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(en) Czech, afed: religious plague [machine translation]

Date Fri, 21 Apr 2017 10:09:57 +0300

You do not know how to hold this year's Easter meditation? What about over at that time a very popular text-known anarchist Johanna Mosta? ---- Of all mental illnesses, which one systematically killing your brain is undoubtedly the scariest religious plague. ---- This epidemic, like everything else in the world, also has its own history. However, it is a great pity that the investigation does not reveal anything interesting in it. The old man Zeus and Jupiter were very beneficial, even speaking of enlightenment compared to Trinitarian branches of the genealogical tree of the Lord God, in the meantime did not advance at all compared to those in the first cruelty and rudeness. ---- But we will not waste time studying the gods retired, they can no longer harm us. Subjected to fierce criticism of those of them who are even today worshiped, all the organizers of comfort and discomfort, supporters of terrorism, threatening hell.

Christians have a holy trinity, the predecessor Jews satisfy the idea of a single God. Old and New Testaments are for them the source of all wisdom. Therefore, it is to their basic knowledge willy-nilly must read these holy books and come out of them, to show all their comic pages. We outline the historical outline of the deity, which would be enough to make it all clear. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Previously he stayed in nonexistence, which had to be really quite sad if even God yearned.

And how God creates the world from nothing (full detail), married and created the heavens and the earth, like a magician who shakes the egg or swings sleeves and charm. Later still he created the sun, moon and stars. Known heretics, called by astronomers long ago proved that the Earth is not and has never been the center of the universe that can not be earlier than the Sun, circling around it. These people were able to talk about the creation of the moon, sun and stars to Earth, in the sense that the Earth is compared with these celestial bodies is something special and unusual is the sheer ignorance; has always been any schoolboy knows that the sun is a star, one of the satellites, earth and moon, so to speak secondary planet; and also he knows that the earth does not occupy space in a prominent position, on the contrary, it is only a grain in the vast space.

But did not God deals with astronomy? He does what he wants, and logic and science laughs. This is because after the creation of the Earth consists of first light and then the sun. Hottentot certainly well understand that without the sun can not be light, but God ... God is not Hottentot! But continuing the search. So the creation of the world took place flawlessly, but at the empty hut there was not life, and there was little to entertain, eventually Creator created man. But how it formed, he changed his original creative plan: instead it showed the world the way a simple commandments pridelal a lot of trouble. He took a prosaic piece of clay, he made the man the image of his analogy and breathed his soul. But God is omnipotent, good, fair, just embodied the favor, so now he saw that Adam (as he called his creation) very pined for solitude (perhaps remembering his own stýskání during the non-existence) and created his charming Eve.

Experience had shown clearly that knead the clay is an activity unworthy of God, because this time used a different method. He took Adam's rib and suddenly it turned into a woman. I say suddenly, because speed is not the only one god magic tricks. History does not tell us whether it was Adam's rib or renewed after he had to be content with those who had left. Modern science discovered that animals and plants that originally created from simple cells over many millions of years gradually evolved into its current form. They found that a person is only the most advanced product of a long, continuous development that several thousand years ago a man not only could not speak and his efforts always reminded animals, but that comes from the lowest forms. Any other explanation science rejects.

Therefore, natural science involuntarily forcing us to see in God, the Creator of man, funny bouncer. But why all this? With God is not advisable joke. Whether all these stories bear the imprint of science or not, He just commands trust them and otherwise sends us to hell (his competitors), which is certainly always unfortunate, because in hell, not only dominates lament and eternal gnashing of teeth, but - which worse - there unquenchable fire blazes, persistent gnawing worm, the air is saturated with sulfur and pitch. So incorporeal creatures, that soul will fry. A body that no longer exists, it will burn, teeth not long ago, they squeak. This intangible creation will lament without a voice or lung worm will gnaw his bones to dust long ago reversed without olfactory organ will smell the sulfur fumes and everything - forever! Devilish history!

Finally, God, how about itself bears witness to the Bible, and his chronicle of its kind autobiography, very moody and suspicious. Above all, it is a despot.

