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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL Septembre - policy, Social Movement: A comeback in strength (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 10 Sep 2016 11:16:33 +0300

After a hot spring, summer was the occasion for a first assessment stage, which calls on all components of social movement to return to the streets after the summer, against the labor law, but also against repression, against large and imposed unnecessary projects, and carry the battle of ideas at the dawn of an election year ahead foul. ---- After the strong spring movement for the defense of the Labour Code, the summer was not really a holiday taste. From the beginning of July, a return date was indeed raised in the agenda to resume the struggle against the government and its anti-social project: it will be on 15 September. ---- Past mobilization and future was therefore in everyone's head, not to engage in a final assessment but to debrief hot pending recovery: trade union strategies have been decrypted, the role of media was analyzed the phenomenon unpublished standing Nights has been widely discussed and answers - authoritarian and police - government have been commented by all those and all those who, since March 9, beat the pavement ... and some did not even really elsewhere suspended mobilization, as in Valenciennes where rallies were held against the harsh repression that hit the trade union activists in the region.

Radicalization of society

This movement was an opportunity for many people to engage for the first time, demonstrated by standing Nights that flourished all over France. These protests gathering spaces that largely outside the usual circles activists were often hesitant or confused and, paradoxically, when they were born of the mobilization against the labor law, they had difficulties to focus on this issue and to mobilize around this emergency there. More than tools for the fight, standing Nights were finally politicization of tools and AL had its place as a carrier of a constructed discourse and practices of self-organization - for the word of distribution the decision on taking action.

All appointments of 15 September
for the repeal of the Labour Law Interactive map: add your local appointment

View full size

The scale of the mobilization and new forms of protest that have emerged now feed expectations for social return, especially since trade union and political organizations were not necessarily ready for the protest marathon and do have not always been able to play their part: the wind turns not expected hoisted sail. A company's radicalization is felt and was reflected in various ways: in the unions, and also in fractions of less organized people, who use Nights standing or city AG to be heard. The consequence of this is that the unions have been disoriented because it is not their usual tactics.

It is now to roll up their sleeves to mend the relationship and develop resistance cadres capitalist juggernaut, either by strengthening union structures or trying to convince the anti-capitalist political organizations to work together to dig breaches in the current system. We'll have to develop our collective militants and rethink the relationship between unions and structures that organize social struggles at the local level to achieve more convergences.

In terms of modes of action also it will have to be bold: the protests have been proven but have also shown their limits in a power that is not afraid to impose a law against the opinion of a majority Population. The filter dams on them rather well received by the public and used to continue the battle for public opinion.

Demonstration July 5 against El Khomri law
cc Daniel Maunoury
Type directly in portfolio

Finally, let alone blockages strikes show that we own the means of production and we have the ability to make the government back by typing directly to the portfolio. Reducing the government, it would first seek the repeal of the labor law, but it is not an end in itself: we must get out of the defensive logic of recent years and enter a protest vibrant, dynamic conquest to not let the extreme right to benefit from the general exasperation.

There is much to do, much to rethink. And political time leaves little room for reflection. The schedule ahead is already loaded and the state of emergency is a new threat with which we must deal. In addition to the September 15, several sectoral initiatives were announced September 8, in education and on the same day for workers in social and medico-social.

Other fronts of struggle will not be outdone in this social return and that is in the field of ecology we have perhaps the most to do. The challenge was indeed strengthens Bure against a nuclear waste landfill project[1]or in Flamanville against the construction of the EPR[2]. In both cases, extremely expensive projects in the service of a dangerous and completely opaque industry are stubbornly led by power. Same to Notre-Dame-des-Landes where, after a referendum cleverly staged by the government, environment and agricultural autonomy are ever threatened. And we will continue to tell us that it is urgent to reduce our expenses ...

At Notre-Dame-des-Landes and in the streets against the labor law, the way the government handles political issues reveals the authoritarian drift of a state whose primary objective is to maintain the existing system - and benefits of those who profit from this system - whatever the price. Conversely, activists and militants of Alternative Libertaire tirelessly carry a vision of society based on direct democracy, trying to disseminate self-management practices in struggles and show more broadly that another world is possible.

But by entering into this new resistance against authoritarian logic, we strongly expose repression . Faced with this, it will be necessary to demonstrate an unwavering solidarity with all those and all those who are being prosecuted. In the coming weeks, many trial will take place and we will be waiting for you to show our support. Several dates are also known and already we can already give appointment on 19 and 20 October in Amiens to demand the release of Goodyear employees convicted at trial in the prison for selected executives of 'business.

This solidarity will be all the more important that the topic of security (as well as that of "national identity", as has reminded the foul controversy over the Burkini in late summer) will be at the heart of public debate in the election period ahead. Whether the PS, with Republicans or FN, the field is ready, the speeches are honed and topics will impose themselves. While the whole of the political spectrum continue to tilt to the right, one can easily predict the tone for future discussions. Security, immigration, austerity; both say blind repression, racism and uninhibited further dismantling of public services at the expense of the working classes.

Neither resignation nor low profile

Again, we will be asked to validate a system that only protects those who hold wealth. Again, we will be asked to give up our power of decision to others. Again, our word will be stifled by the media machine. But this is not to resign or to lay low for the coming year: on the contrary, we need more than ever to propose another project company, which must be designed to be consistent with the current reality and respond to new social challenges.

In this period, the unions and the broader social movement must act to remember that political solutions can not be limited to institutional electoral competition. We must play our part, start from the lived reality of working people to suggest other ways to transform society, with our fears, our dreams and our certainties. This is where we always found our forces. This is how we existed and we have won new rights through history, through the conflict.

Nans (AL Ferns) and Benjamin (AL Paris-Nord-Est)

[1]Read "Antinuclear: Bure live" in Alternative Libertaire from July to August 2016.

[2]See particularly "Flamanville EPR: nuclear detonated prices" in Alternative Libertaire in January 2013.

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