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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #258 (Feb) - antiracism, Police: ethnic profiling sheets in training (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 6 Mar 2016 11:35:14 +0200

Saturday, January 2 on Mediapart appeared an article on police training publishing sheets for police trainees. A state racism condensed uninhibited that essentializes populations and explains a lot about the behavior of repressive forces in the neighborhoods. ---- For dozens of years that are denounced racial profiling, statistics show they do not diminish. Common sense, some would say especially within the police, the majority of offenders are from the minorities of African origin, it is normal to control more assiduously. A population is targeted as delinquent in power, there is the racialization: a set of individuals is socially constituted as race, which has the primary effect of criminalizing them. ---- See this process at work in police training when it addresses the problem of "sociocultural standards of major foreign communities living in France," as one of the forms published by Mediapart. The reporter of the news website notes a "laudable goal" despite an approach "culturalist" and some "non avoided stereotypes." Let's see what it is.

The Mediapart article: "Police Schools in full swing" (2 January 2016)

"Them" and "us"

The third part of this form example explains how to "integrate social and cultural norms of the population from the Maghreb." The first principle of understanding of these standards: "The daily life of Muslims is marked by the precepts from religion, which is difficult to understand for us who have developed legal standards which we say that they are representative and founding of a secular and democratic republic. " The tone is set: there are" them "and" us. "

Muslims and Muslim religious beliefs that lock them in their particularism, and "we", the universal republican values. The idea of a clash of civilizations underlying detail is clearly stated. But the author or authors of the plug, nobility, remember still that "beginning of the Christian era" also our life was religious. We might as well say that "as we were cannibals before the Neolithic" ... Trend falsely respectful but really racist to want to put Europe at the top of the ladder of history, claiming the set at the same level as the other by giving them a place on the same scale.

Islam is then described as a "recent religion": infantilization of Muslim native reminiscent of the old colonial administrative circulars. Very soon also be noted that secularism is an old process in European history. Nevermind the fact that the record evokes Louis XIV - who revoked the Edict of Nantes, promulgated by Henri IV, who was a first step toward tolerance of the Protestant worship - as having "launched a first effort secularized legal codification ": when one is so high on the scale of history look down dizzying. So we forgive this historic blunder our budding climbers.

It continues with a presentation of the history of Islam and its practice will focus on the attitude of "Muslims" against women, which will crystallize much of the plug, up to assert that " in essence, in principle, women are in an inferior position in Muslim society compared to men, which is not without its problems in our societies tend to egalitarianism. " the term has been laid, speaks of gasoline, that is to say which is clean and eternal and immutable way a category.

Islam is sexist patriarchal by nature, while "our companies" - hear "we whites" - would be egalitarian. Is it necessary to recall the patriarchal structure of our societies "we" whites? It's amazing how a revolutionary and emancipatory movement (feminism) can be diverted and recovered as an instrument of domination.

Then we learn for example that "marriage (Muslim) is rarely made by the girl": no need to source or Fact Checker, in order to differentiate a universalist and egalitarian culture in a barbaric and oppressive culture.

circular colonial style

Continue: "In essence, every Muslim knows a member of a large family. "

Mean by that their solidarity between "them". The idea of family solidarity foolproof between the members of a community of which is to show how it is foreign and incompatible with the nation has a history aftertaste fascist who is struggling to pass: a distrust Semitism existed in a Charles Maurras since the Dreyfus affair. The problem is precisely that this type of card "pass", that is to say, to be broadcast in police training centers without hindrance, without conscientious objection, without the awareness of the racism of its content (or although civil society is it so outrageous by racism State that accedes willingly?).

The contrast between two civilizations is even the opportunity of the most abject rapprochement between circumcision (removal of the foreskin, without affecting the genital development and sexuality, sometimes performed for medical reasons) and excision (removal of the clitoris, which the consequences on the genital development and sexuality have hardly need to be made): "in general, we can consider that circumcision and excision are acts that make sense because the one brand to stand out; the reasoning is the opposite of that of western civilizations tend towards egalitarianism equality (it eliminates differences). This is clearly mark the difference between men and women. " As if sexual difference and patriarchy resulting were not also structural in" our "society ...
Finally, the highlight of racialization happens, criminalization: "The relationship with the law and its representatives was a strong sense among the first generation immigrants, despite their difficulty in understanding that the republican law is not that of Koran. The situation has changed and we know what is today the behavior of community youth in difficult neighborhoods including that of boys vis-à-vis female faculty members. We will not dwell in this field because this is a clearly identified problem. "

No need to dwell on this field, it is well known that Muslims are criminals, unlike their parents they do not even respect the Qur'anic morality, and they mistreat teachers. From an administrative circular colonial style we went to the style of the nineteenth century criminologists, who think to find in the biological criteria of race the source of crime. The criteria of the breed are not organic, they are cultural, but they work the same way, producing a set of racialized and criminalized individuals.

