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(en) Czech, afed.cz: Nationalism is not an alternative --- We call anarchists and anarchists to participate in Thursday's demonstration for free and solidary society.

Date Fri, 18 Nov 2016 10:05:29 +0200

Anarchist Federation (AF) will participate in a demonstration on Thursday, November 17 organized in Prague Initiative No Racism! ( INR ) titled "Nationalism is not an alternative: For a free and solidary society". If you really anything serious does not preclude arrive also. The event begins at the plaza in front of the main train station (Vrchlickeho sets) 10.00. ---- The following is a statement INR to demonstrate: ---- By Thursday, November 17, we intend to demonstrate in the streets of Prague. Bring into public space theme of solidarity without borders nationalism and criticism of the political mainstream. At the same time neprenecháme streets ultra right to their own propaganda. Join! ---- Prague city center, hundreds of people on the squares in the hands wield Czech flags and invoke strong-arm rule. "Decent Czechs' along with known underworld figures ultranationalist encourage attacks on" traitors "who allegedly threaten national sovereignty.

Words of Czech culture, national values and fear for our children not only hear similar events. Vypjatému legitimacy of nationalism deliver his statements political leaders. It seems that it is no longer a problem when Deputy Prime Minister denies the Holocaust and Roma Gypsies spoken of as those who do not want to work. It seems to already be normal when the Interior Minister said that the Czech Republic has not taken even a single refugee, and while his subordinate, responsible for Czech migration and asylum policy, meets in discussion panels alongside well-known xenophobes, war refugees are referred to as economic migrants and the EU's efforts to solve at least partially migration crisis refers to as neomarxististický experiment. All this in a situation where the waves of the Mediterranean vanishing more and more people to flee and tens of thousands of others languish in appalling conditions in overcrowded camps in Greece and elsewhere.

Now the political mainstream political practice moves increasingly to the right, towards populism and authoritarianism. Recalling the feeling of threat works reliably as a tool to distract attention from the real problems. In an atmosphere of fear has received far less attention to the lack of social housing, low wages or underfunding of important sectors such as education and health. Populist rhetoric sets aside the real problems of people in material need and is dedicated to creating abstract threats, such as threats to national interests and the decline of the traditional family. Already mentioned national values we supposedly have to defend at all costs, even if it is not entirely clear what is under that label actually hides. Sometimes it might seem that this is mainly a right to cheap beer and sausage and the government over the fate of "our women", which must be for the pleasure of Czech men remain exposed.

Except Okamurovy SPD fell far-right political party, which is on the Czech political scene several in recent senatorial and regional elections pathetic. However, this is not a reason to cheer. They are the only tip of the iceberg Czech reactionary policies. This one actually promotes the practice of fascist measures are part of the political mainstream. And both the central and local level. It's nothing new. But it looks as introducing such measures into practice with the support of the citizens, we can observe since last summer, when they were due to the threat they supposedly embody the people on the run, introduced border controls, trains and highways and streets were dispatched military patrols. Because of the alleged risk of a terrorist attack is also augment police budgets and there are proposals to strengthen its powers. The few refugees who strayed into the country, rather it was closing for a long time in the toll detention facilities. Public against the violation of their human rights protest too much. There were quite the contrary, those who actively report to the police every man a little darker complexion, whom encountered in the critical period. No matter whether they were members of a folk group from Africa or groups of foreign temporary workers resting after work in a field near the road. Without greater attention is also returning drábkovské forced to work for the unemployed. How easily those measures were adopted, political parties assured that the authoritarian and reactionary policy of the future will be a viable means to keep favor with the electorate.

November 17 in the Czech context perceived as a national holiday. Celebrates the end of the authoritarian regime, which is usually thought of as something that was external nation that oppressed him. November 17 is within the nationalist narrative symbol of emancipation from the yoke of foreign nations and reintegration among other sovereign nations of the free and democratic Western world. This newfound "national freedom" was not a win for everyone. He forgets that the regime change did not bring a larger selection of consumer goods and the freedom to travel for the middle class. The change also affected the less privileged strata of society. Staronová national pride in conjunction with anti-communism, which de facto meant a strong aversion to everything leftist, legitimized the negative effects of the transition to neoliberal capitalism - among other things, the increase in inequality, social exclusion and rising unemployment - and in an extreme form led to the racist murders in the 90s and a number of attempts to pogroms during the economic crisis. Both of these sites are an integral and often overlooked part of a nationalist story.

But our intention is not to ponder the 27-year-old event, or find inspiration in the pre-November authoritarian communism, which largely gained its legitimacy also nationalistic oppression, particularly postwar ethnic cleansing. We want to address the issues that are burning here and now. The day will bypass the town historical sentiments, we intend to bring into the public space criticism that it woefully lacking - criticism of nationalism and the concept of the nation state.

