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(en) Greece, ese: Bull Workers Counter # 133 of Blog SSC-Athens (gr) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 28 Oct 2016 11:08:01 +0300

Articles of ERC , Sheet Counter Workers , Working Material Since ERC Athens ---- Successfully completed the work of Coordination red and black (Red and Black Coordination). In the meeting held in Athens, 22 to 23 October 2016, attended - except what the organizers ERC (Greece) - organizations: CNT- F (France), CGT (Spain), SAC (Sweden), USI / AIT (Italy ), IP (Poland) and S olidaridad O brera (Spain). A day before the meeting, a public event on "class and social struggles in Europe and the contribution of anarcho-syndicalist organizations ", where they talked representatives of organizations from different countries. ---- At the end of the work issued joint statement on the killing of the Egyptian laborer Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf who participated in strike protection in the city of Piacenza, Italy. Download the announcement in English HERE . Scheduled for Saturday protest in front of the Italian embassy in Athens to assassinate Egyptian laborer Abd Elsalam Ahmed Eldanf, which would be under the russet Coordination eventually postponed due to rain and will be announced in the coming days when this will happen.

Demonstration against white night in Ioannina held Tuesday, October 18 after the call U Tune acid against the White Nights. The protest - which included the SSC Ioannina - began around 7 pm, was accompanied by about 100 people while constantly shouting slogans both against the White Night (scheduled to be held on October 29), and more generally against the flaring of hours repealing the Sunday holiday and all anti-labor measures. The march passed through the central market streets which are multinationals - and beyond - businesses that systematically violate workers' rights, which open on Sundays and contemplating a monstrous fiesta of White Night.

In a of COMMUNICATION, the Libertarian Syndicalist Union Ioannina to action of 19/10 against the White Night says: We decided last night, with the help of many colleagues / iss h n and companion / s, to move another motion against freak White Night planned in our city on October 29. Posters and wrote slogans on the windows of multinational main market shops, the tract irritation As Ch.Trikoupi, M.Angellou, Pyrsinella and Gr. Sakka. These are companies which regularly arbitrarily at the expense of workers. Open on Sundays and many of these are unpaid workers. Since then cut both the organization of a White Night, we gave a touch of white on the facades and their inscriptions. The action ended smoothly. And because today's announcements of the operators speak at an alarming tone unfortified city, we must say this: The police appeared some time since we started putting up posters. Our sakes was strong and did not dare to approach us rather than follow at a safe distance. We continued our action to another so long. Eventually, they made some arrests outside a bar in the morning, in the world completely unrelated to the incident, just to prove to the multinationals that have acted. The development has its patrons. But again they looked in the wrong place to find us. Employees and society know that we are moving. In the workers' struggles, the workplaces in the unions, in the demonstrations.

And because there will be Cassandras who accuse us that basically we put workers to clean the windows, to inform you that from 10 in the morning, traders colluded directly (as do also and violation of our labor rights) and hired cleaning company reinstated as could purchase the usual glamorous image. Even if there were such isolated cases, or workers who set out to clean their shop, we clarify that this was not our intention. Let channel their frustration at bosses. The daily damage that caused to our lives is much greater. The municipality, upset the commercial world and the media, took notices talk about vandalizing shops. Vandalism but there are some posters in the windows . Vandalism is the continued exploitation of our labor, precarity and the employer's arbitrariness. It is the logic of profit and growth coming above human needs. Is standing even if it does not work, it is the unreasonable demands of the bosses. Is unstoppable monitoring our movements from the cameras in the workplace. Vandalism is to impose us look beautiful to the eyes of customers, we are products of their stores. Vandalism is working overtime - especially when there are so many unemployed - without insurance and often without getting paid. We do not have contracts and right to unionization. Vandalism is layoffs. It is to become rubber accordingly the appetites of the bosses, to work on Sundays. Vandalism is the White Night!

In calling the SSC Ioannina, clearly stated: On Saturday October 29 the bosses of the city (Commercial Association, Hotel Association, Ioannina Chamber of Cafe Bar Association, City Bus Ioannina) in cooperation with the local authority and institutional government bodies organize the famous White Night. Apparently the boss jealous of the profit which they took their like and want to make the same day and in Ioannina. The White Night is a fiesta in which the shops will remain open until midnight. Clearly aims to raise more profit perilousmeni cultural events and other consumer prompts. Imposing released hours which apply to White Nights appeared with trying to remove the Sunday holiday. It is an attack that has unleashed state and bosses in recent years in an attempt to intensify the exploitation of workers. They want workers without schedules and without rights. Employees who will not rest without leisure and forced to satisfy the appetites of their boss every hour and moment. The elimination of time in the name of crisis and development as well as all the current work barbarism (dismissals, unpaid work, overtime, employer terrorism, black labor).

