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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL Septembre - Coup in Turkey: "A group confrontation in power within the state" (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 16 Sep 2016 10:20:37 +0300

On the night of 15 and 16 July there was a coup attempt in Turkey harshly repressed the same day and all summer. Anarchists DAF Turkey give us their views on the event. ---- The rally in Yenikapi Istanbul, which took place Sunday, August 7th is an important example of the extent of political mobilization that took place this summer in Turkey. ---- The rally, which came to 5 million people and leaders of the opposition party (except HDP), displaying "unity protectors of democracy," in fact sent multiple messages targeting both the domestic policies and outdoor. ---- Maneuvers of the government ---- During the coup process, which can be described as groups clash in power within the state, it seems that President Erdogan and the AKP government managed to negotiate the presence of different political groups in their "policy for the coup process."

The existence of the state on the land where we live is directly linked to the existence of the army, given their relationship during the process including founder. The coup is a term that has an important place in the political life of the Turkish republic. One can see how the coup, as an unavoidable political reality of the existence of the state in these lands, affects current policies by considering the latest, that of 1980.

This happened on July 15 was a character that continues this political reality. The army, which wanted to intervene in the political power, tried to take control of state buildings of strategic importance; several strategic positions bureaucrats who were taken hostage, the Parliament and the buildings of the intelligence services were bombed, bridges and airports were blocked by soldiers, clashes between soldiers and police. Coup attempt five o'clock ended with different maneuvers of the current government and particularly Erdogan. These maneuvers, notable facts are media monitoring, control and civil-es of mass mobilization by the media and control of law enforcement by the Ministry of Interior.

The current political power was able to maintain a massive mobilization on July 15 under the name of "democratic supervision" particularly by targeting the street and military areas. To create civil mobilization that stopped the tanks rolling towards the bridges blocked by soldiers the night before 16 July, the AKP has used all state facilities.

Since 15 July, while this mobilization has identified the sacred values of the state, and those who lost their lives in this mobilization declared "martyrs" by the stories of heroism, a continuous state of vigilance is trying to be created constantly fanning hatred and revenge.

The largest gathering mentioned above is an extension of this state of vigilance. We see this part of the mobilization in the street trying to also target several groups (Kurds, Alevis, the opposition) that stand against this state in different areas. The AKP and Erdogan, who hold the current political power, have become a platform for natonalistes Islamist. This is shown clearly by symbols created by this process.

Under the guise of democracy

Each coup is a process by which state oppression shows itself in a physical and violent form. This is putting pressure on the oppressed using force and violence to win political power. As revolutionaries who have experienced the time when the military coup of 1980 killed, tortured and directly repressed the revolutionaries and the oppressed, and the period that followed, we know too well what the blows of State really are.

We also know what is being tried under the name of a supposedly "democratic struggle" against the coup on July 15. Being an "elected government" which is erected as an argument against the groups that the coup Plan plays an important role in legitimizing the current position of the AKP and Erdogan. Since July 15, all political discourse are erected under the guise of democracy.

We noted earlier that the AKP and Erdogan have made explicit their caractérisque to be a platform for nationalist Islamist groups. In particular, given the struggle of these formations against supporters of the coup, the secular Kemalist political groups within the state since its foundation, we can see that there is an existential contradiction between this platform and the military and bureaucrats Republicans. As much this contradiction seems to pro-democracy, the reality is far away. To view this distance, just look at the "demands" of the street. The death penalty, a presidency with additional powers, and many other applications based on the same Islamist and nationalist values are hidden under the guise of democracy.

While democracy is sanctified by the current political power, the demands of the 51% who voted for this political power in the last elections are described as the will of the people. The reality is very far away. The current political power is trying to sell its projects and strategies as those of the people. Since this platform is against all "political values of the West", these stagings in favor of democracy are not realistic.

It should be noted, on the other hand, that we should not fall into the trap which fell socialist organizations doing these analyzes. Our critique above does not mean that we embrace democratic values of the system. In fact, it's the same democratic system that makes it possible that the "majority oppresses the minority" playing the role of being in favor of democracy. Within the democratic system, when radical Islamists take power, they take the role of those who are in favor of democracy; and when the Nationalists or the Liberals took power, they are the ones who endorse this role. It is precisely the message that the AKP and Erdogan want to move to the West: "We are Democrats. "

Who planned the coup?