Just as Adam and Eve were created, God took it for granted that must be maintained. He gave them a categorical statement zapovezením: But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, do not eat. Since that time, not a single plain or topped with a tyrant who would also nepredhazoval people of this command. Adam and Eve failed to comply - and were promptly expelled forever doomed with their descendants work the hardest. In addition, Eva has been deprived of their rights and become a slave Adam, who had to listen from now on. Then they remained continuously under the supervision of celestial secret police. Emperor Wilhelm was undoubtedly smaller despot, so no coincidence is God above him. The hardness of God to the people still did not lead to anything. On the contrary: the more you multiply, the more they bothered. How quickly it all happened, you can see the history of Cain and Abel. When the latter was killed, Cain went to a foreign country and there married. God does not tell us anything about where did the foreign country where they came from women, but that's not surprising: many loaded with all kinds of worries it could easily forget. Finally, the cup of patience overflowed: God decided to destroy the human race and drowned him. He left only a few living beings that made one last attempt, but despite all his wisdom even this failed to Noah, the head of those who were still alive, emerged as a big spender-martyr and entertained along with their offspring. What good could come from such a family's?

The human race is again multiplied, they discovered a new sinners. God was obviously shocked when he saw his exemplary punishments to the extermination of entire cities with fire and brimstone did not lead to anything. Then he decided to destroy all the human scum, and if not for an unusual event that made him change his intention, mankind would have ended their existence.

One day the Holy Spirit came, no one knew where. Bible (ie. God himself) says only that God Himself is the Holy Spirit.

So now we're dealing with not one God, but two characters. The Holy Spirit took the form of a dove and lay with an unknown woman named Marie. In a moment of joy she gushes enlighten her, and she bore a son, without having ceased to be a virgin, as confirmed by the Bible. Then the god called God his father and claimed to be a single unit with not only the spirit but also with his son. So my father became his own son, the son of his own father, and together they have besides the Holy Spirit. Hence the trinity.

Now the show, the poor man means! Everything that follows, it may well cast. We know that God the Father has decided to destroy the entire human race. This greatly grieved God's son - and one which, as we know, he was also the father took all sin upon himself and to meet his father, who was also the son, he was crucified by the same people who wanted to save him from death. The victim's son (identical with the father) was the father so satisfactory that it has declared a general amnesty, which protect their strength in part to this day.

This is a historical part of the Holy Scriptures. We see the absurdity and nonsense is so saturated, that those who are zblbli enough to absorb them, those susceptible craziest hallucinations.

The first plan is the doctrine of reward and punishment for the man in the other world. Science long ago proved that there is no other independent lives besides the physical, the soul, ie. What religious charlatans call the soul, is nothing more than the brain receiving impulses through the sense organs, that this life must inevitably result in the death of the body. However, the sworn enemies of human reason are acquainted with the results of scientific research only to prevent the penetration of scientific truths among the people.

So preach the immortal soul. Her grief is, if the body, which was trapped here on earth, God's poorly filled orders. These people assure us that good, virtuous, omniscient God adds the smallest sins of each and writes them on their blacklist. Other times it is a bit ridiculous in their demands. Indeed: forcing all newborns pour cold water - to baptize his glory even though they might catch a cold; experiencing unspeakable joy when his countless parishioners worship and serve the keenest singing holy hymns in which he praises for everything possible and impossible; weaves into bloody wars and leaves to recognize and glorify a god of war, at the same time is very angry with some Catholic who ate meat on Friday or go to confession a few. He is shocked when a Protestant with contempt builds the bones of the saints, for portraits and other relics of Mother of God recognized by the Catholic Church, when a believer is not every year to the holy pilgrimage, all hunched over, crossing the vyvrácenýma and eyes to the sky.

When a person dies as unrepentant sinner, God had saved a penalty against which the whip and clubs, the agony of exile and prison, sentenced to the gallows feeling, in short all the punishments invented tyrants only pleasant polechtáním. His bestial savagery of the pre God overcomes everything just may be the most despicable on earth. His prison is called hell, the devil executioner, punishment, granted, last forever.

