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(en) Greece, Articles of ESE, Bulletin Labor Counter #112 - Bull Workers Counter (gr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 10 May 2016 11:18:05 +0300

Workers Solidarity and Mutual Fund was set up in Thessaloniki of class solidarity Assembly consisting of the Association of Base Music & Workers in the AKROAMA Area, the Waiters Cooks Central Macedonia Association and the Libertarian Syndicalist Union Thessaloniki Below unedited communication establishment of a solidarity fund and mutual: Labour groups, base unions and workers committees inn Thessaloniki take the initiative to create a fund support workers struggles and activists, as well as a coordinated action. Commonplace those involved is anti-hierarchical mode and class positions and consciences. Because of the apparent lack of trade union structures in the workplace, the sold out bureaucratic leadership of GSEE and the association identified with the petty type PAME parties, there is a big gap in employee claims against the bosses. This gap will try to cover through coordination we want to create in order to reach employees and to rally them around the base unionism.

Through the fund will focus on financial support to struggles arising and by coordinating a network built with class reflexes that creates and promotes workers' struggles. Therein champion the collegial solidarity, organizing from below by the general assembly and immediate action against any employer arbitrariness. With the establishment of a fund, the Labour Fund Solidarity and Mutual as solidarity structure, we believe that satisfied a consistent need for the creation of material forms of support for workers' struggles. We believe that the solidarity fund with the effective support of workers who struggle or suffer from occupational barbarity of capitalism, can be a pusher force for the start and continuation of new labor claims. Moreover, the fund and the risk of coordination of the groups that make up the class solidarity Assembly could serve as an initial basis rallying forces that share common political projects. The ultimate goal is the base unionism to acquire its own ischyropoiimeni voice on the labor issues, so as to compare it more centralized and effective ratio of exousias.

Sto functional piece centers, with regard to what needs and what faces financially supported by the Fund, what but put forward is to strengthen workers laid off, unemployed, in patients or in cases of accidents. The Fund covers both those / s already in the structure or in groups to make up. Second - without discrimination - aimed at employees who have not had a kinematic participation, subject to the decision of the persons to run with kinematic terms a labor struggle and support the fund structure. Because, however, it is impossible to advance a priori any request, the Assembly of the Fund will be able to discuss and approve separately each particular case will occur. The fund would be assured by events or other initiatives organized by the fund to financial aid, as well as from the free assistance of groups that compose it, according to their capabilities. We understand yet, that to give practical exercise is critical condition to have the economic opportunity that will enable them to support the needs of workers. Therefore, the fund apart from their resources to ensure the same open and invites those collectives or individuals wishing to contribute to the amount of money they wish to strengthen. In the Fund's Assembly and coordination, involving members of the groups and associations that make up once and take place monthly.

Solidarity message sent by the Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ERC Athens) to the " Robin Wood." The message was the following: Colleagues, we send racing greeting in your difficult struggle, which aims to safeguard your jobs, to continue working in a plant in operation at a plant alive and not ruined. Your choice to proceed to occupy the factory and attempt to reopen without bosses, is a promising option and exemplary. It is an option that needs the support of the entire labor movement. Our deep belief is that every employee / n and each union will understand the need to sustain the difficult steps carved, in such stifling conditions where former bosses left you unpaid and factory leilatimeno.I Libertarian Syndicalist Union ( ERC Athens) offers 200 euros from the Mutual Fund operates, in order to bear, not to bend, to go out winners. Your victory will be victory for us all. The slogan, "worker, you without bosses" are not empty content. With determination and your fighting stance given meaning to this slogan. With little financial support we send you, we try and we on our part to give meaning to the concept of class fraternal solidarity. Colleagues heads held high. Not only j.

considering? unacceptable Board initiative of the Panhellenic Federation Union of Journalists to call a meeting of the managers of all forms of broadcasting and online media to syndiallachtei with them amid strike, members of the "Assembly of paid, unpaid," notepad "," black "unemployed and students in the media" together with colleagues who responded to the call of the "Initiative for the overthrow" proceeded to intervene in the meeting that took place on the 3rd floor of ESHEA. With these words describes the communication ESHEA occupation intervention on Monday, April 25 and adds: Fully aware that managers of stores came to this meeting the majority in a bad mood to break the strike and the false argument that it ask their employees and that the union of their POESY called treating them like colleagues in the mood to the "soft" and the "quarrel" we made this intervention interrupting harmonious union unionists and employers. We opened banners, protested about this fraudulent partnership was underway and asked openly whether this is the beginning of the end of the notorious "perpetual fight" that have announced long bosses of the industry, as evidence that it will not proceed with the continuation of a lasting strike. The whole announcement here that and HERE

Amid strike at an extremely critical point for an industry that the coming weeks will be a ghost of his old self, the salaried Assembly, unpaid, "notepad", "black", the unemployed and students in the media, remained faithful to the vision of match the base and the promotion of self-organization in workplaces. This writes in response to strike the interventions salaried Assembly, unpaid, "notepad", "black", the unemployed and students in the media. In response ( entire response and the text of speeches can be found on page found on the website of the Assembly of paid, unpaid, "notepad", "black", the unemployed and students in the media ) also reported the following: When the trade union leaders of industry flock to defecate the "colleagues" (aka manager), forgetting that a strike was underway, we together with other fellow strikers we conducted jointly strike interventions scabs shops like "newsit.gr", the "thetoc.gr "the" newsbeast.gr "and" enikos.gr ". we distributed our text, talked with colleagues (as it was possible - sad exceptions reactionaries" colleagues "who have not understood that we are partners with those who suck our daily defending the identity of the "non-striker") trying to convey their sincere and our own experience. Without bichtes and admonitions. How could moreover when we feel in our own skin how working in journalistic medium in which you are practically invisible and a machine in front of a monitor. But through communication between employees in any shop, to bring agitation and panic bosses and create race conditions.

