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(en) CAB's opinion on the current Brazilian situation

Date Sat, 10 Sep 2016 11:16:20 +0300

The political and social situation of the country is far from finding a peaceful way, without major fluctuations. The outcome of the coup among the powerful that ousted President Dilma Rousseff, marking the possible end of the cycle called "neo-developmentalist", led in recent decades by PT. The crisis and political instability on the top floor, next to the power struggles and the interests of national and international capital governments have created an extremely timely p ara a political, legal and media blow on the PT by the Brazilian elite faithful doormat of the international market interests. There were several factors that are inter-related in this process, we can mention as very important: media campaigns, the acordões between political subtitles, handling legal cases (personalized in the figure of Moro, transformed by the elite in "anti-hero") the rise of a strong anti-PT sentiment, inflated not only the right but also by both disappointed with the government's lack of progress EN social rights, as also the attacks and withdrawals of other rights. The lurches to the right of PT, as well as the able leadership of the great fox PMDB, Eduardo Cunha, were also determining factors in this outcome. Analis air these issues, their conspiracies and power architectures is critical to understand the moment we are going through.

The PT government project faced in the last period not only a serious political instability in the balance of power within the parliamentary and legal institutions of the country, but had to prove by force the poison himself who helped produce with its alliances. The PT, which left no longer has anything thrown into the mass grave of the order parties, guarantor of large groups, the profit of the big landowners, contractors and bankers, tent or but not satiated greed of groups that even "belly full "do not want to lose any penny in this recession. They want the people to pay the bill and move on to further lacerate the few social gains, increasing the exploitation of the poor and the gap of social inequality.

The PT sought its governance operating a policy of alliances that will attract and divided oligarchic sectors of the right. So, it was pushed to the mass grave of collusion, lobbying, bribes, slush, among many public funds deviations and private business favoritism schemes. In society, pitched a social pact policy that did arrive governance mechanisms on both ends of the class structure. Made growth policy in the financial system gains and the big capital and, next to it, met with social programs the poor who were underserved p public olicies. But left intact the structures of concentration of wealth and power, and has for much of the budgets for payment of public debt. That is, the so-called "progress" had a high price for the country, where the powerful of the belly was even more full.

The result of engineering power assembled by PT within the developmental logic, was a parliamentary coup that created the opportunities that the PT has the opportunist right.

Remember, so do not overlook that the setting (we call blow to rights) began to be implemented even within the PT government. It was strongly advocated by the president on his defense in the Senate and Lula. In a speech held on October 29, 2015, Lula said that the party's priority was to "create political conditions that are approved the measures of fiscal adjustment forwarded by Dilma Rousseff." And when the model of the social pact is immured by the recession and the high cost of living, they are the cuts of pol & i acute; public tics that the government uses as single output, with the excuse of improving the economy. The first acts of the Executive attack the rights of the working class to the taste of employers. Two of them are emblematic. A relief program to industrial, with salary reduction, not to be facing layoffs to the crisis, a legal precedent included in Provisional Measure 680 which creates the PPE and more flexible labor rights. And the change of insurance rules, which virtually condemns the working youth to access their rights when hit by unemployment.

The adjustment in the national budget took public schools to the brutal dismantling of education, which was answered by occupations in São Paulo, Goiania, Rio de Janeiro, Ceara, Rio Grande do Sul and Mato Grosso. Public health faces with panic dengue epidemics, and zikavírus chikungunha transmitted by the mosquito which breeds in poor areas sanitation. But the banks do not stop to celebrate your winnings. Half of the national budget is charged by loan sharks public debt. Let's see how they walk the employer, controllers and mining company Samarco shareholders criminals who destroyed the city of Mariana in 2015 ends, the Doce River to the sea coast, with its flood of toxic waste over everything.

Agribusiness and mining imposed and imposes its deadly model to indigenous peoples, quilombolas, riparian and other poor people in the field.

In the field, the government Dilma became less that Lula and Cardoso government. The government FHC became 287,994 families in the first term and 252,710 in the second term, totaling 540,704 families settled. The Lula government settled 381,419 families in the first term and 232,669 in the second term, totaling 614. 088 families settled. The Government Rousseff became the first term only 107,354 families. In addition, the government Dilma was the government allocated less land for agrarian reform, "were 2.9 million hectares of land in four years. Before, the worst mark was the second gove rnment FHC (8.6 million hectares). "(INCRA data)

The government Dilma structured some existing settlements, but not settled families still need land. Thus, land reform almost stopped, she walked very little. The various cuts in the INCRA budget paralyzed some activities in the field.

With regard to indigenous lands, the government Dilma figure as the worst in the Demarcation of Indigenous Lands since 1985. Only 10 TIs declared in the first term and 3 in the second. View: http://pib.socioambiental.org/pt/c/0/1/2/demarcacoes-nos-ultimos-governos .