But for minor offenses, on condition that the sinner to die as a true Catholic can give forgiveness, after longer or shorter stay in purgatory, which differs from hell, as in Prussia from ordinary prison fortress. Although in purgatory keeps smaller fire is very modest due to the short stay in it and even discipline are not so hard. The so-called mortal sins to punish purgatory but hell. Such sins include even blasphemous word, act, and even thought. God not only does not tolerate freedom of speech and press, and prohibits judges and the very mind that would fall under the specified framework, if it seems unflattering. Oh, great despots of all countries and times, who have overcome all the other tyrants choice and level of punishment! This god is the most horrible monster imaginable.

His behavior is shameful fact that he has to believe that the entire world and humanity are all controlled by its holding his divine providence. Therefore, always chasing people for the deeds, which is egging himself. How much are the merciful earthly despots past and present, compared with this monster!

But if God pleases people to live like saints, then after the death of tortured even more: a paradise that promises them is worse than hell. There do not feel any need, instead always feels satisfied; There every desire precedes its fulfillment. But as you can not imagine any benefits without desire, followed by its fulfillment, and stay in Heaven is stupid. Eternity there dedicated to the observation of God forever and ever on the same harps playing the same tune. Eternally sing beautiful hymns that are only slightly better than the song of the Archangel Gabriel, and perhaps not even that. In short, there is a hell of boredom. Stay in prison in solitary confinement should prevail. No wonder that the rich and powerful of this world, enjoying paradise with derision when the Hein cry Heaven are leaving / angels and birds .

And at the same time very rich and powerful support of religion. It leads them to do, of course, part of their position.

For bourgeois exploiter is oblbování people through religion, even a matter of life. Their potential rises or falls depending on the degree of religious insanity masses.

The more a man holds a religion, the more confident; The more confident, the less he knows; the less he knows, the more stupid. And what is more stupid, the more he dominates.

This logic was well known despots of all countries and of all times. Therefore, always they are associating with the clergy. And if they had between them, these two enemies of mankind some disputes were always insignificant domestic disputes for power. All the great servants of God understand that their role ends when you lose the support of the upper ten thousand. For the powerful of this world is no secret that a person will allow him dominated and exploited it, only if to these ravens in a Church able to instill into the hearts of people believe that our earth is a vale of tears that they have respect for authority, or if they at least managed to tempt mankind the promise of a happier life in the next world.

Clerical Reichstag deputy Ludwig Windhorst, a Jesuit with all the trimmings, once said at a sharp debate MPs clearly what they think about these crooks and charlatans.

"When faith goes out to the people," he said, "will not endure longer the terrible poverty in which they live, and revolt." The meaning of this statement is totally obvious and should think over it many workers. That would be among them, however, could not be so many people are confused by religion to the extent that they are able to hear the simplest things and not understand them.

No wonder the priests, the black gendarmerie despotism devote every effort to make as much delay the eventual decline of religion, although it is known that the stifling a laugh when I think of that nonsense about the future reward.

Throughout the centuries, these perverts spirit dominated the masses with the help of fear. Without it, the religious ravings long since ended. Prison cell and, hell and dagger, sword and gallows, torture and killing have been means to keep in the name of God and justice, this delirium, and it will always remain a stain on human history. Millions of people were burned alive in the name of God on the slow burning border for that dared to doubt the Bible. Millions of people during the long wars killed each other, looted the country and destroyed and burned presage the enemy just to support religion. Refined execution invented spiritual and their minions, when it came to recover the faith of those who have lost the fear of God.

A man who maim another leg, he calls criminal. But as the call of someone who gets rid of reason, and if he can not do, burn slowly his body with the most sophisticated cruelty?

It is a fact that these people today can easily indulge his lotrovskému craft as ever, even though the process is still quite blasphemers; but now they are able to penetrate into families, affecting women, bribe and abuse children the education they provide in schools. Their hypocrisy has grown rather than diminished that. They dominated the press, when convinced that this technology can no longer be destroyed.

