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(en) [Italy] Report on the "8th anarchist and libertarian editorial and cultural showcase" held in Florence By Massimo Serini By ANA (pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 9 Oct 2017 09:04:28 +0300

This event, organized by the Athenaeum Libertario of Florence, takes place biennially and is the most structured among the activities which in Italy are designed to offer a look at the current panorama of publications, projects, self-productions and the most varied cultural activities expressed by the movement. ---- In this year's edition, as always, in addition to many libertarian realities of the Italian peninsula were also present some expressions of the exterior (I saw tables and "districts" of books, among others, of French compas, and of the "La Baronata" (Switzerland), who had also participated in the last editions of Vitrine, and the compas of the Black Rose.) ---- During the three days of the activity (22, 23 and 24 September 2017), it was possible to develop a number of presentations, debates, shows, initiatives, concerts, in this place that became, despite perhaps some inherent contradictions, already traditional to this manifestation: the Obihall Theater, near the River Arno, in the south of Florence, which is also located in a peculiar address because of a pleasant and rare coincidence: the street is called Fabrizio de Andre, which was , after 18 years of deceased) the most renowned Italian singer-songwriter with sympathies and sympathies.

In the great hall of the theater were the tables of the present realities (which exhibited their "products": books, paintings, handicrafts, food, self-productions, etc.). In the scenario, separated from the rest of the room by a movable panel, and close to the same scenario, were concerts, and many of the presentations and debates scheduled. In addition, in the first level of the theater there was another room where they had more debates and presentations.

The program was complex and rich, and since we are not ubiquitous, we had to choose sometimes between equally interesting proposals that would develop at the same time and all, with surprising punctuality.

There were also permanent displays:

- In charge of the same Athenaeum Libertarian of Florence: A) "Anarchist periodicals in the world"; B) "Poster proposals for the promotion of the Showcase"; C) "One hundred years of anarchist anti-militarism";

- In charge of the Biblioteca Franco Serantini: "Cecilia colony and libertarian Utopias";

- In charge of the Collective Emile Henry: "Cinema and Anarchy";

- In charge of Lavinia Raccanello: "Portrait anarchist of Italy - Cartography of the streets dedicated in Italy to anarchists".

Workshops for restoration of books and craft and artistic spaces for children and adults.

On the walls: Francesco's murals from the Casino. Very appreciated and varied, the food prepared by and by the hostesses, with many specialties and recipes from the Tuscany region.

Next is the program of presentations and events. I also add a few notes about one of the activities I personally attended.

On the first day (Friday, 22), there were:

1. In charge of the magazine "Cenerentola" a conference of Luciano Nicolini on "Demography and Politics".

2. A theatrical show: "Co.RPI" of the International Resistant Company.

3. A concert in memory of Caterina Bueno (Tuscan singer and researcher of the ethno-folk genre, deceased in 2007).

4. The presentation of the "August 16 Choir with Bube and Mazzacanidellasoffitta", a musical project where the traditional and anarchist " canzoniere " is mixed with rock arranging proposals.

5. An acoustic rock concert of the "Deja Vu" (which plays a very nice classic "Rock and Roll").

6. Presentation of " Chidduchisentu-Quello che sento ", book by Giuseppe Canzoneri, presented by the author and by Pippo Gurrieri of Sicilia Punto L.

7. Presentation of the book: " Eretiche-il '900 di Maria Luisa Berneri and Giovanna Caleffi ", by its author, the historian of the movement, Giorgio Sacchetti.

8. Presentation of the book " Storie di vita e di anarchia. Guelfo Guelfi and Erminia do Colombo tra Volterra and Bruxelles ", publisher" Collettivo le distillerie! ", By the same author Duccio Benvenuti.

9. Presentation of the book " La banda dello zoppo ", stories of armed resistance against fascism, ed. Coessenza, made by the authors and in charge of Maurizio Rafanelli.

On the second day (Saturday, 23):

1. Conference and projection of Sebastien Bonetti 's documentary " La Lotta delle ZAD -Zone a defendre ", against the discharge of nuclear waste buried in Bure, a small town in northwestern France.

2. CSSVP: Design and preparation of an artistic panel presented and promoted by Stefania Mori.

3. Presentation of No. 3 of the illustrated book " La Rivoluzione Russa in Ucraina " by the "Germinal Archive Association", made by the author Jeanne Pierre Ducret and its editors.

4. Talk about the book " Brassens et autres enfants d'Italiens ", about the Italian origin of the great French singer-songwriter and of many immigrants of his time, with Isabelle Felici and Pippo Gurrieri; musical interventions by Alessio Lega.

5. Theatrical performance " L'estai della neve ", by Duccio Scheggi, by Edizioni Collage de Pataphysique.

6. Conference of Dimitrios Roussopoulos, by Black Rose Books, "The climate crisis, political ecology and the new social agenda".

7. Presentation of " Il fondo Piazza Fontana ", by the Libertario / Arcquivo Pinelli Study Center, with the participation of Silvia Pinelli, Claudia Pinelli and Lorenzo Pizzica.