In new mass protest show on M. Wednesday 27/4 at work ministry progressed "active-unemployed with peak demand to provide immediate temporary allowance to all unemployed for Easter. For previous intervention Friday 22/4 and the meeting was not a press release issued by the "active-unemployed" wrote the following: For a yet again the ministry attitude reveals ridicule and mockery of the government towards the unemployed . We were told that our request mislaid somewhere between Minister (Katrougalos) and Secretaries (Photios Andonopoulou), that they had been informed about the presence (even if we waited our riot police outside the ministry), they do not have time due to workload and meetings, while our abundant hypocrisy said they want to meet us (!!!) but some other time, to have time etc. After our pressure that must be placed immediately agreed to set a meeting on 27/4. Although we had no illusions about the attitude that will keep the government against us we can not denounce their indifference towards the unemployed s.Oli detio the type you can find HERE.

Resolution of solidarity with the four redundant in Rolling Burger Bar in Thessaloniki, unveiled its employee base in the Association of mental health and social welfare .In resolution inter alia stated: The struggle of four redundant is our struggle. Their victory and their uptake will win the whole working class. Direct payment of accrued and reinstatement of the dismissed. We are next to each worker struggling. The bosses terrorize and want to silence you, organizing grassroots unions, concludes the resolution.

Continue abstinence notaries until May 6. Notaries will refrain from the exercise of their duties Wednesday, May 4 through Friday, May 6 against the bill for the Social Security.

Went on strike from Monday 25/4, workers in Spinning Thrace in Komotini, claiming payable accruals owed to the employer. Recall that the workers are unpaid since January and until Monday they had not been paid and Easter gift.

Four-hour rolling work stoppages for their accrued held the week workers spent in supermarkets 'Karipidis' (former Arvanitides) .Diekdikoun their accrued and safeguarding jobs.
Strike Sunday, April 24 made by the workers in the trade. On the same day there were several interventions strike with blockades stores in Athens and other cities.

Wars and poverty give rise to refugees and migration, under the border was the message of May Day poster of Libertarian Trade Union, panelladika.Tin poster you can see HERE.

In Eugenides Foundation (Planetarium) management held a trade union dismissals. In particular the Planetarium Administration proceeded to simultaneous vindictive and telephone! dismissal of five workers, ostensibly supposed abolition or reorganization of the Interactive Science and Technology Exhibition (DEET), after 10 years of operation. The real but why employee dismissal is that workers reacted to the situation at the Foundation lately, especially after 3 layoffs in December 2015 in the library, at reception and in the Ticket Fund. Employees and t sectoral union claim now their reinstatement.

In an unprecedented move moved a few days ago the mayor Oreokastrou A. Gavotsis. While he hired 63 workers in the cleaning sector with ochtamini contract through ASEP in December 2015 not only has left unpaid for three months while workers provide normal work but going a step further fired their essentially denouncing the agreement the he signed! It complains COMMISSION ACTION western districts of Thessaloniki and requires be taken behind the redundancies and paid all accrued.

Event entitled: Insurance, mnimoniaka new measures, political conjuncture and proletarian strategy organizes Friday, May 6 at 19:00. In the political space Sp. Trikoupi 44, in Exarchia, at 19:00 the anarchist-communists Assembly class counterattack against the EU.

Event-talk-video presentation from the collective workers in "standing" of the trade sector SATURDAY 7/5, 20.00, Lodi 6 EXARCHIA, second floor . for the resistance in the area of trade, for the rights and demands for the interests and dignity, for small and large battles to be given away in the workplace, for the organization and our collective apantiseis.tha follow bar financial aid for the costs of syllogikotitas.Axizei also be noted that the "standing" released the first issue of the labor card which you can find HERE .

New meeting of the Coordinating action against the abolition of the Sunday holiday and "liberated" hours is scheduled for Wednesday 4/5 at the offices of SYVCHPSA (Londos 6 Exarchia). The relevant call said: Before us we have Sunday 8/5, when the shops are open again (according to the law on "8 Sundays" still applies). For the day has been declared "May Day" general strike. For Sunday that the Coordinating action against the abolition of the Sunday holiday and 'liberated' schedules calls to strike concentration at 10 am on Ermou (Constitution) .The meeting our apparently again is open to those unions and collectives, female counterparts and colleagues found the strike and all our relevant interventions throughout last season and generally all those who wish to develop / coordinate action on this issue.

Finally, in desperation they find once more the Easter and May Day workers in the field of Drug with unsolved their labor problems. The biggest perhaps "thorn" for the industry is the lack of a Collective Labour Agreement (CLA). For Medical Visitors already completed three years and for Farmakoupallilous 6, respectively. "For the CRS we have made proposals in SFEE only with institutional demands and without wage costs," the National Federation of Medical Representatives (what), noting that is still waiting for an answer in order to assess the intentions of the pharmaceutical industry still empraktos.Ena confrontational issue between the Federation and the Association on a consistent basis is the dismissals are recorded primarily in the area of medical visitors, simultaneously with the expansion of tire / opportunistic forms of work and workers' complaints of violation of their labor rights and to prevent industrial action in the factories . "The crocodile tears that the situation is such we can not do otherwise unconvincing. Those who speculated in previous years it was time to repay to society a part of the profit into jobs and jobs "says what. Proexangellei while principle demonstrations starting from the 48-hour General Strike GSEE for the Social Security & the Tax Bill.

Tags: anarcho-syndicalism , ESE thens

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