The old adage says, where he stepped priest there for ten years grass grow. In other words, if one is in the spiritual power, he loses the ability to think, his brain worms boring into theology. Begins to resemble a sheep suffering from vertigo.

These unfortunates losing their life's goal, and what is scarier, join the ranks of opponents of science and lights, revolution and freedom. In their blindness they are always ready to help those who have goals for humanity, those who put their sticks into the wheels ever-advancing progress. Anyone who tries to cure such patients, taking place therefore a good thing not only for themselves, because it also destroys disease weakening the people, which must be torn from the roots if the country has become a place for people, not the playground of the gods and devils, intended for human torture.

Expel of our brains religious ideas. Down with the priests! They usually say that the end justifies the means. Good! We use it as well. The purpose of our meeting is to liberate mankind from all oppression, to remove him from the burden of social slavery, political yoke of tyranny and lead him to the light of religious darkness. All means to achieve these ambitious goals must be recognized as a right of all true friends of humanity and must be applied in practice in any appropriate way.

Any person refusing religion fulfills its obligation only when every day and every hour, doing everything possible to destroy religion. Every unbeliever who left fallow opportunity to engage the clergy, when possible, betrays infidels. Fight them everywhere, no struggle for life but to death with this black breed! Uprising against perverted and blind that they may see! Let us serve each weapon: bitter irony and the light of science. And where it is not sufficient, there will use better arguments.

Let not a single mention of God and religion will not pass unnoticed at rallies, where it comes to people's interests. As for the principle of ownership with its coercive sanctions, and state and religion with everything that belongs to them, not in the social revolution. Everything outside is profoundly reactionary! We must know that the more respectable status and reputation better represent those of religious nonsense admixed efforts of the workers, the more dangerous. Whoever (in whatever form) preaches religion is either a fool or a fraud. Such people can be directed forward: the objective is achieved only in the event that our business based on the reality of fighting.

Political opportunists in this case is not only evil, but also a crime. If the operating permits of several spiritual meddle in their affairs, they will not only deceived, but even betrayed.

If it is obvious that the proletariat interferes especially with capitalism, and therefore seeks to destroy its most powerful form - the state, it is obvious that the Church is involved in this fight, that he could not stay away. It is necessary to systematically destroy religion among the people when these people come back to their senses, without which it will never fought freedom.

We put some questions to fools or in other words, those who have been duped by religion only so much that can still be corrected. Here are:

If God wants to be known, loved and feared him why he does not show up? If he's as good as they say priests, why are we we fear? If it is omniscient, why did he bother our everyday things and prayers? If it is omnipresent, what church? If it's just, why do you think that will punish people who created so weak? If people do good only because of the special grace of God, why reward them for it? If the almighty, how can tolerate blasphemy? If it is unattainable, why do we deal with it? If knowledge is essential to God, why must be shrouded in darkness? Etc. etc. Before such questions remain faithful man with his mouth open.

But every thinking person must agree that there is no evidence of the existence of God is not. And in addition, there is no divinity necessity. God, whether in the country or outside, is not at all necessary if we want to learn about nature and the laws of nature: her moral power is not small.