8. Debate organized by the Athenaeum Libertario of Florence on: " Spagna '36 -Rojava 2017: le donne protagoniste of the social change ".

9. Symposium organized by Instituto De Martino (an important center for cultural and musical research in the leftist area, founded by Gianni Bosio in 1966) " for the critical conoscenza and the alternative presenza of the mondo popolare and proletario ", that is for "the critical study and the alternative presence of the popular and proletarian world. "The theme of the Symposium was" The Anarchist Song as a tool of narration and propaganda ", with the participation of many interventors, coordinated by Stefano Arrighetti, and with the" musical incursions "of Alessio Lega .

10. Presentation of the last issue of the beautiful Aparte Magazine dedicated to Woody Guthrie: " With Woody on our side: Come with the pole and walk with the wind ."

11. Concert by Tiziano Mazzocchi: " Ferro e Carbone ".

12. Concert, musical performance, with Alessio Lega: " Fedeli a Pietro Gori: Storie cantate degli anarchici ".

13. Presentation of the book " Anarchici a Milano 1870-1926 " by Fausto Buffá, by Franco Schirone, ed. Zero in Condotta.

14. Lecture on the book by Francesco Codello (scholar of libertarian pedagogy) " Dalla natura umana alla condizione umana ", between the author and Stefano Boni.

15. Presentation of the book " Pioniere e rivoluzionarie: Donne anarchiche in Spagna ", by the author Eulalia Vega, ed. Zero in Condotta.

16. Presentation of " Taoism and Anarchy " by the same author, Giuseppe (Peppe) Aiello, who develops the interesting thesis that can be found in the works attributed to Laotzi and Zhuangzi (IV and III century). anarchist ideology, and that it would not be daring to place them among an imaginary cast of "precursors."

17. Presentation, by Claudio Venza, of the book by Octavio Alberola, translated in Italian with the title " Rivoluzione, Tra Caso e Necessitá ". Claudio Venza, despite his current state of health, wanted to make his collaboration extremely clear and engaging, beginning to speak of Octavio's father - rationalist teacher of the CNT schools - and then elucidating the existential and political trajectory, and the "heterodox" about "the revolution" of the author. Ed. La Fiaccola.

18. Presentation by the same author of the book " É che il Potere é maledetto e per questo io sono anarchica ", by Anna Maria Falabbi. Ed. Il Ponte.

19. Presentation by the same author and publisher of the book " Una vita proletaria ", by Giuseppe Galzerano.

20. Presentation of the book " Rivoluzionarie russe di Fine Ottocento: Lettere e memorie di Olimpia Kutuzova Cafiero ", by Martina Guerrini, ed. BFS-Franco Serantini Library, by the author and Stefania Gennai.

21. Presentation of the book " Livorno clandestine ", Ed.BFS, by Marco Rossi, presented by Giorgio Sacchetti.

22. Presentation of the text " L'irresistibile esercito di Barlandia, piccole storie antiautoritarie, Perche 'gli anarchici non editano libri per l'infanzia? ", Illustrated by Federico Zenoni, ed. Libera and Senza Impegni.

23. Presentation of the book " L'Oasi, romanzo arabo " by Leda Rafanelli, Ed. Archivio Famiglia Berneri, by the editors.

24. Presentation of the book by Raul Vaneigem " Disumanitá della Religione ", by the translator Andrea Babini and editor Massari.

25. Presentation of the book "L'affare Camenish - un caso internazionale" , by Norman Lipari; ed. The Baronata.

26. Presentation by the editor Giuseppe Galzerano of the book "Il tribunale speciale fascista " .

On the last day (Sunday, September 24):

1. Debate: "Self-management for an alternative economy to capitalism" , position of the Ateneu Libertario de Florencia, among several autoproducers present. Coordinator: Vincenzo Mordini.

2. Public meeting of REBAL, Network of Libraries and Libertarian Archives.

3. Presentation of the L'Idea Library in Rome, which has been present in the showcase since the first edition, which is celebrating the "20 Years Travelers" (a series of celebrations and meetings in Europe), its 20 years (already 1). This library, self-managed and self-financed, maintains a remarkable archive of documents and texts of the movements (not just the political activists) and revolutionaries from the 80's until today. The project includes the "distro" of anarchist editions and the publication of texts.

4. " Letter from the future" , interview, music and readings with Paolo Pasi, by the "A Rivista".

5. Scenic reading on Aldo Braibanti: "Ad esser Franca" , with Kiki Franceschi, Massimo Tarducci, Sandra Garugheri.

6. Presentation of "Costruire evasioni" , from the Prison Break Project of Trento, and the "Manuale di difesa legale" , from the "Ascociacion Mutuo Soccorso per la Libertà di Espressione" in Bologna, by the Anarchist Camilo Berneri of Bologna.

7. Conference and debate on "Popular Power in Venezuela of the 20th century. XXI: Politici, Mediatori, Assemblee, Cittadini " , with author Stefano Boni and Vincenzo Mordini

8. Concerto "Spagna 36 de I Disertori" .

9. Concert by Francesco Gabrielli and the Jazz Quartet.

10. Concert by Massimo Liberatori and La Società dei Musici.

Translation> April sun

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