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(en) [Greece] Anarchist Federation called for a demonstration at the International Fair of Thessalonica By ANA (gr, pt) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 13 Sep 2016 13:06:04 +0300

On September 10, 2016 will be inaugurated in Thessalonica more International Fair. Another show that has the whole package: Pavilions-monuments of consumerism, concerts with well-heeled singers supposedly popular, and of course with the country's Prime Minister inaugurating the fair with statements about "the future of the economy." ---- Since 2012 , the year the country joined the International Monetary Fund, to date, all prime ministers who "took it upon themselves to rescue (save) the country" announce (at the show) the new measures, new cuts, always promising the coveted "development". ---- For our class this year was a year of retrogression. The offensive has not received made her return to "earlier centuries" or "medieval", but it marked the image of their future. This is the future of the offensive on all sides of the state and capital to work, social security, social liberties, the environment and social goods. After the cuts in wages, pensions and all benefits, rising prices on basic necessities, come to change the law on social security (that is, the elimination of social security) and the auction houses that S & atild and, the first residences for those who inhabit them.

At the same time, humanitarian declarations of Syriza on the migration issue soon turned out to be in full compliance with the orders of the European Union on this issue. Came from all sides "hospitality settlements" to congest inside immigrants that the Greek State could not throw overboard, entered into force the pact of shame (even by the standards of bourgeois democracy) between the European Union and Turkey, began the arrests of solidarity that for months offered their services in detention centers, the Idomeni the detention center was evac uado by so-called riot forces, and the concentration camps for immigrants and refugees (who never closed completely) are already filling. The immigrants and the most underestimated part of our class were piled up in warehouses, tents and prisons (as is due, according to the Sovereignty), waiting to become the docile human potential of civilized Europe. This is a human potential whose alternatives are nonexistent, whose resistance will be crushed, and the value of whose life is non-existent.

In this context, every power that has concerned himself does the same: On the one hand deprives (strip) freedoms and "rights" in the past served its perpetuation, and on the other hand intensifies repression. In one night dislodges three ceiling squatters for natives and immigrants, and turns a blind eye whenever their uniformed guards trample the "democratic rights". They are the same guards who until yesterday called to disarm and "to democratize". What happens if an Albanian prisoner was found dead ( August 3, 2016 ), or if two political prisoners were tortured after their intention ( August 5, 2016 )? Not even made mention of an administrative investigation (which, obviously, would be comical). In this surrounding desert the streets remain empty (without filling). The "popular anger" that some expected, follows without expresar up. The last few years have been relatively quiet for the ruling classes, without agitation and without significant resistance. The responsibility on our part (ie, those who think of revolutionary rupture with the existing) are important. Our organizational and political weaknesses led us to disability to transmit sufficiently convincing message break, and reveal the reformist swindle. In a few months it was revealed the discrepancy between the false illusion expressed by Syriza's program (and every such social democratic program, which promotes the continuation of capitalist barbarism "with a human face") and the reality of modern capitalism. The failure (to carry out this program) conforms the only truth that can arise from real data: In the global capitalist crisis there are two ways: The acceptance of the conditions of modern totalitarianism, and social revolution. There is no other way.

After two years of dialogue, it was created the Anarchist Federation in November 2015 . For all and all and we participate in it, it was an attempt to improve the organization we thought he needed the anarchist framework. It is a collective coordination, determination and coexistence, which may have a field (space) most action he might have each of us individually. We never believe that the Federation could constitute itself a collective sufficient for the building of the revolutionary movement. We tried, and we trying to act in public m with comrades who have some similar views, not necessarily common.

Today a new revolutionary pole must face up to the onslaught of market totalitarianism and desorientativas the social democracies of all kinds political (parliamentary and extra-parliamentary). (It will be) a broad movement which will focus on the goal of a state output, on the basis of libertarian communism, communalism and emancipated human labor. Our job is to strive to the fullest to create a social front and class, to untie a constant attack along with the working class and all the oppressed, building a large community of solidarity and mutual aid, which will be the forerunner of a new society.

For us, the attempt of the formation of an anarchist federation, a political institution and horizontal organizational connection to materialize a libertarian and anarchist program is a decisive step. The political and organizational improvement of the anarchist current is a key milestone in the path (process) the creation of conditions of subversion.

We are aware that only the oppressed themselves can break their chains. No political organization, whatever its political title, can not undertake this task on your behalf. The goal of our project (tentative) organizational is not seize power, but to destroy the foundations of all the power of buildings, mounting barricades plans of all state managers.

We tried, and we trying daily to form a political group that even more critical and strengthen the resistance, which contributes to the connection of the struggles, and the join, directing them to the path of social revolution. We made clear that we are present in the class war that is in progress, united against statism and reformism, learning from the lessons of the past and the legacy of historical anarchism, wanting to contribute everything possible with the materialization of the anarchist-communist program. Faced with the fragmentation, we propose the organization and struggle to get out of the monster's belly, and to contemplate the light of social emancipation.

Because modern totalitarianism die crossed by the lances of the slaves ...

Collectivization drive, attack.

March in Thessaloniki International Fair 2016: Saturday, September 10 , at 17h, in Kamara.

Anarchist Federation

The Greek text:

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