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(en) UPDATE - Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF) -- Immediate call to all our comrades Anarchists and Libertarians wherever they are (CA) [machine translation] )

Date Wed, 25 Oct 2017 17:10:51 +0300

Below is the statement from the Kurdish-speaking Anarchist Forum ( KAF ), a Kurdish-speaking anarchist group, following the Iraqi government's recent attack on Kirkuk and other positions held by the Kurds and against the destructive policies of the Kurdish government. Marsoud Barzani. Translation Alasbarricadas . To read another article reflecting on the referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan we suggest the article 'Are we now for or against?' Reflections of a Kurd in Germany on the referendum of Basur. ---- Immediate call to all our comrades anarchists and libertarians wherever they are ---- A direct and special call to our anarchist comrades and Arab-speaking libertarians ---- No to the State, No to war. Yes to self-management and social revolution ---- For years and years we, anarchists and libertarians in Iraqi Kurdistan, Europe and other countries, our motto has been "Yes for self-management everywhere and for all communities, but not the State" as well as the orientation of all our communications.

Başûr, Kurdistan in the state of Iraq

We raised our voice against the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and its very recent referendum scenario for an "independent Kurdish state." We are sure that the other Arab, Turkish, Assyrian and other anarchists had the same attitude. We also believe that our fellow anarchists around the world will have maintained their attitude against the state, authority, nationalism and nationalist and pro-fascist war.

Iraqi "Kurdistan" has been through a difficult time since October 2015. Wages for public sector employees have fallen to less than half, the number of unemployed has risen sharply, the price of everything has gone up, business and government services have been dramatically cut. All of this happened in addition to the war with Isis and disputes between (KRG) and the central government over the budget and disputed lands and cities, such as Kirkuk and others.

During this year many strikes, demonstrations and boycott work took place. Some of them lasted for weeks, even months. The KRG, instead of solving all these problems, tried to divert people's attention from real problems by announcing an independent Kurdistan referendum in July, the state of Kurdistan, by September 25.

Masoud Barzani, the head of KRG, established referendum day without consulting Iraqis, neighboring countries, the US or European countries. Once he called a referendum, everyone rejected him and told him he would not receive any support.

After the referendum of 25 September, the governments of Iraq, Iran and Turkey joined against him and threatened the KRG with economic sanctions. The Iraqi government asked the KRG to withdraw the referendum call and comply with the Iraqi constitution. Haider al-Abadi, Iraq's prime minister, warned Barzani that if he did not back down, the Iraqi government will take over the oil wells in Kirkuk province, which are now under KRG control.

Three days ago, the Iraqi government sent large numbers of policemen, military personnel and Hishdi Shaibe [the Siha paramilitary group] with assorted heavy weapons to take positions on the approaches to the city.

The civil war is now very imminent between Peshmarga, the KRG forces and the aforementioned central government forces.

We ask for support and solidarity from our fellow anarchists: protests and statements against this war, showing your anger against the war and your solidarity with the Iraqi people.

We are anti-statists because we are against the current political system. We are an anti-political and anti-authoritarian ideology from left to right, because we are against superior classes, private property and labor exploitation. All the wars of history took place to protect the ruling classes, private property and labor exploitation.

We are against war, guns and hatred between different cultures and between different ethnic minorities. War generally results in death and enslavement. The outcome of any war does not support the beginning of the social revolution, in fact it damages and weakens the climate of the revolution. Meanwhile, the war opens a very large market for the purchase and sale of weapons and the destruction of the environment. War impoverishes the poor and class superiority perpetuates itself.

Pipeline from Kirkuk to Ceyhan
Although we are against the war, we are very much in favor of self-management of people wherever they live in community and work collectively. We also know that wherever there is a state there is no freedom, wherever the political party system is, there is no self-thinking and individual independence. Wherever businessmen and money are, there are wages of slavery and exploited people.

In Iraqi "Kurdistan" there has been a strong authority over the last 26 years, there has been a bourgeoisie in power. For the past 26 years people have been deprived of real freedom and self-making. For a long time, the ruler has done very little for the people in "Kurdistan" in the matter of rendering them services. They encouraged people to move from rural areas to cities and towns, entered into so many commercial contracts with the foreign oil company and corporations for their own benefit, sold all public lands and many others. In short, "Kurdistan" became the home of many multinational companies, financial institutions and the spy network of neighboring countries and others. Since then they acted as an appropriate state in what they wanted. So why should we expect something different when they establish their own "independent state" and think it will be better than what people have now?

We ask all our anarchist comrades to support us and be in solidarity with us to avoid this war. It is true that their opposition to military and nationalist war in Iraq, if it does happen, may not be as effective as our opposition, but their solidarity will be crucial and highly appreciated.

We call on all our fellow anarchists, especially Arabs, Persians, Turks and Assyrians, to raise their voices and act to stop this liquid war that does not favor the working class and the poor people of Iraq and "Kurdistan." To shut up and not to be taken seriously, directly or indirectly serves the politicians, the big corporations and the capitalist system. Therefore, we have no choice but to fight against the system, its action and its war. We also hope that the other anarchists, wherever they are, will join us, stand strong and support children, the elderly and disabled people in Iraq.

Not to the war
Not the state
No to nationalism and patriotism
Not the system of capitalism
Yes to solidarity and to unite against the war
Yes to self-organization
Yes to the social struggle
Yes to the social revolution
Yes to social revolt
Yes to self-management


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