Refugee crisis did not start anything new. That alone again in public spaces reveal the sentiments of which the liberal part of society might think that they are long forgotten. Challenges to the deprivation of human rights of those who stood nationalist fury or lend a helping hand to people on the run, or for shooting people at borders and hanging "traitors" can not be regarded as a mere fad extreme right. Czech nationalism carries a history of oppression, exclusion and violence against those who were considered different. Roma Czechs were ignored as equals and even often idealized First Republic were the others object of repressive government policies. The Second World War then untied the Czechs and Czech women hands in the final solution to the Roma issue - in concentration camps in Lety and Hodonin u Kunštát, where they were the ones who survived, then sent to Auschwitz. Roma are also currently facing everyday racism and many of them also poverty, difficulties with finding employment, housing and other problems. Roma were not in Czech history only oppressed minority - just remember the anti-Semitism of the Second Republic or post-war expulsion of all those who have German nationality documents, including many anti-fascists and those who survived the concentration camps. Racism in Czech society is becoming the norm. The vast majority of Czechs have a negative attitude to Roma and other people who are not white enough for it to be considered "decent Bohemia". Neither the "brothers Slovaks" were for a time the existence of a common state in unequal positions. Relationship Prague to residents of Slovakia was always burdened paternalism and any expression of dissent was frowned upon as nationalistic Bohemia.

It has a similar history behind almost every nation state. Not by chance. Nations are not "natural entities" is ancient history, but a product of modernity, which came hand in hand with capitalism. Nations fulfills a function that does not hold any other form of identification. Under capitalism dominates the competition, which does not allow everyone to be winners. National identification enables individuals who are in this competition failed to make them feel part of the victory of the latter. Become their legal apparatus, law enforcement authorities and other features creates the conditions to ensure that this competition could work. This country in which one is born, largely co-determines its chances on the market. In capitalism, we all have an interest in improving the economic performance of their own country, because this improves its own chances of success. Capitalism, the nation and the state are so tightly bound together. And this liaison deepens in times of crisis, when competition is increasing in the labor market and when to look for the culprits own failure.

The nation reproduces images using internal and external enemy. In the role of an external enemy were recently occupied by "the masses of refugees" which, according to this narrative effortlessly trying to get a share of "our national wealth" or wish to capture "our women" and destroy "our culture". The role of internal enemy in perspective nationalists hold currently known. Neomarxisté who in the nationalist discourse occupy a similar role they played in his time, the Bolsheviks or Masons. In fact, however, that label called disparate group of people from the liberal right and center, to the radical left and anarchists.

Sometimes we hear that it is necessary to put nationalism "positive content" and that national identity is irreplaceable. Although nationalism in the past played an emancipatory role, history shows that from the moment in specific countries become "successful", led always sooner or later, the exclusion of certain categories of people, regardless of whether it is a nation conceived on ethnicity or civic principle. Also division to "bad nationalism" and "patriotism worthy" is illusory. The nation as a category of social demarcation inherently leads to the elimination of "other" and the homogenization of "our", from which requires customization and loyalty. For such an approach simply can not eliminate the negative content.

Such a situation analysis may sound depressing, but still can not forget the positive events of the last year. Along with the wave of hatred surged wave of solidarity and a surprisingly large number of people were involved in practical assistance to refugees. Part of the company is still able to, in extreme cases, at least condemn hate speech. This can be the basis for developing a consistent antinacionalismu. If we want to go in their thinking more deeply, we can not remain only in condemning the violence and calls for tolerance. It is necessary to clearly show to the core of the problem - a society based on nations, patriarchy and capitalism. While social and feminist struggle is possible in our society at least limited experience, the issue of nations and nation-states has not yet been critically reflected. It is up to us to build alternatives, going against the nation, the state and capital.

The current progressive Left is not exclusive to mobilize the nation to use. In the context of the "refugee crisis" is necessary against viewing the world through the lens of national identities define. We want a world where everyone (including the newcomers) will be able to freely and fully identify with their neighborhoods, a group of friends, music style or anything else, what they want without them with the nationalist perspective were determined limits.

That is why we intend to demonstrate on November 17 in the center. Bring into public space theme antinacionální solidarity and criticism of nationalism and racism political mainstream. At the same time neprenecháme streets ultra right to their own propaganda. Join!

Against every nationalism - in solidarity without borders!

VIDEOPOZVÁNKA: https://vimeo.com/191339229

Invitation to the Web INR (with a route march) https://nerasismu.noblogs.org/nacionalismus-neni-alternativa-vyzva-k-ucasti-na-demonstraci-17-listopadu/

Pozvánka na Radaru: https://radar.squat.net/en/node/111313

Pozvánka na FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/219850405102067/

Text of the leaflet "How to behave at a demonstration and police powers (the legal minimum)" HERE

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