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(en) Brazil, Federasion Anarquist Gaucha - FAG [CAB]: Fantastic Infamy! -- A conspiracy theory to the taste of the far right! (pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 4 Nov 2017 08:24:33 +0200

INFAMY! There is no other term to refer to the farce that was promoted on Sunday by Rede Globo through the "Fantastic" program. Known for his idiotic and sensationalistic aspect, Fantástico already alerted, in his early paintings, his fetish for conspiracy theories by presenting one more of his stories about mysterious OVINIS. Packed in the conservative wave, the conspiracy theories, "rigor and wisdom" of the stupid, have been gaining increasing space in the major media. It would not be fair to the Fantastic who would fail to apply an "authentic". ---- The sensationalism presented around a new conspiracy theory was the subject of an alleged "criminal anarchist organization," ostensibly propagated over the past few days and guarded as the program's "golden key."

The subject in question addressed the operation of the Rio Grande do Sul Civil Police directed to the cultural space Parhesia, the Pandorga urban occupation, and our political organization, Gaucho Anarchist Federation / Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (FAG / CAB). Since the start of the operation (Oct. 24), the local mainstream media, with RBS on the front line, have already been active in this conspiracy. Accompanying and disseminating almost in real time the whole procedure of the Civil Police, the news programs completely endorsed the police version, issuing all sorts of judgment and convictions. In the midst of the horrors show, SBT's telejournalism was highlighted, stating that they were neo-Nazi groups.
Isolated attacks have been associated scandalously the anarchist ideology and our organization in particular. The calculation is clear and widely known: they seek through the media bombardment to coerce social activists who identify with anarchism, to leave on the defensive, to force the public to pray the "moral and good manners" primer of the "good citizens" lynchers and Internet hatters, who are increasingly gaining ground in the country.
They seek, through factoids, to criminalize artistic and cultural initiatives beyond our organization, known for more than 20 years of uninterrupted militancy in the various struggles and organizations of workers and oppressed.
It is an operation to the liking of the extreme right that has been grouping around a moralistic agenda and with a strongly Macarthist discourse. This right wing right from the wave of school occupations has been investing in the promotion of militias to provoke, intimidate and, when possible, physically attack acts promoted by the left or against what they consider an attack on "good manners".
Meanwhile fascist proto-militias and their hate crimes pass with impunity!
Gathering among others in pro-Bolsonaro groups, these extreme right-wing militants are making a big reactionary carnival on social networks, displaying weapons and calling on "good citizens" to attack "leftists" and "bandit advocates" , while increasingly taking their dementia to the streets.
In a mobilization of the municipalities of Porto Alegre, in the occasion in State of strike, a teacher was attacked with a retractable stick by a captain of a youtuber, both bound to the MBL. The next day, they were greeted with great cordiality in the Paço dos Açorianos by the Mayor Marchezan / PSDB, who soon thanked their deeds.
As the snake's egg clashes from north to south, we have recently seen a turbulent mob and cripple an academic activity about the centenary of the Russian Revolution at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) screaming for "military intervention now!" The onslaught of teaching activity to patrol and censor everything that is said in schools and universities has been one of the many hysterics on the far right agenda. But if we are talking about the southern region of the country, the far right historically had a "dark" presence, little or nothing addressed. It is Nazism, or neo-Nazism.
It was precisely in Porto Alegre that Editora Revisão was housed, responsible for editing and widely disseminating Nazi and Holocaust denial literature, whose website is still active. It was in Porto Alegre where, because of a quipá, youths were stabbed in a bohemian neighborhood of the city and it is also here where on the streets are daily cases of physical aggression to homosexual couples, transvestites, street dwellers, women, blacks and immigrants, mainly Haitians and Senegalese. Behind these attacks are neo-Nazi and integralist groups operating in a coordinated way in a "corridor of hatred" that involves Porto Alegre-Serra Gaúcha-Blumenau-Curitiba. Periodically, the "gigs" of bands "RAC" where they take part to make a kind of ritual at the end of the concerts:
All this confraternity of the extreme right, which practices and encourages cowardly acts of hatred, is very well known by the Delegate Garden, ruler of the ongoing conspiracy against anarchism. For more than 10 years, the Garden Delegate has been entrusted with the task of investigating the work of these extreme right-wing groups. However, to date, Jardim has presented nothing more than television appearances with his characteristic cachet.
The Stockholm Syndrome of a "new" crusader against the left!
Essa não é a primeira vez que Jardim direciona sua carga à lutadores sociais. Em 2013, em meio às muitas manifestações populares que reivindicavam o direito à cidade e protestavam contra os gastos da copa em Porto Alegre, uma operação de caça de militantes da Brigada Militar resultou na prisão de 3 professores que caminhavam após a dispersão do ato com uma bandeira do CPERS.
Jardim was the Delegate who took charge of the case and soon sought to frame the militants as responsible for stoning the Julio de Castilhos Museum and the Cathedral amid a series of assumptions. They needed a scapegoat to present as a trophy in the mainstream media, directing them to the prison. Unable to complete its objective, given the strong solidarity that guaranteed the release of the companions, Jardim did not restrain himself and made a point of summoning the dirty service of RBS. The next day, there was a featured story on Zero Hour and ClicRbs that accused teachers of "vandalism." It was not enough to mention the full name of two companions and a companion, the matter stamped a photo of Garden showing their photos. In more than 10 years with the responsibility of investigating neo-Nazi action, Garden never publicly exposed one of his militiamen. However, when it comes to some popular mobilization, some manifestation of left, Garden seems to foam.
Não seria exagero sugerir que todo esse tempo enquanto responsável da Polícia Civil para investigar o neo-nazismo no Rio Grande do Sul tenha levado o senhor Jardim à uma Síndrome de Estocolmo, apaixonando-se por aqueles que estava responsável por reprimir. A manifestação da simpatia enrustida não poderia vir de melhor forma que clamando cadeia, prisão e deportação à militantes sociais e a esquerda, elemento basilar de toda manifestação nazi-fascista.
O que representa a aventura do Delegado Jardim e da Rede Globo?
The latest episode seems to be setting the delegate's "golden moment", which has never had such a hearing. Representative of "good", crossed against "evil gangs", Jardim now finds himself at a crossroads where he will have to decide which detestable figure in the history of the oppressed will seek to "reincarnate." It may be that it wants to be a version of the tropics of Frederick Katzmann in his farce against Sacco and Vanzetti or Hermann Göring in his alarm by the fire to the Reichstag.
Whatever it is this week, the sad figure of Jardim stole the scene in the political conjuncture of the country seeking to create a scarecrow to conclaim a witch hunt. Taxing and intimidating an ideology and a political organization amid a moment of important strikes in the region, where its militancy takes an active part seeking to take to the final consequences the provisions of struggle and organization that sprout in each place of work, study and dwelling. Jardim and Rede Globo seek to sow panic and disorientation; at first, in militant anarchism, they will soon take on the task of completing their farsish onslaught, laden with factoids and arapongagens, with the whole of the left and social movements. Garden stole the scene to open the true farce that is the far right alternative and its adventurers on duty, which, with the approval of the oligopoly of the mass media, develop in the courts and in the repressive apparatus of the State, calling for and promoting the genocide of black youth in the peripheries, violence against LGBTs and religious intolerance; the extermination of indigenous peoples and quilombolas, and fiscal adjustment.
Terrorism against the underdogs, terrorism against our class! Jardim, Rede Globo and its crusaders who are aware that we will not bow!

Against adjustment and repression! Fight and organization!

Federation Anarchist Gaúcha (FAG) - Organization integrated to the Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB)

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