The races are well made, and the record is careful to distinguish between "Arabs" of "populations from sub-Saharan Africa." If the Arab is violent, the Black is stupid and archaic, that ignominy professed to just words covered through the story of a "Senegalese mason": "Having been quickly paid for his work, he, the old leader of the Muslim family, had given to our fellow small animal horn containing a chapter of the Quran and recapped using a ... chewing gum; he had recommended to bury the object in the front garden of his home and had told him that this would effectively make him stay forever in this house. "

The anecdote may be intended to laugh, but a laugh of superiority, at worst we laugh full of contempt and mockingly from the one who seems lower, the better (it does nothing better in reality) as they laughed condescendingly of a child and his jokes. If the archaism of a belief is measured by its total lack of concordance with the facts, then burying believe chewing gum makes eternal is as archaic to think that the police repression prevents what it is supposed to suppress.

Production of race

The result was enough to make "born in itself knife blades" in the words of Frantz Fanon in Black Skin, White Masks. Because blacks are not only subject to archaic beliefs, they talk, and they talk loudly: "In terms of social relations, Africans attach great importance to the debate and speech; they take the time to discuss, exchanges are loud and demonstrative. Some form of fatalism color their view of things, which is largely imbued with diverse beliefs and superstition. Beyond a certain apparent indifference, they often show pride and the susceptibility of people who recommend Islam. "

Besides being noisy, they have in common with the "Arabs" to be capable, and be offenders: "It is in the centers of young" Blacks "suburban problems that are currently the most critical, boys willingly adhering to the subculture of street movement after American hip-hop and values of lies and violence inherent in it. " The " subculture street " represented by the " Ebony " is opposed to the on-white culture. He should have added that "lies and violence" Blacks should oppose love and brotherhood whites.

Love and brotherhood going to the batons of néopoliciers who have at heart to imitate their elders in their targeted violence. Well trained, they will know who to hit. And although the Muslim men and women are the main targets of this racialization, the "people of Southeast Asia," the plug then more conveniently called the "Chinese" are criminalized: "They are found in many of clandestine activities of textile manufacturing or trafficking of drugs. "

Now it is surprising indulgence of the author of the article (which has the merit of having published this record) that sees only "stereotypes". These are more than just stereotypes, that is to say coarse descriptions of reality. There is no question in this form to describe a reality but to produce it. The races have not gone away. Not that they have always existed in our genes, but are the product of a political racialization, with consequent criminalization.

The state is benefiting a scapegoat serves to consolidate the nation united around a common enemy, a cheap labor used to do the dirty work (without papers is even better, it does there is even no need to go through the box destruction of the Labour code, which does not apply to), class domination is reinforced with a dominating race, racist denunciation of sexism and patriarchy of racialized es used to hide the kind of domination of the bourgeois state, sexist and racist, criminalization of legitimate race the existence of a policy for suppressing any hint emancipatory, whether of class, gender or sex .

Fear of denaturation

Finally, end up the most abject, the barely veiled desire of losing these breeds of overpopulation responsible: "Finally it is important not to forget is that the return home is only a myth and that we will deal with all these people who will return either in Africa or elsewhere because the host country has become one of the children and the "first generation" has accommodated the disadvantages associated with a difficult integration as benefits are as many patterns of no return. Note lastly that the demographic curve of our country is positive only because women's fertility rates of North African and African origin. However, it must indicate that the rate was 8 for Women Maghreb twenty years ago; it came down to 4 today; one can think that will be the same for people from sub-Saharan Africa in the coming years. "

It is well said that "their return is only a myth." This expresses the contradiction of any procedure of state racialization: it tends to desire the disappearance of what it has itself made, but the state needs these breeds to keep as repressive state. That's why this back, although a desired part, is impracticable.

It falls at the end in the deepest abjection when women's fertility "Maghreb" and "African" is mentioned. We do not know where to take it. On the one hand, and the author of the Mediapart precise, the numbers are entirely invented, and there is no significant difference between "their" fecundity and "ours." But then this evocation is fraught with meaning: the fear of denaturation of a nation by the demographic peril reminds some Nazi slogans.

With this training we should not be surprised of racial profiling and police "blunders" on racisé.es But with such racialization, it does not surprise then the effects it produces, fundamentalism being one of the multiple effects, once said that explanations of fundamentalism does not involve disempower individuals who make this choice. One thing is to judge individual responsibility, another is to seek social conditions favoring a type of practice.

Bernard Goujon (LA Toulouse)

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