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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL Octobtre - policy, What anti-racist struggles in France? (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 9 Oct 2016 15:29:47 +0300

Anti-racism is more relevant than ever. To move in this crucial moment, back on three anti-racist struggles of the past year, and appointment on 8 October in Saint-Denis (93). ---- This summer, France was the scene of an unbridled racism and anti-racist response certainly audible, but too isolated. The ban Burkini on the beaches and the terrible scenes of police forcing Muslim women to undress, death Adama Traore in Beaumont-Sur-Oise and that, in a very different context, Zhang Shaolin in Aubervilliers are examples of violence that make the situation untenable racisé.es and even their lives uncertain. Faced with this, voices were raised to express the anger of the victims of racism, but little space was given in the media veiled women and families of the victims of racism and police violence.

Yet for many years, we see the emergence or development of a common anti-racist organizing that. Back on three examples of these self-organized struggles:

Walk dignity and against racism in October 2015,
Summer Camp decolonial last August,
Chinese demonstrations and Chinese and their descendants made following the death of Zhang Shaolin on 12 August.

March for Dignity, Paris, 31 October 2015
DC The Horde
March of dignity and against racism

The march for dignity and against racism was held October 31, 2015 at the initiative of the MAFED, collective of the Women's March for Dignity, not mixed group of racialized women. It was organized in collaboration with many "personalities and immigration organizations and neighborhoods and / or experiencing racism", sponsored by the American activist Angela Davis civil rights and supported by political organizations (NPA Together EELV, CGA, AL ...) and various associations.

The call for the march, written by Amal Bentounsi, Amine sister, killed by the police, the focus is particularly on police violence. Those that dot the lives of racialized persons, including those which were originally large movements: the 1983 violence, which was following the march for equality and against racism, and the deaths of Bouna Traore and Zyed Benna in Clichy-sous-Bois who enclencha urban revolts that experienced some poor neighborhoods in 2005.

Interview: Alain Bertho "The 2005 riot has never stopped" in Alternative Libertaire November 2010
This emphasis on police violence marks a vis-à-vis distrust of the state whose policy is the armed wing. Thus, this sentence of the call: "In this devastated landscape, the policeman crime is never accidental. It is the culmination of all the logic of a state that has for us that indifference and contempt. " And the conclusion of the text recalls if necessary that the event will be resolutely collective: " Our powerful reaction, organized, confident is the only way to curb our collective crush announced. "

The march itself, taking place at Bastille de Barbès, finally met a few thousand people. Online head women's MAFED holding the banner, followed by those individuals and associations signatories, and finally not affected political or associative organizations primarily by racism. The absence of two powerful and consensual associations of anti-racism, SOS Racisme and LICRA, was noticed.

The Summer Camp decolonial

Almost a year later, in late August 2016 the first Summer Camp decolonial occurred. Fania Christmas and Sihame Assbague, two anti-racist activists, are at the origin. It was intended to bring together victims of state racism in single-sex so that they meet, exchange, form and organize their struggles. The audience was not only militant. Younger, less often formé.es were incité.es to participate.

Numerous round tables, trainings and workshops thus permitted to acquire activism tools, both theoretical, but also extremely practical. Thus, "Violence and police harassment," "Building a fight antinégrophobie in French context" and "The fights against Islamophobia" rubbed "Civil Disobedience", "use of networks for militant purposes" or "How to Build a campaign mobilization ".

Via the topics addressed, it may also be aware that anti-racism or anti-racism, addressed at this camp could be heard at the crossroads of various struggles, not isolated from them. Feminist struggles ( "Building a decolonial anti-patriarchal struggle"), anti-capitalist ( "Enter the fight against racism in anti-capitalism") and ecological ( "The Challenges of Climate Justice") have been considered and discussed.

But that's the theme of state racism that the program was built. And this is where a high specificity of this camp, which wants to flush out racism in every aspect of our lives, and therefore well decolonize society. Have been addressed the medical community ( "Identify and combat medical racism"), justice ( "Advocate for the abolition of prison introduction to transformative justice"), family ( "The challenges of parenting racialized" ), culture ( "Decolonizing culture: not to diversity") and even the imagination ( "Decolonizing imagination").

According to his presentation site, "the camp is in the tradition of struggles for emancipation decolonial anticapitalist and popular education." One could even say, from the testimony of participants, this collective emancipation by meeting and training was a true place of empowerment, of conscience and release making the desire to act via the pooling of experiences.