Now in the name of those trying to make the White Night presenting it as a golden opportunity to move the market and for workers is a defeat, they will exploit them even at night. On that day the organizers of the fiesta invite their control mechanisms to make checks at stores to see if labor law is respected. Irony. These mechanisms have not seen them, nor the day! At the same time the bosses will count their profits and others will shop there will be those who will hurt their legs from standing to serve them. Consumers should understand that what is happening to workers in the trade sector will bathe from their bosses the day after tomorrow. If someone wants to know what night work, let's ask the waiters who work in regime White Night every night. And certainly, as we continue to do that dictate our bosses, only White Nights will see and never WHITE DAY! The masters course and the local power proclaim that white night is an exception but workers know well, that what gives profit trying to legalize and become the norm as is the case with the Sunday holiday and moonlighting. The current course manager of power, promising government of the left, celebrates the restoration of collective bargaining but knowing that nothing has changed in the labor market. Like the previous j them massacre the workers' rights, institutionalizing precarious work and xecheilonoun both want the schedule. Workers are forced to sign individual contracts in which the schedule will be formulated by the boss like all the working conditions.

The White Night is another episode in the saga of the undermining of our workforce. There is also no coincidence that the White Night was originally a proposal of the hoteliers association, who appear to care about our city and want to upgrade. The truth is that we know that the weekend of October 28 will have occupancy rooms to be close to 100%. Convert virtually the entire city, with cultural events and open shops, a product for the customer satisfaction. We wonder, all these funds could not be allocated to meet albeit briefly, homeless people or hundreds of immigrants crammed in Katsikas? To not become the norm white night all employees have to organize from below our resistance to all projects of the bosses and the state regarding the work and our lives. The labor movement, unions and consumers should refuse the White Night and all its accessories. The denial of this monstrosity, and the struggle for its cancellation is everyone. See HERE , HERE and HERE .

Another near-employer murder in Astingos Aetoliko area on Wednesday, October 19, when roller was performing excavation work fell to the void. The incident occurred when the heavy vehicle was found abandoned on fossa resulting decline in soil parasernontas empty the machine and the operator. Since the fall in the vacuum guide roller injured and taken to hospital Messolonghi.

E to the second near-employer crime - who and what this baptized with rgatiko accident - occurred at about 12 noon Friday, October 21 at the Perama shipyard. According to what became known n, it 43chrono worker, crew member, who was injured during the execution of repairs passenger ferry "Olumpic Champion» the Shipbuilding Association. The 43chronos dropped from a height, resulting fracture in the right leg of the lower end and receding head injury and was transferred to Attic nurse.

Trial dragged 14 workers of sapounoviomichania A "Papoutsanis" Friday, October 21, because on February 8, 2013 guarded their strike to demand the dismissal recall. It is worth noting that management industry has made complaints and dozens of other workers because participated in other strikes. solidarity Gathering was held by what the Sectors as union and solidarity crowd. Eventually by the court the case was shelved.

Gathering in Solidarity indu held Tuesday 18/10, the Labor Department of the Solidarity Initiative Vio.Me Athens . Apart from what the protest show at the Labor Department on Tuesday 18/10, the Solidarity Initiative Vio.Me Athens Wednesday , 19/10, participated in action folk residence auction cancellation in Athens County Court. See relevant directly HERE . There was also a concentration in the courts of Thessaloniki against the auction of indu Thursday 20/10, of what the libertarian INITIATIVE THESSALONIKI. See relevant direct HERE or HERE .

The Active Unemployed organize event-debate entitled:

"Seeking, on: a common part of unemployed workers and demands - The organization of the race for PERMANENT AND STABLE JOB FOR ALL" on Monday 24/10 at 18:00 in the conference hall of the Athens Labor Center (Marni & September 3). And Mr. Alou n all bodies, associations, unions, neighborhood committees, popular assemblies and all collectives unemployed workers and youth to participate in the discussion and submit their concerns for the necessary steps in the fight against unemployment.

Held in Thessaloniki d iimero Assembly class solidarity. The two-day suggestions were made and accounts for winning workers' struggles that ran last year the Waiters Cooks and Other Workers Association in the Sector of Food Central Macedonia (Thessaloniki) and the Base Workers Association in Area mental Health and Social Welfare: retention in the hostel minors seeking asylum in Oreokastro Thessaloniki NGO Arsis - in fast food Rolling Burger Bar - the fast food Masampouka Veria (the game is legal developments) - in brown Bridge and Babylon (same ownership) - in fast food porkito. in di tame participated SSC Thessaloniki. See all t h n collectives suggestions participated HERE & HERE .

Protest Performance in Administrative Reform Ministry held Thursday, the 20th Oct t ovri workers to local authorities, demanding not to lose any jobs. Specifically, the interference in the ministry was on the issue of workers who are on temporary tables ASEP, who work for seven years and they risk losing their job. Workers demanded stay on the job.

