multinational and racing city of Thessaloniki there is no room for the remnants of the Nazis and Gotsamans. With the gatherings of the fascists and the counterfeits at a distance of a few tens of meters, the state once again defended the 30 sorrowful wounds of the "Holy Lodge," playing the role of a "protector of public order". But when, on the one hand, there are the defenders of freedom, equality and dignity and on the other hand the defenders of capital, power and inhumanity make it clear not only that the state is taking position, but that the fascists are their long hand, regardless of whether the government is right or left. Through a miserable provocation, the cops found an opportunity to attack the anti-fascist concentration and make arrests.

In this city, we saw the various fascists trying to appear on the road with various occasions. But we, as anti-fascists and anti-fascists, regardless of the causes that he puts out of his hole and rally a number of racists, Greek-believers, religious people, see fascism as the long hand of capital. And that is why we are not separating our struggle against the fascism from it to capitalism. Fascism is the intensification of the capitalist condition of the exception. Our fascism wants slaves of the bosses. Fascism intensifies the unlawfulness and militarization of labor by setting conditions for extermination in the "overwhelming" workforce.

Understanding the central role occupied by capital-labor opposition as the relationship / opposition from which the present (sometimes historically concrete) form of organization of all social relations (capitalist social formation) is produced and, at the same time, being part of the working class , we can only approach and interpret every relationship of power within the capitalist society from a predominantly classical point of view. This means, first of all, that we are trying to identify and highlight its special capitalist form, the way in which the empowering relationship takes class status and serves the interests of capital. It is a constant trend and a vital need of capital to organize all social relations in the direction of (re) production and circulation of value.

Fascism was employed in the absolute form of the prevailing regime at a time when capitalism was experiencing its deepest crisis, and let us not laugh, if capitalism needs it again, he knows he always has his arrow in his quiver. Today he needs him as a tool that acts within the bourgeois-democratic frameworks (in other words, they are ideal for capitalism frameworks): to attack trade unionists, anti-fascists, anarchists, immigrants, struggles, hangouts, occupations. Tomorrow we can still see the snake's egg hatching. We do not forget how quickly all the countries in Asia were dragged, because that brought dominance to the more obscure regimes.

Capitalism needs fascism for many reasons: as a means of disciplining the most depreciated parts of our class (nowadays mainly immigrants), as a means of dividing the order (in legal and unpaid workers, lgbtqia + and straight, to women and men, etc.) and as a means of increasing or reducing labor supply in production.

Racism - the basic pillar of fascism - is essential - amongst many other relations of oppression that "offer" the same service in the chapter - for the division of the working class and the oppressed, for the fragmentation of its resistances. Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, age, "race" and any other dividing line (straight / lgbtqia +, legal worker / paperless, woman / man, white / black, young / are cultivated by sovereignty carefully and reproducing both material (wage differences, exclusion of categories from the labor market, etc.) as well as ideologically. Capitalism uses the power relations ("takes over" from older systems, creates them, restructures them,

Racism is also necessary (again among other forms of discrimination) in order to remove unnecessary labor from production. It is no coincidence that the Nazi and fascist struggles that arose in Europe at the beginning of the last century first made use of racism and patriarchy to reduce the supply of working hands. The necessity of withdrawing huge parts of the working class from production was clear: racism was trying to get rid of Jews and Roma and sexism with women. Thus, suddenly, with large parts of our class not being measured in the ranks of the unemployed, the "national-socialist dream" with the allowances, the state-paid holidays and the supposed comforts of the German working class became a reality: for those who naturally exited.

Fascism has been the embodiment of the absolute form of all power relations: racism, nationalism, chauvinism, misogynyism, homophobia, militarism ...

For us, fascism is the birth of this world of oppression, exploitation and exclusion. That is why it is treated in class terms, overturning the system that breeds it.

We call on the world of the struggle in a gathering on Tuesday 24/10 at 9:00 in the Thessaloniki courts to demand the release of those arrested on 19 March and the lifting of the charges against them.



Eleftherial Initiative of Thessaloniki - member of the Anarchist Federation
lib_thess@hotmail.com libertasalonica.wordpress.com
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