Protest against anti-Asian racism, September 4 in Paris
(C) Chisai hana
Asian mobilization of Aubervilliers

Zhang Shaolin died in Aubervilliers August 12 following an attack a few days earlier that had plunged him into a coma. The purpose of the attack appears to have been to rob him. The city of Aubervilliers is the place of life of a large community made up of persons of Chinese nationality or Chinese. On August 14, a first rally was held outside the town hall of Aubervilliers. It is organized by the committee to support the family of Zhang Shaolin.

This support committee was created by Wang Rui, president of the Association of Chinese youth of France. Not surprisingly, therefore, that the signs address the slogan "Safety for All". Indeed, collective security for all, which is a member of the Association of Chinese youth of France, had organized protests against the anti-Asian racism and for strengthening security in 2010 and 2011, in Belleville, in the north -is of Paris.

Soon the successive rallies are growing and the slogan "Safety for all" remains. On September 4, a demonstration in Paris brings together several thousand people. The protestors denounce the racist prejudices that lead to believe people of Asian origin rich and vulnerable, while the majority of people of Asian immigration in France today is poor.

What is striking here is both highly organized nature of the mobilization that responds perhaps to the great organization that knows the Chinese community in Île-de-France, but his call for more security through more police. Politicians do not make a mistake. They support mass, regardless of their "political sensitivity".

In the procession of 4 September, a majority of people from the Chinese community in Paris, but also politicians. While the PCF mayor of Aubervilliers had sustained mobilization at its beginning, including asking for police reinforcements, coming this time to invite other regional stage: Bruno Julliard (PS), First Deputy to the Mayor paris, or Valérie Pécresse (LR), the regional council president of Île-de-France.

March for Dignity, Paris, 31 October 2015
DC The Horde
Self-organized mobilizations

The common point between these three "events" is the first self-organization of opprimé.es in their struggles. In all cases, the first concerné.es support political and logistical issues, accepting or not participating and not participating concerné.es. They and so they set the agenda (as in the case of the March for dignity and against racism), the political content (as in the choice of workshops decolonial Camp) and mobilize without external intervention (events "Safety for All ").

This self-organizing slice with the methods of the government anti-racism, carried for example by SOS Racisme, accused of being a pharmacy PS. The call of the March of dignity is in this historical background: in 1983, the Equality March frightened at the state and "then he did everything possible to sabotage this self-organization by publicizing excessive some pseudo-anti-racist pharmacies. They busied themselves of all their financial means to stifle Equality March under thousands of decibels free concerts and their racism junk. " The slogan of SOS Racisme," Do not touch my pal "is a sign that this is a movement of whites.

appears almost by transparency, a difference may be fundamental: whereas the March of dignity and Camp decolonial are part of an approach resolutely against the state racism, and therefore denounce this neo-colonial state, mobilization following the death of Zhang Shaolin made for its appeal to the state for more security for the Asian community.

The very different reception of these movements is also proof. SOS Racisme and LICRA were clearly present, although discreet, the manifestation "Safety for All" September 4, unlike the March of dignity. Similarly for politicians mentioned above, who marched alongside Chinese men and women of France while Prime Minister Manuel Valls occupied his late summer to castigate the decolonial camp.

However, the political recovery of the death of Zhang Shaolin and words of safe systems of events should not obscure a diversity that exists in the positioning of Chinese France, due to their shelved in French society common to all racialized persons. Thus, the LICRA criticized the fact that there have been speeches in Chinese at the event late rally on September 4, accusing the event of "communitarianism". Thus, when racisé.es take in hand the struggles that affect them, they are always rappelé.es and their mix duty with whites.

This description of the current anti-racist struggles is of course far from exhaustive. The mobilizations against police violence, demonstrations and actions supporting the Palestinian people, the collective solidarity with migrants and migrant movements are breadth and anchored in time that are an important part of this anti-racism. Many organizations have been created in the last ten years, which reflect the dynamism of the movement: Mwasi (African-feminist collective) Stop ethnic profiling, Black Lives Matter France, the Voice of the Roma, etc.

With the terrible events of this summer, the fight against racism held the pavement and was hyped. However, in the long mobilization last spring, it was barely audible. However, an anti-racism procession was mounted during the demonstration of 31 March. The appeal, signed by several associations fighting against racism, says, under the slogan "Premier.es impacté.es, Premier.es mobilisé.es! "That racialized people must not only face state racism but also discrimination in the workplace. Citing situations racisé.es workers, immigré.es without papers, Dom-Tom, the call also based on a "blind spots of French trade unionism": racism, the need to conclude the self-organization of struggles.

Adèle (AL Montreuil)

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