Stop working program agmatopoiisan Thursday, October 20 workers in the company "Building Infrastructures SA". The concentrations steeply employees in the Agency's building and then went to the Ministry of Infrastructure. Their request, not included in Superfund and to ensure the public and social character of the organization of work and work.

Stop working around the cleanliness class in Magnesia held Thursday, October 20, by far the Cleaners Association - Cleaners Pref., In order to protest show at the Congress of Ichthyology at the Faculty of Agriculture, for the Dean's decision to use a contracting workshop cleaning in the University area.

On t ... .xylou hanging are the approximately 70 employees in the stores' Presspoint "operating at the airport" Eleftherios Venizelos ", and spaces will be allocated to new successful bidder company after the competition organized by the International Airport.

General strike Thursday, November 24 decided ADEDY. From us to instead release i for comment, a verse only the ballad of Sun-Mediu: LADIES victim LADIES sucker LADIES symbol eternal if you wake up once you 'upside down come the Ntounias.

In turmoil are employees in private clinics of Thessaloniki, towards escalating onslaught of clinic owners, expressed with generalization of unpaid work, hitting the SSE, intensification of work, etc. While the profits of the Health traders remain stable and grow even during the crisis, thousands of workers in the sector count huge wage and other losses, and forced to work and paid for months (from 3 to 24 months).

Workers the "clinic" make from Monday stoppages yesterday continued their protests with their colleagues in the clinic "Lysimachus Sarafianos', who participated in the work stoppage and in concentration at the entrance of the clinic. at high rates fluctuated partial recruitment and ex job rotation in September 2016, according to the systemic "Ergani" tool. Specifically, flexible forms of work in September reached 61%!!! S. with total 230.580 recruitment, the 140 878 are part-time and job rotation recruitment. This indicates that the positive maintained hardly the recruitment balance - layoffs in September, due to the dominance of the tires, and temporary forms of employment. From the information system "Ergani" for September 2016 and the comparison with the same month in previous years, from 2013 until today, also show that: Although recruitment has increased by 39.21%, redundancies even increased faster by 117.35%. The September 2013 were 165 623 and 102 501 appointments and dismissals of September 2016 were 230 580 and 222 792 redundancies recruitment. Part-time and job rotation recruitment in September 2016 reached 61.09% of total recruitment phenomenon in previous years repeated this month. Between September 2013 and September 2016, part-time hires increased by 25.79% and recruitment job rotation at 61.34%. The September 2013 were 85 685 part-time recruitment and recruits 20.507 rotation. The September 2016 were 107 790 part-time recruitment and recruits 33.088 rotation. Overall, part-time and job rotation recruitment increased by 32.66%. The overall increase is again essentially constant year after year. At the same time, full-time hiring, although increased from 2013 to today by 51% is much less in all recruitment, reaching 38.91% in September 2016.

And of course we must not forget that the minimum wage of a full-time position has been reduced from 2012 onwards by 32% for workers 25 years and over and 22% for employees under 25 and over. in addition, the data confirm once again that, regardless of whether the positions are full, partial or job rotation, a large percentage of them refers to temporary jobs. Specifically, in September 2016 ended 78 167 fixed-term contracts, when the 2013 same month had expired 37 504 fixed-term contracts (an increase of 108.42%). The above data shows the dominance of tire and temporary forms of employment. Thanks to them and the large reduction of wages appears any marginal reduction in unemployment and positive balances alternate with the negative, showing the actual levels of unemployment management policies and poverty megalonei.Ena another very important element is the huge increase in "voluntary" retirements by 154.52% between September 2013 and September 2016. given that in circumstances such high unemployment, it is difficult to believe that employees leave "voluntarily" from their jobs, this item can be attributed only the outbreak of employer aggressiveness, which requires the resignation of the employee, rather than fire him.

Finally, high unemployment and September, show official figures of OAED. Pi the detail of what the data of the Employment Agency of September 2016, that the registered unemployed totaled at 944.741 . T the total registered unemployed, based job search (job seekers), amounted to 871 981 people. Of these 479 172 (percentage 54.95%) are enrolled in the Employment Agency register for a period equal to or longer than 12 months. Men amounted to 322,552 (percentage 36.99%) and women amounted to 549,429 (rate 63.01%). The total registered other (not seeking employment) amounted to 72 760 people. Of these 27 784 (percentage 38.19%) are enrolled in the Employment Agency register for a period equal to or longer than 12 months. The men amounted to 27 914 (percentage 38.36%) and women in 44.846 (percentage 61.64%). Anything As regards the meager unemployment benefits, it took only 136,123 unemployed, about one in seven.

Tags: anarcho-syndicalism , work release , AAR Athens
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