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(en) Catalunia, Solidaridad Obrera Position paper: [STRUGGLE] LET'S TAKE IT ALL ... TO THE ROOT (ca) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 2 Oct 2017 09:56:23 +0300

In recent days, although the agitation and the feeling of experiencing a moment of exceptional mobilization continue, we have entered into a waiting time characteristic of the before a battle, generating a sense of uncertainty, which can affect the mass initiative on the street. However, neighborhoods, villages and other actors are still alive. Strategically, it is clear that without a lasting massive mobilization there will not be what is being called "the Catalan Republic". Not calling for fear of its ungovernable component may mean leaving the opportunity to turn everything around. -Air confirmed that on 3 October various unions called General strike, including CGT, CNT, COS, IAC and INTERSINDICAL-CSC. We are in the streets! ---- Who is not feeling these days that with the enormous mobilization to defend the referendum of 1-O is expressing the desire to change things one fiery time?

Catalans, Catalans and people from all over the world who live and work in Catalonia, have done an immense job these days, demonstrating to the whole world that the framework of the '78 Regime is unbearably narrow, and the determination to make the capacity prevail collective to decide how and where we want to live!

What is being called "Catalan Republic" is close to the hands. Rajoy could only try to stop it unleashing overwhelming violence. It is difficult to do so, because afterwards the whole world, inside and outside Spain, would be thrown over. Also, once you start something like that, it's hard to know how it's done.
Tradition painted the opportunity. Calba behind and with the hair in front, because once it has passed you can no longer catch it. Taking advantage of the opportunity means, among other things, collecting data and interpreting them strategically ... now.

We are not naïve, it is clear that part of the mobilization is being ruled ("helpless", they have said, but it means the same thing), by the entities, parties and sovereign organizations and by the president of the Generalitat, who said Friday: You can not put doors in the field. " They have great media, economic and organizational resources, as well as taking advantage of a story indepe that is proving to be the lever that will allow us to swallow the '78 Regime. A mythical-political power of masses that red and black internationalisms do not have now.

The opportunity, however, is inseparable from massive mobilization and ambiguous sentiment, of changing everything, that drives it. Opportunity also lies in the capacity of self-organized forms that are emerging around the world, in accordance with the transformative fraction of indepenced organizations, of promoting a massive presence on the street as far away as possible. As well as the ways of living and struggling to break into it. It is this presence that, while it lasts, destituates the power of the present order and opens the field of thought. The art of the possible. Not alone, but resonant, with existing organizations, actions and words, as well as those that arise in the middle of the conflict.

The other day in an article, a woman testified that all this commotion of the regime and the opportunity to turn everything around made her feel truly alive. One of the tasks of the autonomous groups or anarchists, despite being a minority in the Neighborhood Defense Committees that are emerging with different names, can be to try to expand in practice this feeling more alive than ever. Instead of closing these CDs too quickly, looking for flattening consensus, with the old colloids, baroque manipulation tactics that all see from afar and hate, we should open up space for free use of themselves and the world and multiplication of autonomous initiatives. In legal-political terms, using things without having it right is to open space to another right, one where their stateization of Roman inheritance is suspended.

Another task can be to make a patient, arguing and tenacious criticism of both meaningless capitalist forms of life, without exit, or any attempt to break the initiative, closing the process that opens until 1 -O and especially after 1-O, in any space where again we can not hear it.

What do we want? We also want to change everything with independence. We want a broad real participation in all the things that directly affect us. We want to be able to live well. We want a political price of housing that allows us to re-inhabit our neighborhoods. We want to stop the feet with a determined collective force that is allowed to exploit and precarious tenants, tenants and workers and workers of our neighborhoods and villages. We want big holders and big capitals to stop having hands free to ruin the neighborhood. We want home refugees, refugees and migrants to feel at home and learn from them and them not only everything that exists in our colonial colonies, but also other ways of supporting each other. We want means to equip ourselves with spaces of common life where children and adults know us, learn, Take time to accelerate the markets and conspire against the intolerable. We want to deploy other ways of living, less dependent on the hostile world that have built the governments of the capital of the whole world, and that makes us sick and saddened us.

Image: Empampem Sant Antoni
We want so many things ... We want, with independence, to turn everything up to the root.

The Defense Committees have been created to defend the Referendum of 1-O. Once passed this Sunday, they must serve to actively defend their results. But what in this process is necessary to defend is, also, both the yearning to change everything one-time, like the feeling of being more alive than ever. That these CDs do not turn into cheat micro-governments, nor fall into micro-politicians in search of their own reputation, but in spaces where widening their desire to live by changing everything!

What should be clear in the process of creating the so-called "Catalan Republic" is that it will not be carried out without permanent mobilization or without CDs. That is why CDs need to consolidate their power, their capabilities. The CDs should be equipped with revocable delegates who can quickly coordinate with confidence, among them and with other agents and combative sectors that are positioned, feminists, students, unions, migrants, and so on. They should also create an organ of powerful propaganda to be critical with any attempt to close the process too quickly, as well as to disseminate the enthusiasm that lives in the desire to sink the 78's Regime to overturn everything. -We see neighborhood assemblies, neighborhood strike committees, housing assemblies, libertarian agencies and self-employed groups, They are everywhere because the desire to stop an odious order and organized people are everywhere. We need to find trust, intelligence and agility to be in each place, and at the same time, to intervene as an organized force and defend a position. In order to be able to create autonomous zones everywhere, we need at certain moments to be more centralist than the centralists, not as a new bureaucracy, but as a force that is manifested.

Image: Painted in the Barrio de Gracia

A centrality space for mobilization must be open and open. A square or a palace. We hope that it does not suffocate in a permanent assembly that copies a parliament badly, but serves to multiply the initiatives, to inspire everything that comes, to share ideas, resources and proposals, and, above all, to find ourselves in the eyes of and others in the process of giving birth to the new world we take to our hearts.

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