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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - policy, Against the state of emergency and the deprivation of nationality on 10 and 12 March (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 18 Mar 2016 09:58:03 +0200

After January 29, and then the approach of a broad social movement with anger that crystallizes the rejection of the "Law El Khomri 'appointment is given on March 12 to carry the rejection of the state emergency of state racism and imperialist pretenses of the french state. A large rally was also held in Paris on 10 March. ---- The mobilization of January 30 against the state of emergency and deprivation of nationality was an undeniable success. Demonstrations were organized all over the country. The growing rejection in the population of the state racism (emergency) as well as of war and warmongers imprecation must convince us to continue working along information taken against the propaganda of the government and politicians to justify the unjust and unjustifiable.

On March 12, it is to continue this momentum by claiming clearly:

The immediate lifting of the state of emergency and the permanent state of exception
Abandoning the entrenchment of emergency and deprivation of nationality status
The judgment of the repression and stigmatization of demonstrators and activists from social movements, migrants, the Muslim-es-es or perceived to be, the popular districts
Respect for the freedom to express, assemble and express themselves
A few days before 12 March 9, there will be a social mobilization of the union bases and anger of hundreds of thousands of habitant.es the country. To this response begins if the necessary torque rejection of a plan permanent exception which will certainly be used at full capacity by the power to try to stop the popular dynamics in construction. The next day, a big rally against the state of emergency will be held in Paris.

Map mobilizations of March 12

We invite you to check / fill / distribute this card and this article to help mobilize!

View full size

Thursday, March 10, 19 hours

Big rally, state of emergency, El Khomri law, union repression, tou-te-s-es attacked, tou-te-s-es mobilized!

University Paris 8 - Saint-Denis
Saturday, March 12, 14 hours

Demonstration against the emergency and deprivation of nationality status

Place Saint-Michel
The Parisian leaflet containing the 10 arguments.

10 arguments against state of emergency

1- The state of emergency is unnecessary

Since 1986, a dozen anti-terrorist laws were passed, mostly in response to the attacks: in 1986, in 1996, after 11 September 2001, after the attacks in Madrid (2004) and London (2005). These laws have not prevented attacks from occurring in France, for they have multiplied against the emergency measures and special diets ...

2- The state of emergency affects mainly social movements, the neighborhoods and the Muslim-es

Since November 13, 2015, the manifestations of evil lodged es, women, refugee-es, environmentalists, wage earners have been banned ... the activists are prosecuted es for defying the ban. activists from social movements, the Muslim-es-es or perceived to be, popular neighborhoods inhabitant-es-es were assigned arbitrarily to residence and / or suffered violent searches and humiliation, unrelated terrorism. The state refuses to repair certain collateral victims of the attacks, as the inhabitant-es of the building stormed by the RAID in St Denis or police abuse victims.

3- The deprivation of nationality in the constitution is a threat to 3.7 million binational

Claimed by the extreme right, this measure creates two classes of citizens while according to the Constitution, citizens are free and equal in rights. It is particularly serious that it could later be extended to other crimes as terrorism.

4- The emergency state and decay are ineffective

According to official statistics, the authorities carried out 3242 searches between 14 November 2015 and 29 January 2016. 4 searches resulted in the opening of a criminal investigation for terrorism-related offense effectively under French law . As for the deprivation of nationality, everyone agrees that she will never stop a terrorist.

5- The state of emergency has been, is and always will be dangerous for democracy

The law on state of emergency was passed in 1955, during the war of Algeria. It is under the guise of a state of emergency that on 17 October 1961, the prefect Maurice Papon has murdered hundreds of Algerians in Paris. And it is still under a state of emergency on 8 February 1962, the same Papon fact prohibit a demonstration for peace, leading to the killing by police of 9 activists Charonne. This law was then applied against the suburban riots in 2005 by Interior Minister Sarkozy. Since its inception on November 13 in the evening, it was used against the refugees, and their supporters, against feminists, environmentalists, Muslim and Muslims (or supposed), and trade unionists. History shows that all emergency laws used to harden the power and repress the population. If the state of emergency was enshrined in the constitution, authoritarian government would have a free hand to hit hard the opponent es.

6- With the state of emergency, the army moved into the landscape

With this state of endless exception (because terrorism is endless), the state unnecessarily mobilizes tens of thousands of police and soldiers patrolling the streets for hours only to let the public believe that it is protected. This climate of lasting militarization of society nourishes the fear of the other. Over-mobilize repressive forces reduces the capacity to face the terrorism that is alleged fight.

7- The arbitrary police and state is strengthened, judicial control is weakened

It is an act of defiance against judges who do their work in precarious conditions. It is a grave mistake to limit its control face to the attacks. The laws exist, but lack the means, every news story demonstrates! The state of emergency devotes both the marginalization of the judge and the increase of attacks on freedom of the vast and vague public policy criteria.

8- The government creates a special regime

Registration of the state of emergency in the constitution, extension of the state of emergency until the adoption of a new anti-terrorism legislation that strengthens the powers of the police, the government is increasing démoratiques regressions. A military-sécuritaro-digital complex is set up, leading to stress society and hyper surveillance. The law of intelligence and capacity of Internet control are shown.

9- The state of emergency becomes the rule

The law on organized crime and terrorism happens in debate goes even further. It will, without judicial supervision and outside the state of emergency, night searches, identity checks, searches of luggage, the guard in arbitrary order for 4 hours without a lawyer. A police officer may open fire against an armed individual who does not control or keep his service weapon 24 24 ... The "predictive crime" is introduced in a state of emergency: the mere suspicion that a person may commit an offense may be sufficient for house arrest or a search.

10- The State reinforces the repression and weakens cohesion

War is the cause of terrorism. Instead of militarizing society, repressing social movements such as 8 Goodyear let the racist worm make its way, it would seek peace, abolish ethnic profiling and detention camps, introduce into the constitution the right voting abroad-es and open new social rights, reduce inequality ...

First signatories: AC, ACORT, ACTIT, ADTF, AFA Idf, AMF, APEIS, ATF, ATMF, ATTAC, BAN, CAPJO-Europalestine, CCIF, CEDETIM, CFPE, CGT 75, CNT RP, group 3C, group of disobedient! collective non 18e voice collective ever fallen (e) collective Ouioui, COPAF, CRLDHT, CSP 75, CSP 93, DAL, Droits devant!, social Ecology, Emancipation Trend Inter, FASTI, FADJ-DIDF France, equality Women, Girls and Son of the Republic, Copernicus Foundation, FTCR, FUIQP, GISTI, HALEM, waning Climate Initiative, IPAM, MAFED, MCTF, MNCP, MRAP, PSM, REMCC, Network for a Left decolonial, SAF, Union of Magistrates, SNPES PJJ-FSU, Union Syndicale Solidaires Solidaires student-es, SOUTH Air, SOUTH Education, SUD PTT, out of colonialism, Survival, UJFP, UTIT ...

With the support of: Alternative Libertaire, CGA, Decay IDF, EELV, Togetherness, Postal code, Pirate Party, OFC, PG, Resistance, PIR ...

Photo: cc laetitiablabla

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