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(en) To the crisis of institutional policy output is fighting in the streets! By ANA

Date Fri, 9 Sep 2016 11:28:22 +0300

The impeachment of the show is over. The weather hovering in the air could not be different: the outcome was given some time and was more than predictable. Like a movie you already know the end, everyone watches unenthusiastic. The answer that many want to give is stuck in the throat and hands are tied by a direction that once again puts in elections the only way possible. Parallel to this sense of failure opens a supposedly more stable way to the new-old government deliver the attacks he was already planning. Apathy reigns, or we can open our way to the left? ---- The economic crisis that started in 2008 is sweeping the world could not leave Brazil outside. The Workers' Party sells the illusion that a government is possible for everyone, with the working classes benefiting from some social programs while banks and employers still had high profits. However, we must understand that although much of the base of the PT is social / labor movements, the PT represented the interests of the bourgeoisie. It was this party that put Katia Abreu in Mi istry of Agriculture (famous defender of landowners), who placed Joaquim Levy at the Ministry of Finance (signaling a neoliberal policy for the economy), which never proposed to legalize abortion, which vetoed the kit anti-homophobia, which made the program "stork mother" (which focuses on women's health only in their pregnancy period, going against the grain of attention to the health of the woman claimed by feminists), which invested in private higher education (with Prouni and I gathered), etc.

While it is never possible to rule all, this impossibility is even more evident in a crisis of capitalism scenario. At the slightest sign that social measures represent economic losses to the capitalist sectors, they are quickly cut. It is in this economic situation at the end of last year social programs that were so defended by the government in the health and education suffer cuts and pension reform striding forward. This crisis scenario shows further as the interests of workers are red dis those of employers, ie, it becomes more evident the class struggle in daily life. The interests of the capitalists and workers are irreconcilable and the dispute over who will lose workers has taken hard blows, but not without resistance. The consequences of the economic crisis stoked tempers and workers and their youth take to the streets, occupy factories and schools, make strikes and seeking to recover, by force, what belongs to them. To contain the riots, governments use and abuse of repression and in Brazil it was clear in the protests of June 2013 and the adoption of anti-terrorism law. The militarization of the slums, schools and repression in the workplace are the hallmarks of a government that does not hesitate to govern for the rich.

Although there are differences between those who are doing the impeachment and the PT government, there is also much continuity as they both defend the bourgeoisie projects. It is important to remember that until recently many who are now calling for the impeachment were the Dilma government base, and the PT will leave with the PMDB and other parties supposedly opponents in several municipalities elections. The truth is that the PT dug its own grave with his class collaboration project. Aliou to Temer, Cunha and Katia Apr I made policy for the bourgeoisie and now tries to put as opponents of the reactionary sectors.

The PT is therefore exceeded. Exceeded for workers who no longer see themselves as ruling for them and passed to a bourgeoisie that can now place a government without mediations. The figure of Michel Temer in the presidency seeks to recover the stability that the Dilma government could no longer impose. And even against the impeachment, PT directions even seek to mobilize the population. In tatters, the party of red star can no longer mobilize the broad masses to the streets in his defense, as his government & eacut and; indefensible. The solution found was the characterization of impeachment as a blow, so that they can set the tone of 2018. In practice elections, the same government plan would be implemented. In the speech, could re-emerge as an alternative, featuring suffered setbacks as the PMDB government fruits.

There are few workers who have lost their illusions in the PT and in any political project of class conciliation, but there are few workers who do not recognize the government Temer and who know that harsh attacks are yet to come. The will to fight is no shortage. The will to defend our lives, our jobs and wages is latent, it is necessary. Because of that we must be sensitive. Thousands of people will not leave the streets to defend the PT government, either they see Qua ra in the hands of Temer. The longing for self-defense must find flow and organization into a fighting program to the left and revolutionary, before succumbing to political projects of the extreme right, which is especially dangerous in times of crisis.

The attacks that we are getting and that will intensify are coming diffusely. Not only express the wage squeeze located, where each group of workers needed, and often could give responses with a local mobilization. The attacks on our class are coming, for example, through labor reforms, which in requires a broad mobilization, including adding the sectors that are unable to unionize.

There is a huge challenge ahead of us and left combative need to be able to completely disentangle the political project of class conciliation, break the bureaucratic remnants and put in force at the base of militancy, hinging on all fronts that are possible to join efforts in unit shares. The construction of a general strike is important, but to be able to get to her and not to be closed in itself, there is plenty to do.

The real defense of our living conditions and work is urgent. The solution to this crisis is not a new manager of the capitalist state, but the return of the revolutionary perspective. The belief in the class conciliation project has cost dearly for the life of the working class and must be removed from the horizon. The output is not in the elections of bourgeois democracy and not on any new party that is drafting the same trajectory of the PT. The output is in the class independence, defending intransi people of our conditions of life and work in our mobilizations by the base and the certainty of the need for socialist revolution. Fear will have no peace, and no other government had! Our struggle is advancing!

No more bosses and no more illusions!

Not the attacks of governments!

Anarchist alliance

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