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(en) Catalunia, embat: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ version 0.2) (ca) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 21 Mar 2016 14:50:06 +0200

- It is not Embat? ---- There is a group, not a federation of groups, etc. Neither an activist group, their activities do not come labeled as organization activists rhythms; even if those militants who they are. And definitely not a party that aspires to stand for election or to enter institutions. Not intended to be vanguard of any movement, if not participate engine and a political culture of social transformations, which must carry out the people strong and organized. ---- - What is Embat? ---- It is an organizational effort that opened a few years ago to establish a political organization in Catalonia, libertarian nature. It was created, or rather, we are building from an open to various libertarian militants under a common analysis of the shortcomings and possible solutions to them.

Want projected Embat political culture, and therefore the people involved in the organization or are related to it, where involved, either:

respect for diversity within the movement, its rhythms and its partial objectives.
autonomy movements toward partisan agendas or any political organization.
was the main factor working unit around a program / shared objectives.
work to drive tactical and strategic aims that will create this strong nation that could constitute popular.
Really work for the common good and a comprehensive perspective class, which does not remain in one eye fight or particular movement. That with respect to all the popular movements in their diversity, participate in them or not, that is, respect for diversity and learning, a hallmark of the political organization and the people who make up .

- I think you have "solution"?

No, nothing could be further from that. Precisely base our action and our thoughts on the interaction with other actors in the social field, because our experiences enrich us all. And because we understand that social change does not come from the hand of specific groups of people if not organized, with all its diversity, but based on a common programmatic lines.

- What do you want?

We would like this organization is being forged lines have programmatic, strategic and tactical common shares and assumed by everyone who belongs. Let everyone know both the internal and the people who know us be clear what we defend. We want this organization to be a tool and a motor for the people who belong and the social spaces where we are.

- And we're getting? What you have done so far?

We are working and we must admit that it is easy. Customs cost and inertia to overcome, though not objectively think I want to repeat something, habits can end up doing it. We must be careful. We are talking about changing habits and traditions recent policies, we will not in a few months ...

On the other hand, we, as an organization, currently nothing like a visualization can have as a group or activist movement. Our current task is to consolidate internal bases that connect with the people who participate and work to unite us around a program, a strategic and tactical unit. This might seem to 'do nothing', because these tasks are internal visibility.

As militants actively participated in various collective initiatives, unions, Neighborhood, etc this is the real weight and real projection of the organization to connect all the people of the organization around a new political culture, a way of understanding and influence the reality that go beyond the struggle and give us a partial overview.

Currently trying to consolidate these tasks through internal training, creation of centers, work areas, etc.

In addition, we always emphasize the role that should have social organizations and movements, ie, the people organized; not specify an organization such as ours.

- Why a new political organization '?

Based on our analysis of the organizational model would be different. Not invalidate other models, there is no exclusivity nor heard 'organizational homeland' (or strategic sense or identity). We thought that the question should focus on organizational and social, for anarchism, this otherwise we talked about before, programmatic coherence, strategic and tactical unit. We do not have all the answers but we learn wandering and experimenting.

- Why use the term "anarchism"? Are not you being very identity and this can get back to people who do not feel comfortable with this label?

We want, first of all, be honest. We do not believe that we are identifying to tell us anarchists.

We fully understand the reticence generated by this label. We can share these same reluctance, but this can not lead to clear at once, a whole line of thought valid by our prejudices.

We believe that anarchism has to catch up, is updated or re-invent himself. I arrive late to this task, but we can not act as if nothing had happened. We would be equally counterproductive fall into the myth of "heroic past" with invented everything "back" to finish doing the same thing, thinking it to be "new" is already good. It would be logical to enter capitalist consumption (do not use it, it is old, it is new purchase).

- Put references to authors and organizations ... do not see it clearly. Want to reproduce the same here in Catalonia?

Using benchmarks is complicated. In some people it is easier to think that this is related catechisms that we follow. This is a way of understanding the policy is very "digital" (where everything is either 1 or 0), and we believe that we must overcome.

We intend to learn from all the experiences, including those that have not gone well. I noted regarding not having them canonized as sacred texts. They are tools we use to rethink our positions.

We think that would be just as ridiculous as trying to fall into mimicry in historical mimicry between countries, regions ... where realities are quite different. But that does not mean that we can learn from the experiences of others.

- I do not quite understand how this is related political organization and social organizations / popular ... That to me sounds like Trotskyism!

Well, first of all, this way of understanding politics do we see identity. That is, everything that does not sound like our preconceived notion is understood as a "diversion." We believe it is a barrier to overcome, and symptomatic of our political culture. And anyone were exempt: who else, who less, sometimes we fall into these reductions.

But responding, we understand the construction of a political program and a political organization from the bottom up. So are the experiences in the social and popular movements that feed the program (overview) political organization and not vice versa. In any case, it would be bi-directional, it would be naive to deny that a person in total two different entities not bring permeability and influence each other.

- What is the relationship you have with other projects types Integral Cooperatives, Ecoxarxa, unions, associations ...?

First of all we want to clarify and reiterate that we are not an organization against others. We are not born to oppose other sensitivities and organizational areas. We understand the organization as political leg fully complementary to a number of social projects in which, or to participate as members, or partners ... we feel close to those found in the various social struggles.

That said, if the organization has local centers, these centers should be established in their local program their closest relationships (partnerships, alliances tactics ...). Even on the basis that should be used to achieve a better setting for our class and / or the achievement of the program. I must not go against other experiences and tactical differences.

- I find that your beauty is confusing could be anything. Why not use an "A" normal?

Many people have prejudices anarchism because it reminds some image / beauty ... to the end and we are very visual animals, and hear about anarchism can think or in counter-punk, or nostalgic 20- years 30th century past.

Well, we know that part of the construction of a speech also updated through a different aesthetic. We try to take care of some aesthetics, even though right now we do not have any professional graphics sector. We try to make it cleaner and more "present."

In the case of "A", we created this because we believe that identifying an "A" staggering rises to a closed circle with a small wave that boosts your heart, it could be quite symbolic that we want to open this process.

- Why the name Embat and one more representative of the history of anarchism?

Indeed, we put away some awareness of some clichés, and because we liked her very significant "blow given by the wave on the shore, the ship; promotion of wind. In a figurative attack can refer to, forward, run "

- Long program ... Talk to me this sounds a political party. What do you mean when you use the term "program"?

For us as a program is a recipe that serves to combine ingredients / items. "Ojú!" Is not a magic recipe serves all ... If you've ever cooked, you may be past that, suddenly, you realize you do not have to replace the onion and leek, or you tried make no prescription, etc. Have you adapted to the tactical changes of the time, but have not stopped trying to implement your recipe.

Let us for a program that is a model of what we do, and based on those elements that have (situation analysis) and where we want to go (objectives: short, medium and long term).

So simple and so complicated.

-Val, Very well. I am interested in the proposal. How can I participate?

Okay, the first step is to get in touch with us and see if both parties are in line and if we join forces together.

Not everyone is in sync, nothing happens. The rhythms, both personal and organizational are very different.

Sometimes people indicate that we stay in touch without participating in the organization internally, because we think you should keep your social space, either because a person 'principal' of that space, either because they can not keep rhythm all its commitments, etc. Some people can not see itself within an organization, for whatever reason, but supports working sporadically on those tasks that profession, or to insert space knows best. All forces, spread, spread without thinking about themselves above the others is an organization that enriches social transformation as we intend to be this.


This is version 2.0 of the "Frequently Asked Questions"

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