From the beginning, we said that the current process is a result of power groups within the state fighting for its conquest. It is known that since the first elections in which the AKP began to hold state power, the AKP has had relations with the Gülen community was gaining popularity especially in the international media. Erdogan himself even stated in a recent rally that had relations with the Gülen community and he had been deceived and that he apologized to the people.

Fethullah Gulen, a community leader and a religious authority, has had a growing influence on Turkish politics in the last thirty years. This growing influence reached political power with the AKP and opened the door to the development of significant spot within state agencies. The current fill AKP has also benefited from this position in league. The conservative identity of the party allowed it. Fethullah Gulen was seen as an important spiritual leader until the last four years by members of the party and Erdogan himself. The peak of the struggle for power during the last four years, due to various politques and economic calculations, is the attempted coup.

Considering the depth of their relationships and the relationships of the planners of the coup with the Gülen community, the process sets something very different from the classic contradiction between Kemalists and conservative. It is a conflict of interest. Gülen and his community are accused of treason by the political power, are just one side of a broken partnership.


Since the issue is the political power of the State, it is clear that political groups clash in power in the state's interior has a place in international plans. Since the day of the attempted coup, in a process where all the TV channels, newspapers, radios, except those revolutionaries have become a part of mass media, several scenarios were continually broadcast and still are . Most scenarios argue that the coup was carried out by the United States through the Gülen community, due to the fact that Gülen lives in the United States. The scenarios often talk about the coup attempt as designed by the CIA because of anti-Western international policies of the Turkish state.

Other scenarios speak of the coup attempt as designed and implemented by the AKP and Erdogan himself. These other scenarios highlight Erdogan, which would strengthen its political power at the end of this process, eliminate all opposition in this configuration.

Of course political oppression against the Kurds play an important role in creating this climate of lack of opposition. AKP, CHP, MHP and who have used this "democratic unity" since the beginning of the process, followed a policy that explicitly excluded the HDP, creating a so-called "democratic coalition" accusing the HDP and the Kurdish movement 'being part of the plot, thereby destabilizing the HDP.

Another scenario, part of the same process of destabilization, is that of war. In this scenario, following the violent operations that the state has committed to a one-year period, particularly in the north of Kurdistan, one can notice that the state is ready for massacres at even larger scales. In an environment where the line between civil war and foreign war has disappeared in the last ten years, it is not unreasonable to think that the end of the war will be directed to the Rojava and Syria. Considering Syria and mobilizing the Middle East alone, it is possible that the coup process is part of international plans.

State of emergency for whom?

It is important for us, revolutionary anarchists to carefully analyze all scenarios mentioned above as possibilities regarding our near and distant prospects. We need revolutionary strategies made with these prospects. However, apart from all these scenarios, as revolutionaries we feel the impact of the state of emergency since July 20.

The state is in a rebuilding process since July 20. Operations in the army, police, justice, economic centers, ministries, municipalities, etc. are still ongoing.

The state, which is one of oppression and violence mechanism, becomes more oppressive and more violent with the delegated legislation, and outside areas related to the Gülen community, increases the attack against the revolutionaries, taking advantage this process.

A populist oppostion linked with power, a great set of media that has become the voice of political power, the curing of the law directly related Erdogan fascist masses ready to rally with nationalist Islamic values, an army ready to attack nearby geographical areas for the international situation ... possible dangers await the oppressed and revolutionary in this region.

The battle groups in power, claiming political power over a device increasing the economic and political injustices are nothing but the hegemony of the oppressors of the oppressed permanently winner to destroy freedom oppressed-e-s.

Neither apparent or implied dictatorship or civil or military training or coups or political powers of elections that are enemies of the people have any relationship with the will of the people. We who believe that living in freedom can not happen by coups or through elections, know of the existence of the state as a permanent coup liberty and our revolt will continue until that it creates a free world. What we all need is not to have false hopes about the fight between the powers, but to know that hope is revolution for freedom.

Huseyin Civan (Member of the DAF) Translation Quentin (AL Rennes)

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