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(en) Greece, Workers Counter Bulletin #126 of ESE Athens (gr) [machine translation]

Date Wed, 14 Sep 2016 14:03:42 +0300

Articles of ERC , Sheet Counter Workers , Working Material Since ERC Athens
We get heatstroke, advertising conditioners , said in a statement distributors from the Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ERC) Ioannina. Following is the full text of the SSC Ioannina: This is not irony but for everyday working conditions entypodianomis companies in Ioannina but also throughout Greece. The bosses of these companies as in any workplace trying to make as much profit is made from workus. This succeeded by employees as the most inexpensive and productive as possible. ---- The wages in the jobs they moved between 2 and 3 per hour while distributors walkable from 6 to 8 hours under high temperatures without being provided the basics like water and breaks. On external distributions, the hours needed for traveling are not considered work, thus timetables to reach the 10-hour and 12-hour. Mostly workers in these companies are uninsured while you are insured, the contracts will be one day so as not entitled neither permits nor gifts.

Also very common is secured half hours of work, while the other is black. If an employee asks his boss when it works, the answer to which will get is "I'll tell you." Thereby succeed rotate workers in each distribution in order to have a disposable workforce that time not to diekdikisei.I favorite phrase the bosses of small and large are "become more productive." "Productive" means to walk endlessly below 50 degrees, loaded with a bunch of brochures and do not complain when you're tired. The other will control each time by a supervisor or a big brother, so you do not get from your mind to get tired and lounging on a couple 5 minute. After all this it is no wonder if someone entypodianomeas suffered sunstroke, heat stroke or fainting. Obviously bosses have found governments and the state they want, which provide the appropriate loophole in the law so they seem to adhere to. For towering wall against the brutality of the bosses and the working condition imposed on us, the workers should create nuclei of resistance and challenge in every workplace. The working conditions and labor laws will not be changed either by themselves or by right-wing or left-wing governments, but only with the struggles of the oppressed. We claim: INSURANCE FOR ALL WORKERS WITH CONTRACTS INDEFINITE TIME, THE HOURS OF MATAFORON BE CONSIDERED WORKING, YPOCHREOTIKA break AND FREE WATER SUPPLY AND jUICE, stamps Handle AS heavy and arduous, INTERRUPTION OF THE TIME EPOPTIAS

For Robin, self-management and solidarity in a global update on the project, the Libertarian Syndicalist Union Imathia ref exactly part the following: We regret to throw in a text about the evolution of the factory struggle Robin or former employees in Papadopoulos-Bottle in Imathia Homeland factory . to say that we participate in solidarity with workers from the first moment and who knows people and things always acted with a view to meeting merikoteron but their overall initial objective , namely the self-works . the this objective was clearly formulated in the formation of of initiatives of solidarity , for which there was a clear position that whenever the workers decided to change their orientation, the initiative will aftodialyotan . Two separate lines on which the initiative was set up was the clear placement of the face of nationalist and fascist ideas and the direct-democratic character .

Since the beginning of the effort of the workers of the former factory Papadopoulos - Bottle appeared inside the lines the two tendencies . The one was the sense of self as the sets the indu and the other in the sense of co-management of the factory with a from the two former bosses, the Papadopoulos . from both understand and are two reasonably supported by each one of two employees . the remaining employees seemed that waver between the two logical , depending on the developments , the internal conflicts and potential with the pressures that accepted in everyday their life . We found also that the employees with the shape of co-management with the boss talked together of the developments in the plant . in fact this is not the imagined or cameos but us in they informed the other employees of the factory . in the shape of co-management was also an employee who on suspension of the personal of the page and a blog have expressed clear nationalist fascist positions and sympathy to the National Socialists of the Golden Dawn . As solidarity and solidarity in that the first substantial crisis of the project we asked and we think that we took clear positions on the part of workers that do not want the co-management with the former boss and that remains vertically against the fascism . it is reasonable that workers and the solidarity marched from public the road , which had decided the first with several contradictions but and friction in a range issues , which created other times from their first and other times by their solidarity . throughout the duration of the effort the employees were part of a sub- groupings and allilokatigorountan in corridors for pimp , thefts , acts of selfishness , etc . the position we face in them the phenomena was clear that everything should be discussed at meeting them and if she decided to informing their solidarity to any matter coming into confrontation with the main axes of solidarity: the goal of self-management , the antifascist placing them , the direct democracy .

