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(en) afed.cz: Defence anarchism [machine translation]

Date Wed, 8 Jun 2016 10:47:05 +0300

Consideration of our sympathizer that we have the opportunity to take your life into your own hands, and most of it and we have to try. ---- Anarchism is our currently marginal school of thought. I would like to use this text to show the great potential of anarchism and why to him, put my hope in achieving social change. ---- Greater social anarchism raises interest only if it will take place some anarchist "riots" or if they are anarchists accused of terrorism. Such "events" gratefully seize the media and anarchism have my minute of fame - for anarchists totally unwanted and living a life of their own as long as the media space fills up other equally "shocking" news. Recipients of this information, if the anarchism ever wondered just confirms his image, he created the anarchists - have them as a group of madmen and how to report (and the police) show sometimes dangerous fools. In the best case, only anarchists deemed incorrigible dreamers.

Most anarchists seeks long this little box, which involved escape. Sometimes even so strenuously that they think if they would not help stop about themselves as anarchists speak. I prefer to forget the word anarchism and go for principles matter under what name. Perhaps this view, experience has led dozens of debates and discussions, which actually ended before it even began. And just because one of their early identified as supporters of anarchism, thus deprived of the opportunity to have their views taken seriously. This does not include, of course, only debates but also the impact of anarchist events for the public, who are mostly people perceived a priori negative way, just because they're organized by anarchists.

We find ourselves in a difficult situation where we previously put in a position of utter untrustworthiness. We are perceived as a chaotic fighters against all such people who offer constructive solutions to problems who just mindlessly negate contemporary society and as an alternative offering unrealistic, utopian dreams.

Generally you can say about the social arrangement that would replace the current arrangement, speaks quite difficult. About this difficult task after centuries tried various philosophers and thinkers, and most of them were identified as utopian and was "convicted" of error.

The main problem but operates mainly the fact that anarchism has always been linked to the indignation of the injustice of social organization and the associated willingness to resolve this injustice and "non-standard" radical way. It tightened the idea neserióznosti danger to anarchists in the eyes of society. The company preferred the bad and doubtful currently before the "dangers" of radical changes that could aggravate all or completely destroyed. So the problem was that anarchism nesetrvával only "sketch" ideal society (which, moreover, quite rightly, not considered it very important), but the emphasis was on active radical change here and now.

What with this? Anarchism can not change that. It is clear that anarchists have become a "peaceful power" (not only because our strategy has deflated the KDU-CSL), which would slow and incremental steps in forming society and modify it cosmetically rather than principle. Such an approach would contradict the dynamism that is inherent anarchism, and also would not have foreseen the risk of large jumps back - development for the better is not a historical necessity, we can only watch today, but something that must constantly strive and struggle.

Lately, however, the mood in society rather changing. Some commentators describe this change so that more and more people are calling for a radical solution to the problems and leans towards extremism. Anarchism has always been radical, but here of course is not just about the radicalism as such - the key is how radical solutions are offered. The very radicalism of anarchism therefore may not be an advantage because there is radicalism opposite spectrum. For anarchists it is so currently a big and difficult challenge that people are not radicalized right-wing populists toward hatred, intolerance, xenophobia and the "militant timid" but towards radically expressed solidarity and support provided.

What are the basic differences in the bases of anarchists and right-wing populists? Populists use of human fear, anarchists builds on the human courage and determination in the fight against oppression. I do not want in the least to downplay the concerns of ordinary people (in the world today are indeed quite understandable), but if Ortel sings "I will not lie, and thou shalt be afraid," many of it on themselves "giving away". This part of the text is in fact just another confirmation of the known fact that the fascist tendencies growing sense of being threatened. The threat is a nation, a way of life, European civilization, social and health systems, women ... It is not difficult to notice that the hatred of threatening the "foreign" is often stronger than the emphasis on the protection of "our values" and social security. Does not emphasize is the way we are (or should we live) we are as bearers of the "better" culture, but how perverse and perversely live those strange. Just point should be relatively widespread absurd assertion that virtually all Muslims are either pedophiles or zoophiles, or preferably both. This approach should provoke such opposition and hatred that will be easy to label the latter as "nonhumans" because they live and behave in such a way that they themselves prepared for their humanity.