In addition, an extreme improvement over the Amazon. The government Dilma elected as model of development in the agribusiness field, represented symbolically by the Rural Minister, Katia Abreu (PMDB). He made agreements with the caucus in Congress, so that the government sacrificed the settlements of landless families, the demarcation of indigenous lands and settlement areas of quilombo communities. In the Lula government there was an opening for the production of pesticides, and so, Brazil has become the country that eat poisoned food, where consumption per person is 7.3 liters per year.

The federal failure in the case Guarani-Kaiowá well demonstrated who the government PT / PMDB wanted to meet. The preference for landowners made several Indians were killed at the behest of the farmers in the area of the Kaiowá. Indians, fishermen / farmers and the / the western Amazon and the area is in the vicinity of Belo Monte were also forgotten while megaprojects facing hidrobusiness received large investments from the federal government.

In the slums, Dilma reinforced and approved in collusion with the PMDB, the oppressive and racist project of the UPP's, whose developments reinforce the genocide of black people. It went further and signed in 2014, the authorization of the occupation of the favela Maré (RJ) by the army.

With regard to issues of gender and sexual diversity, remain a common agenda of conservatism. The last government vetoed the distribution of "anti-homophobia kit" in schools, pointing to assume the Statute of the Unborn and refused, even with so much appeal, to issue interim measure providing for a stipend to families of children with microcephaly (we know that those who suffer most in these families is the mother). In this matter also, a deafening silence about permission for abortions, where the federal government est & AACU you; fulfilling the unfortunate role of criminalizing and "isolate" the mothers with zika.

Therefore, the government PT / PMDB was not a government that ensured rights and much less Temer guarantee something. The petismo and his government cut stratospheric funds for education, health and culture. It changed the rules of PIS, created and signed the damn Antiterror Law, helped in shaping the MP of the process of obstructions and sent on 22 March the Complementary Law Project - PLC 257/2016 (government project sent to the House of Representatives ) attacking public servants across the country. Only about his departure from the government, Dilma r esolveu symbolically invite some social movements to some government defense ceremonies in the central highlands, trying to keep a dialogue around the defense of "democracy" with some movements. But truth be told, the PT government never ruled with any movement.

At the extreme pressure that has received capital from the imperialist government of the PT opened auction exploration fields, yielding increasingly to the easing advancing the privatization of public oil reserves of the pre-salt layer. Finally, the financial system managed to impose, with the final approval of the Presidency, this Anti-Terrorism Act that a precedent to launch on the social protest, which escapes from his control, a tourniquet criminal-repressive legislation.

The third shift, as rightly spoken there, had its outcome in a mega political-legal farce called impeachment. We know that this kind of revanchist stance in Brazilian politics is nothing new because the historical constitution of the country have gone through different strokes of different shades and shapes to name them. The question was always hope for the best time to do it. Sure enough, with the help of PT, the blow was struck and threatens even more exfoliate with full force the few rights of the poor s country.

In this scenario of representative politics, opportunism rule, already commonplace within the guild policies, is giving more "to cloth sleeve." When it comes to rule, the PT is its alliances by pure chance, too, regardless of whether these "allies" is the acronym that stuck in political grave or not. Therefore, the calculation is to be government at any cost, just following the natural logic of bourgeois democracy. An example is that in municipalities where the PT maintains coligaç & atild and, with the PMDB there is no embarrassment.

In all this, our anarchist opinion or demarcate positioning without any illusion in state conspiracies, opinion which seeks to position from the foundation to give combat violent withdrawal rights and the brutal adjustment that is applied. The output is not right there on the corner, you need to know to position a set of forces to make popular resistance adjustment and repression.

The state is not "neutral apparatus." No change fund comes from within the system machine. The bourgeois liberal democracy was made by PT popular-democratic project and its satellites the privileged channel to digest the social and political struggles. And with it came inside, ideological production embodied in the practices and rules of the institutional game: collaboration with the oppressors of the people repudiated, business with multinationals, financial, industrial sectors, agribusiness, corruption, bureaucracy and cooptation of social movements, disqualification popular participation that is not related to their devices, legalization and criminalization of independent protest.

Moved the state apparatus, the PT tables bring to the movements the illusion that the blow operated by reactionary sectors have no relation with the misshapen practices that PT curled. Prepare well, the 2018 elections and a new social pact with the bourgeoisie (now in opposition) you want to use the movements and trade unions, again as a ladder to a flawed political design.

It is time to reaffirm the class independence of the workers against the economic adjustment; it is time to oppose the corrupt system of representation of bourgeois politics, with direct democracy and grassroots people's organizations; it's time to generalize the struggle in the streets, strikes and occupations outside the bureaucratic controls and electoral calculations.

Our militant position puts power in the basic work in forging solidarity organizational spaces and direct action, with autonomy, with libertarian federalism struggles and joints, rebuilding class independence perspective within the movements, communities and trade unions. It is true that the path to these tasks is long, but it is also true that socialism and freedom we defend not come, nor ever will come from within the state.

Against the electoral farce and cutting rights. Only the popular struggle decide!

Against blow to rights! Fight and Win Outside Urns!


Coordination Brazilian Anarchist - CAB

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