Do not requested - by the side of us at least - to go along at any reasonable fit the beliefs us for the struggles that we gave . Instead insisted from the beginning that the workers had the same to plan , to decide and to control the decisions of a mind to own their beliefs but and the steps that they will be planned in order to enter in production . for this and also we not insisted on foolish and barren controversies about the if and until you will discuss with operators of everyday domination - municipal factions , mayors , political parties , parliamentarians , the church or whatever , what else decide . the only you ever we asked was the respect of the axis of solidarity and of course the public placement and the updating of initiative of solidarity and of society for all what they decided and planned . One of the primary weaknesses of the project that should be solved in a short period of time was exactly the empowerment of operation the assembly of workers , which will them allow to overcome and the issues improvisation , gossip , blame , etc. , and to gather in common the goal . repeatedly some workers pointed to the fact of failure their to make assembly , even and the daily debate which we have become accustomed the nearest example of BICM for the design and the implementation of decisions them . in fact it seemed , and in several of the common assemblies of workers - solidarity which come with different placements in seriously for these issues. It is obvious to all and all those participating in the horizontal movements us that the weakening and the indifference of the assembly leads to strengthening internal hegemony , fatriakon confrontations , disorientation , misery and finally the swamp .

A further weakness of former employees Papadopoulos - Bottle was and the incomplete if not complete absence of them from workers' and social struggles that took place in the region , although many of the institutions of " from below" ( voluntary basis , joints , refugees etc ) were from the beginning to flank them . you can say that quite well they built a relationship of direct trust with the indu but and with moments of movement of Skouries . Positive was and the attitude of the strike concentration of May . However from the own our experience , the repeated call to be placed next to the struggles of workers and refugees, he found the door of closed . and certainly this the first time it could be justified by the lack of organization , orientation , targeting , etc. , but there can be justified by a point and then when little by little the project shows to prioritize the priorities of . and here we come to the close past and the today . Authorities May the employee who talked with the boss withdraws from the project without never to explain their reasons , something that made two months after with the recent intervention of the list of e- mail of the initiative , using no decision of the Assembly of the meil of Robin . a little time after , and one employee even expelled from the assembly of with the category of collusion of by the former boss . following from this the case of an even employee retires on unclear to us reasons. From the beginning some of June and after, in front and in the design of the caravan of solidarity in Athens with indu - Robin , the workers of the former factory Papadopoulos - Bottle gradually cease the meetings their with the solidarity . So for a so important event that you pressed the government to take place towards the demands of the recovered companies are former employees of Papadopoulos - Bottle indifferent . not know by how much this the time that they were doing assembly .

If you believe the words themselves, rather there were doing. And there that the few remaining workers seem to still determined to proceed the project, we learn that there is one underground discussion with consultants business , parliamentarians , local factors that triumphalism with the example of IWT . Clone for: the financing of the project , from unspecified sources , the change of the relationship with the community and the solidarity and the effort of Robin to reach bishops , MPs , MEPs , etc. for the enhancement of the public image of , the change of the production of processed wood to manufacture wooden small items . the discussion is confirmed also by a from the employees of the plant which is now accused of financial irregularities. In repeated attempts us to get back on to discuss with their employees , but and to answer the questions us , the answers to them are contradictory and ambiguous and show clearly, in the opinion of us, the change of attitude their against us . As solidarity - s and insisting on original our attitude , there are those who will indicate to their former employees Papadopoulos Bottle-how to formulate their struggle. But we understood that was the solidarity and the society in the whole of be aware of their own to Robin for all the discussion of , the change of targeting them , the individual decisions them .

The sincerity them to us was enough for to redefine the attitude our opposite them . Instead of this, continuing a game between the invective which culminates with the meil that sent one of the two workers who aspire to co-manage the company with the former boss . the meil it denounces two workers for financial irregularities and rewards indirectly the role the second worker who called co with the Papadopoulos . in the communication that we had with the workers realized the following: the meil not sent with a decision of the assembly , sent by this person who continues to be at the meeting and has been accused in the past for stealing money , that is back in shape the discussion of co-management with the boss , that there is discussion on the implementation of a design type EN . clone . and here all the weaknesses of the project back to a level that denies whole the initial reciprocal commitment employees - solidarity in the way of self-management and the race.