For many, it is perhaps surprising, but it turns out that it is precisely anarchism (the anarchism, which should be according to critics only negativistickým rejection of all things), which rests the future of the positive aspects of humankind - on cooperation, solidarity, courage and resistance against injustice. For the company, which enormously growing concern spreads fatalism and apocalyptic prophecies, the anarchist belief in the possibility of positive change and build a better world real asset.

This idea I want to elaborate on that. In anarchism is not only firmly rooted confidence in the positive human qualities, but also the belief that a better future is worth fighting for, even if it seems that it is a losing battle. It is the principle of defiance. Sisyfuv that proverbial stone is never large enough to make him into an anarchist at least tried to lean on. In this defiance can help a person certainty that completes the previous idea of confidence in man, and that is a certainty solidarity. It always had to find an arm which is a heavy boulder rests together with you. To this may be too poetic image hides a simple fact. Anarchists never refuse assistance despised, exploited and oppressed. Powerful of this world trample the wretches, but for those anarchists always find advocacy, regardless of their origin, race or religious beliefs. It is the opinion of unconditional humanity. This confidence in humanity, help and solidarity is a source of inner strength anarchism.

My celebration of the man raises the question of the relationship of the individual and the system. Anarchists are not social engineers. We do not think that we create a society in which everyone will necessarily happy, but at the same time we want to remodel an existing company. Why and in what direction?

Happiness itself is quite difficult to understand outside of the individual, subjective perception. Someone in connection with happiness says the problem people have is that they can not enjoy the everyday little things are horrible and eternal pessimists complainants. That view, I would like very much to oppose and say that it is undeniable how much the current system (social order) negatively affects our lives. It always has been. Imagine a slave in ancient Greece, which is working to exhaustion in a quarry, or even a medieval peasant, issued loud at his mercy. Imagine the current refugee, fleeing from war-stricken country. While imagining how they can be masters of their lives, how their system destroys lives and how they should rejoice in the little things consistently. Likewise, but we can also imagine the inhabitants of the Czech Republic. Because they live in a society based on power and control. Just look around, what are the interpersonal relationships in our surroundings, what you take in life, people take away from hierarchically structured families, what do you take away home from work. Skewed power relations and exploitation so permeated our society that have become a common part of our lives, whether it's about relationships at work, at school or in the family. Rooted to us, and as was shown several times, they only work with our nod - the system largely helped create. The bigger challenge is trying to change it hides. The match is taking place on two fronts - in ourselves and in the context of changes to the system. Described forms of oppression are understandably different, essential and connecting element remains the same - you need to start thinking about myself and about the society otherwise radically, and also begin a radical act.

Anarchists want a hierarchical, paternalistic social order removed. They also want to change the perception of what it means to be successful in life. About these changes is trying not to dictate to people what they are and how to behave, quite the contrary. Through social changes they want to unleash the potential of a free life, make him an individual could live according to their wishes. We can not make people happy, but the removal of systemic injustice, we can increase their chances of personal "lucky" to achieve. With the potential to loose every man loaded at its discretion and in accordance with their wishes, so that he did not "lucky" to glean system only.

Anarchist society against attempts to change the exhibits admirable resistance. Anarchists but realize that society as a whole can not be their enemy, they can not fight against anyone. Indeed, for whom they would really fight? They are part of society and their actions prove it. They are not dogmatic, his thoughts and deeds reflect, can be unconditional solidarity, act constructively cooperate and to compromise where possible and where not to compromise the ideal of humanity denial. In combination with passion and dedication is something that is needed to offer the company repeatedly, despite possible feelings of futility, which can sometimes feel because of failures.

At a time of increasing despair, when many people begin to think that against multinational corporations and sophisticated forms of oppression can not fight that hardly, if not, we can affect how we live, calling anarchism to attack and try to convince people of the opposite . The fact that we have the opportunity to take your life into your own hands, and most importantly, that's about it and we have to try.
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