There are a mighty empire, controlled by the ruler, whose demeanor creates differences of opinion in the minds of their subjects. He wants to know him, to love, honor him, and they obey him, but he never shows them. The subjects they know about nature and the laws of their invisible ruler only what they are told by the ministers; the same time recognize that his will is for them impenetrable, his thoughts and intentions are intangible, so that even his servants disagree with the laws issued, and in each province is explained differently; They are attacking each other and to accuse of lying. Laws and regulations that defend as necessary, are confusing; are puzzles that can not be resolved, nor guess. Laws hiding rulers need clarification, but those who make it clear they can not agree; about his secret rulers say nothing but contradictions; their every word is a lie fabricated and marked. They say that at a higher level is good, but not the only person who would complain to his order. They say it is infinitely wise, but his entire government contradicts reason and better judgment. Celebrate his righteousness, but the best are those subjects, which cares the least. Convince us that it is all-seeing ruler, that is a friend of right, but in his state of chaos and confusion. He does everything but events rarely match his plans. All forecasts, but does not know what the future offers. Do not allow to take his name in vain, but tolerate it from anyone. They wonder his wisdom and perfection of the work's creation, but it is neither wise nor perfect. Creates, destroys, correcting what has already been done, and is never satisfied with his work. Just looking for personal glory, in all its businesses, but they do not reach the goal, ie. All the glorification and everywhere. Strains only for the welfare of his subjects, but most of them do not have even the bare essentials. Those who say such supports are generally satisfied with their fate. Wonder the size of its ruler, celebrating his wisdom and honor him for his kindness, his fears and justice justifies his orders, but almost all of them against their rulers storm.

The government of the world, the ruler is God, those ministers are spiritual people are his subjects. Nice country!

Specifically, the Christian God, as we have seen, promises and promises violates sends plague and cholera for people to heal them. It is God who created human beings in his own image, and yet he origin of evil in man is not credited; god who saw his work of creation is beautiful, but soon discovered that truth is not worth much; God, who knew that two of the first people to taste the forbidden fruit, but well worth it punished the entire human race.

God so weak that it is subject to the devil's temptations, and so hard that even a despot in the world can match him. Such is the God of Judeo-Christian mythology.

God who created people perfect, and while he did not take that perfect stay, which created the devil, and he could not subdue him, it is kneading the clay, which is religion the pinnacle of wisdom. For religion is omnipotent one who condemns millions of innocent for the mistake of one man, who deluge destroys all people except a few of them who must serve as founders of a new race, as bad as it was the first one; Almighty is the one who created heaven for fools who believe in the gospel and hell for the wise who submitted evidence. God, who himself created with the help of the Holy Spirit, sent himself as a mediator between himself and others, let alone their enemies who despise and insult him out to crucify him, killing as killing bats in the granaries; who had let him buried, he rose from the dead, descended into hell, raised to heaven and is seated at the right hand of himself, to judge the living and the dead (alive to run out). The God who made all of this is divine charlatan. It is a terrible tyrant, whose history is a bloody write letters because it is a religion of terror. Gone with the God of the Christian mythology. Down with the bloody god invented preachers of religion, with their significant nothing, which explains everything. Away with them to have netopili in excess when they preach poverty that lived in the glory when they preach humility, not to be arrogant when they preach temperance, thanks to reason fell into oblivion. Gone with the trio of wild, murderous father, son and unnatural sensual spirit. Away with all those vile delusions, in the name of that man was degraded to the level of the poor slave and deceived reward blissful paradise for life in this valley of tears. Down with all that his religious infatuation prevents happiness and freedom.

God is a figment of charlatans, ghost, whose name scared and bullied people. A specter is falling apart, when it sees a good judgment. Cheating the masses began to be impatient, it's a scarecrow frightens the priests and more than listen to the words of the poet: Cursed be those for whom we pray / torture of hunger and cold / My vain hoped and believed in vain / All you deceived .

We will hope that now the masses no longer succumb neither ridicule nor infatuation; that there will be a day when burning crucifixes and paintings, cups and containers used as cookware, which turns churches into concert halls, theaters and places of public plenums, and if they do not fit to, ie in warehouses and stables. We hope the day will come when enlightened people understand that such a change was long overdue.

However, so simply and forcefully as possible, of course, until the storm coming social revolution. On the day when the clergy erased from the face of the earth, which are the principles of bureaucracy and capitalism, the state and the church irreparably destroyed.

The text originally appeared in German under the title Die Gottespest in New York in the year. 1887 and later was also published in English translation as The God Pestilence (Freiheit Publishing Association, New York, bd), Czech as religious Plague (Library anarchy, New York 1907) . This translation from -mb- came out in anarchist revue, Existence no. 3/2016 .

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