We felt before proceed to any final assessment of the project to quote one line events such as we the experienced all this in time . Since the events can easily be concluded that essentially the Robin , as example the recovered business in road of struggle for the self , not there . something else has emerged in place of . But we believe also that the final word on this to have the same the workers of the plant who have all the right to decide about the lives their . as people who see the self-organization of labor and social struggles and in self the way of total release us from the shackles of exploitation , would like one clear positioning of the workers of the former factory of Papadopoulos - canteen in connection with the suspicion that there are around from the attitude to them. As employees and workers , as unemployed - ies , as a repressed and oppressed realize that every race that comprises means of the issue of survival , starting from one position defense . We will respect each place their suffice it to be clear towards us , towards the movement of solidarity and throughout the society of " from below" . Let us respect , however , and the same that we have all the right to know the what they want to do , and that does not have any right to play games with the solidarity , the dignity and the ideas of a movement which comes through in the story and in the opinion of our rewrites shyly tentative new pages in this .

Successfully held from September 1 to 4 in the first anarcho-syndicalist free camping organized by ERC Ioannina .The four days in the Stavrolimenas beach, between Perdika and Parga was an opportunity not only to xelampikarisma the modern intensification and to knowledge and discussion and intriguing against a system that devours us. Look on the website of SSC IOANNINON .

Letter at the National Theatre Administration sent the Workers Association. As denounced in the letter: The National Theatre Management wishes and tries in every way, even unfair, signing new fixed-term employment contracts with different durations for each of the employees (indicatively 90 days 80 days or 50 days) Once that is known to carry out the program of the upcoming winter season requires the signature of contracts or at least one-year season. Despite the protests and discontent of workers, management exerts unprecedented pressure to contract workers of the National Theatre, spreading that wages will not be paid for work performed in August 2016, and then will be fired, if not signed the proposed contracts fixed time. The employees ask: transparency in the financial and administrative decisions, reliable programming work, respect and not demeaning attitudes to workers in a precarious relationship work. Throughout the news letter here .

Gathering outside the courts of Halkida on the occasion of the auctioning of chicken digest the Airshow held on Monday August 29, the workers affiliated poultry business interests "Jury" .With this way employees and business association complained about the machinations by which go to auction premises of former company "Bros. Livaditi" Tanagra, facilities operated by "Zouras" the last four years. at the same time do not stop to assert their fair demands, on the payment of accrued, safeguarding jobs regardless of the employer which will operate the facilities, but also the return of the union members in jobs close to the positions in which they worked before the bosses announced their transfers in Crete and the Mantoudi.

He lost the battle with life after two months of hospitalization, the 45-year, working in the municipality of Heraklion , which was swept away by garbage collection while on workshop waste. Recall that t the accident had occurred on June 20 and since then eventually succumbed to injuries, the 45-year -mitera four children- hospital att yotan in the Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Venizelio.

24-hour strike Thursday 1i Septemvri and rally outside the company's shop in Charles Diehl Road in Thessaloniki made by employees of the chain supermarkets' Karipidis' (formerly 'Arvanitidi ") who for months struggling to pay accrued and ensuring jobs. Note, the management company s needs workers earned 7-8 months, and the Easter and summer bonuses. Thus workers from May are in work retention, and for months, with diverse actions fighting against employer arbitrariness.

Work stoppage held Wednesday 31/8 the hospital workers 'Annunciation'. Workers in hospital s complaint, the unit for individual contracts and require now paid all accrued. Also claiming, in tatheri and permanent work for all, and with massive recruitment of permanent staff in all sectors, but also direct funding of the hospital by state budget.

Intervention by the SSC held in Ioannina waiters workers and nteliverades of Kalara and Averof Street. Shared anarcho-syndicalism street flyer this time refers to holiday pay and rights. The entire form shared HERE .

Interventions against "WHITE" Night in Sparta, made for second consecutive year with the excellent cooperation of the local trade association of Mr. "left / communist 'mayor, made by self-organized Collegiality Nisafi .

In indirect ktakti General Assembly Working Attitude calls the PA.S.E. WIND tin Thursday 15 September 2016 3: 00pm at Av. Athens restaurant. The topics to be discussed are: the claim of the Collective Agreement, the apolyseis- entatikopoiisi- contractors and n indirectly a measure for labor.

