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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - international, Kurdistan, imperialism and far right: open letter to Patrice Franceschi (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 27 Sep 2016 12:55:17 +0300

Former soldier, adventurer and sailor writer Patrice Franceschi is an old friend of the Kurdish cause. Yet there the dessert from the defense on Radio Courtesy, and associating the imperialist interests of the West. Alternative Libertaire calls out. ---- Patrice Franceschi, ---- Let's be clear. We do not do a trial of conscience, and not trying to dress up you a political label. We did not know you before meeting you on various forums in the fall of 2014 to support the fighters and combatants of Ayn al-Arab. If our philosophy differs from yours, the sincerity of your commitment to the Kurdish cause is clear, and that is why we would like to question you about what we consider to be a serious political mistake. ---- Twice in April 2015 and July 2016, you went defend Rojava on Radio Courtesy, the main station of the Catholic extreme right in France. And as if that were not enough, you have done by involving the Kurdish cause the geostrategic interests of Western powers.

A program that oozes colonialism

The image of the struggle in Kurdistan is thereby necessarily blurred, dirty. How could it be otherwise in a program that oozes from every pore colonialism? Including the two leaders, and Patrice Roger Saboureau Boissy, are directors of an heiress pharmacy networks of the OAS, the Relief France[1]? Which even the generic use Africans, singing supplementary troops in the French army during the colonial period?

In April 2015, therefore, the auditors of the Free Journal of Roger Saboureau had to shiver with delight in discovering that there was, in your words, an ally of France, a "little piece of the West" to defend the Middle East: Kurdistan[2].

Until then, however, distrust prevailed at the far right to the Kurds. As recalled in the introduction the host of the show: "It's a people we know little, except the memory of their participation in the massacre by their ancestors of Eastern Christians in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and the spectacular engagement Danielle Mitterrand in their favor, there are some twenty to twenty-five years after the gassing of a city in Iraq by Saddam Hussein. Nothing therefore, a priori, to make us sympathetic. " The National Front has indeed always defended the regime of Saddam Hussein, despite his genocide conducted against the Kurdish population[3]

However, geopolitics being what it is, "the enemies of our enemies could become our friends," then chained Roger Saboureau, before giving the floor to praise the merits of the fighting and fighters of YPG-YPJ.

Patrice Franceschi: a tendency to say "we" when speaking of the French state.
February 10, 2014 in the Hôtel de la Marine. cc Lionel Allorge
"Our ground troops"

Certainly in your advocacy, you did not disguise the political revolution in Rojava to please your guests; You even dropped a few unusual words on their airwaves - "feminism", "democracy". You have however given the cliché combatant "lovely, kind, laughing, charming, feminine" [4]which are, at the same time, according to your formula, the "Amazons of fire" ... It would be wrong on this imagery Kurdish activists usually cringe, but there is not much of our discussion.

The fundamental problem is that, from beginning to end, you defended the Kurdish cause not only for itself but also on behalf of the geostrategic interests of "the West." And you did it with a tendency to say "we" when speaking of the French state: "Basically, when we[the French government], we do not want military intervention on the ground - ground troops it's complicated, it's bogged down, etc. - We have our troops on the ground: it is them. " [5]In doing so, you brought the mill of water of those who accuse the YPG-YPJ to be instruments of foreign powers.

The Kurdish left, the center of gravity is the PKK is fighting in northern Syria for the equal coexistence of all linguistic and religious entities to gender equality, in the[Democratic confederalism]. It is a long struggle that requires defuse many prejudices in a war zone, where racism and sectarianism have become the norm.

Or on the air, you have avoided these words - left, PKK Democratic confederalism. However, you said that the emancipation of the Kurdish people "certainly not through agreements with Arabs, Turks or Persians[sic], if not locally", but depends on "the support of those outside - notably the West " [6].

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS)
consist since October 2015, an alliance of Kurdish militias (YPG-YPJ), Syriac and Arabic.
The hawkish Kouchner and Bruckner

It is in this light you did play your address book to awaken a pro-Kurdish opinion current among intellectuals, businessmen and diplomatic, a sample participated in the inauguration of the representation of Rojava in Paris, 23 May.

Certainly we will not criticize the Kurdish left, back to the wall, to accept help from any source - Moscow, Washington, Paris and elsewhere. We believe the seasoned enough not to be fooled interested calculations of each other. And the dropping of which it is a victim since the end of August 2016 did have little surprise.

But you should have avoided canvass some "hawks" of French imperialism, as Bernard Kouchner - who, when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicolas Sarkozy, wanted to prepare a war against Iran (!) - Or essayist Pascal Bruckner, ardent supporter of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 ... Whatever their degree of sympathy for Kurdistan, it is obvious that these people see first and foremost a piece on the imperialist chessboard, and that their membership to this cause can only fuel suspicion.

We do not blame you, Patrice Franceschi, being extreme right. Maybe you think that all the stands are good to defend the Rojava. Maybe your old friendship with Patrick Boissy, one of Radio Courtesy leaders, she has done the rest. But do you realize that by going there wearing his flag, you seriously are harming the image of the Kurdish Left in France and the Middle East?

Solidarity with Rojava should not be based on the wrong reasons - its role as a "bulwark of the West" or the beauty of the military adventure - but on the revolutionary hopes it raises - autonomy and confederalism democratic, feminism, socialism, self-management.

Alternative Libertaire, 21 September 2016

No, the YPG-YPJ will not be the "ground troops" of Western strategists

[1]"Manif for all": when the old OAS networks get involved " , blog extreme Straight, Lemonde.fr, April 19, 2013.

[2]"Free Roger Saboureau newspaper" Radio Courtesy, April 6, 2015, 9'18 ''

[3]The Anfal operation, conducted in 1988 by the regime of Saddam Hussein, led to the destruction of 2,000 villages and extermination of 182,000 people of Iraqi Kurdistan.

[4]"Free Newspaper Roger Saboureau" Radio Courtesy, April 6, 2015, 39'20 ''

[5]"Free Roger Saboureau newspaper" Radio Courtesy, April 6, 2015, 10'40 ''

[6]"Free Roger Saboureau newspaper" Radio Courtesy, July 25, 2016, 22'05 ''

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