Hands of the unemployed and their rights, said in a statement the collectivity Active-Unemployed and adds: A few days ago the government announced that pilot turns the unemployment allowance to "work bonus". More specifically announced that now instead of unemployment allowance will be given the corresponding amount as a subsidy to the company to hire him / not every unemployed / h. In other words, not only subsidize the unemployed but do not hesitate to give the money from contributions of employees directly to enterprises so paving the way for the abolition of unemployment benefit! in fact, the Deputy Minister Rania Antonopoulos said that a company will be required to keep the hired unemployed after the end of the 12 month subsidized employment ... only 3 months! So we now have and "subsidized unemployed" along with all other forms of flexible working and part-time / imianergias. And all this to katapolemithei- ypotithetai- unemployment and strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises. The statement concludes: As Active Unemployed will contribute with all our strength in the struggle for the organization and the resistance of the unemployed, the struggle for work and rights. We will continue to fight together with all stakeholders, associations, unions, committees neighborhoods, popular assemblies and all collectives unemployed workers and youth for the immediate relief of the unemployed, to live with dignity!

Finally one news from the international space. On Monday, June 20th a strike broke out at the "Krovarzigia" popular Warsaw restaurant serving burgers to vegan people. The strike was the final stage of the conflict between workers and employers who took some of the recent months. The controversy caused by the changes recently introduced by the company, together with the development program tis.Perissoteres information in English you can find HERE .
Tags: anarcho-syndicalism , work release , ESE Athens

Posted on September 10, 2016 - Portland Tags: anarchist black cross, demonstration, IWW, March, prison strike, september 9th

As the largest prison strike in modern history took place, groups from around Portland came together in the September 9th coalitions. Led by the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and Anarchist Black Cross, Black Rose Portland and a host of other organizations joined together to take on the regional organizing work to coincide with the nationwide strike.

On the 45th anniversary of the Attica uprising, inmates at facilities in 23 states went on strike, refusing to go to work or engaging in slowdowns/stoppages. Locally, hundreds of protesters came to Chapman Square in the heart of downtown Portland to string together the issues of private prisons, commercial exploitation, white supremacy and mass incarceration. Groups like the Marilyn Buck Abolition Collective and Black Lives Matter PDX discussed the racial nature of the prison system, while Anarchist Black Cross honed in on key issues like working conditions, access to healthcare, and physical abuse that prisoners regularly face.

After several individuals and organizations spoke, protesters hit the streets with signs that targeted the systemic violence faced at the hands of the police. Portland Police began harassing protesters early on, trying to confiscate signs and arresting a participant before the march even began. Once on the road, protesters moved through the city, heading to corporate locations that use prison labor while reaping astronomical profits. This included McDonalds, which has been a target of movements like the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee for its use of prisoners for producing frozen meat patties.

Outside of the downtown McDonalds location, protesters presented a mock prison cell, shedding light on a system that send many to package McDonald's burgers for $0.13 an hour.

Protesters entered and occupied an AT&T location, bringing attention to the use of prison labor to run call centers on massive corporate contactors. Those inmates that do work for AT&T make only a few cents an hours and are not able to take advantage of normal labor laws that workers on the outside depend on.

The police eventually showed up in riot gear and took to a line formation across the street. Announcing that protesters had blocked traffic they were ordered to disperse. Later, protesters returned to the Justice Center to hold a noise demonstration that can be heard by inmates on the inside, a show of solidarity across the double paned glass. They were met with a row of riot police who violently pushed them back, forcing them into the park. As the demonstration continued, police periodically moved in flash attacks on the crowd, shooting pepper spray and picking off specific people that they say had stepped out into the road.

Overall, the Portland Police only arrested two participants, though they have been tweeting out photos of masked protesters in an attempt to get people to identify them so charges can be leveled.

What this action shows more than anything is that a coordinated effort is taking place in Portland just as it is happening around the country. Centering with the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, a project of the Industrial Workers of the World, groups from around the city came together with a vision of a world without prisons. While the action was intended to target the injustices of racial profiling, work and living conditions for inmates, and the corporate exploitation of slave labor, it was a deeply held abolitionist politic that united the radical groups who stood in solidarity. It was the desire to rid society of the punitive systems of control that are necessitated by global capitalism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and all forms of intersecting hierarchy and domination.

Together these reforms are a step in the direction of dismantling these institutions altogether, both in the prison yards and in our lives.

This is not the end of the strike, or the end of the movement locally. It is not one action that can end mass incarceration or even inspire moderate reforms, but instead the coordinated long-term organizing inmates and their supporters. We are continuing forward to build on that abolitionist vision, to support workers organizing inside of prisons, and to continue to drive at the root causes of systemic exploitation.

We stand in solidarity with all incarcerated workers!

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