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(en) Czech, afed.cz: Report of the Court of Appeals of Igor Ševcova

Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 17:46:29 +0300

There is no reason to rejoice. Prague High Court today ruled on the appeal of Igor Ševcova. ---- According to Igor judgment forbiden to attend sports, cultural events and manifestations (demonstrations, marches) and other events organized by anarchist movement for three years. Most people that judgment appears to be milder than expulsion for two years, but what is not clap. We have prepared a report on the process yesterday. ---- The smaller room have? ---- Long we talked about how it will proceed Court of Appeal and now it's here. Since morning runs around the screenshot Ovcácková networks Facebook profile, where presidential spokesman Milos Zeman calculates a list of personalities and institutions that support the left-wing extremism. He listed there anyone who dared to argue about Igor's guilt, including the departments of Czech universities and former presidential candidate, philosopher Jan Sokol. It can be seen that using our slogan "we are all terrorists," whereby we take so seriously the importance of this absurd term used to intimidate society, we are closer to the truth than we ourselves think.

With the approaching fourteen hours grew outside the courtroom people and they came to the woman who was going organizationally in charge to let us know that the room is only 25 seats, and therefore will go one by one under the coordination of judicial guards. True capacity pews were 16 tumors. It can not say anything other than, "You're doing the ass, is not it ?!" What are you afraid that more people saw with their own eyes as well as Czech justice? Or perhaps came the "social bonds" that's Igor Why do I (and several dozen of them and had to wait at the door) ?! To "Igor ties" to shorten the time, they went around the corner, where a change in custody for another anarchist Martin Ignacák to greet him loudly. There they expect none other than good old captain Kavka. The most secret of all tajnejch.

Kronstadt in the courtroom

Thus, the trial could begin. The policeman, who was grinning as if he ate four lemons, admonished the people in the corridor around them do not hear anything. She forgot scold President of the Court of Appeals, Judge Peter PÍŠOVÁ to stop whispering and began to speak, so that he heard it. The whole process went fairly quickly. The judge summed up the prosecution and judgment of the lower instance. Igor's testimony read and quoted the judge Bedrichová the expulsion of two years is the lowest possible sentence, and again did not forget to emphasize Igor anarchist jurisdiction and perhaps membership in the "Company Alert". When the grounds for appeal, Igor's lawyer Kožoušek pointed out on several fundamental aspects, which according to him, the municipal court erred or wrongly decided.

First, it said that the court still acts as if Igor could attack the defense minister, a court "unfortunately" did not obtain enough evidence for it to prove it. Whole resolutely he pointed out that it transpired that the accused had no relationship with the minister nor his family did not even know who is the Minister of Defence. The indictment did not have any direct or indirect evidence except strangely (without the participation of defense counsel) demonstrated conformity scent. But Igor had cameras record the track record of the logs on the Internet profiles, etc. Kožoušek said that the entire case could easily be staged, or he could choose to run someone in the family. Further he pointed out that the accusation of involvement in the destruction of foreign matter came up five months after the event itself, which is sprayed. Police probably knew from the beginning it was filmed Igor, but only when they started to disintegrate the case of terrorism, it teamed up with shooting spraying.

He also stated that the court talks about the whole event staged Luke Borla, as if he was convicted for, and as if the whole thing had to change something. The court also misjudged the trips, he wrote that Igor travels through Europe to base guerrillas. He explained that it was a study trips, where Igor was with my parents. The judgment says that once Barcelona got on the plane and there ends his tracks. At Igor's wittily responded by saying that it sounds as if vaporized the entire plane with passengers, but it would be enough to look into his waist, to determine where and when he came and how long they stayed there. But it would Holt does not cause so conspiratorially. Defending Kožoušek then pointed out that the widespread use of the slogan "Resistance lives, the struggle continues," is hardly can say that the accused is a member of the Association Alerta. Moreover it argued that the tattoo is difficult to prove that someone else prepares radicals to clashes with the police and ask for someone to be in the courtroom and showed vysvlékal next tattoo is more than humiliating.

In another respect, the lawyer pointed out that deed is not a criminal offense, and hardly anyone can shoot at the same time watch and additionally express psychological support. In addition, the video has been edited and the time of the shooting had anything Igor chanting. As rightly pointed out: "Who's filming, he can not watch." Moreover, it was Igor, who put the video together and published. In the last point of defense he said that the court should not be much politicized and it should not use belonging to the anarchist movement as an argument of social harm. For the actual sentence still Kožoušek said that Igor is not for the lowest possible punishment, but rather a very stringent for such a marginal offense. "Two years of living here, he learned Czech perfectly, excellent student, stood behind him University in Pilsen and Prague's Charles University and intends to stay here and continue studying. His mother often come here for business travels and because of his age, you have created a lot of good acquaintances and friends."

In the case of the sentence suggested condition or community service. Igor had two time lawyer and his second lawyer, Paul Cižinský, he added that such a sentence for a political activist from the Russian Federation is inadmissible, and even the deed itself is on the edge of the offense and the offense will not be considered. He added that "for Igor expulsion would be the end of the study of social and political life and activism." Igor still said they did not agree with Judge BEDRICHOV which he recalled that after two years they can return and continue their studies. According to Igor, it is clear that after two years he had nobody gave a visa, studying him flee and pointed out that the judge does not realize how difficult it is for foreigners to the Czech Republic legally get here and start studying.

The state prosecutor, she declared that the judgment of the lower instance is in line with its proposal and that we must take into account the fact that Igor is a member of the anarchist scene, and the offense occurred in addition to the "unauthorized demonstration". It has therefore found the appeal as unfounded. The judge dismissed the subpoena a witness who was talking about the fate of political activists and deportation to Russia. The only witness was summoned Associate Professor Marek Jakoubek, who question whether Igor were sometimes problems, he said Igor is the opposite of violent student. Kožoušek eventually suggested the complete abolition and acquittal. State Attorney contrary, insisted on retaining the judgment and sentence. Judges and lay judges were dressed coat, former members of the Communist Party, and so the process against anarchist rather like Kronstadt in the courtroom.

You're in Bohemia, so do not jump too!

At half past three was reported by the verdict. The room looked as if the teacher stopped playing the piano and who has no chair, must out of business. But there was no chair more people than those who are received. And the verdict? Igor cobblers three years may not attend or participate in any sports or cultural events or rallies and other events organized by anarchist movement, such as demonstrations, marches, benefits, etc. What does that mean exactly, we do not know. Neither the lawyers were unsure. It is necessary to wait for the written observations and study section.

But in practice, this means that whenever undercover cop or netajnej see Igor in what they assess as one of the prohibited, Igor is guilty of obstruction of official power and can go sit for three years. Additionally, obviously he gets the prosecutor, in which it will have to report in the days of big events, mobilisations and demonstrations. The judge said the destruction of foreign property exceeds the freedom of speech, Igor is still a supporter of the anarchist movement (the greatest crime and the only thing that can unite alleged assault filming graffiti), plus it was undeclared manifestation. So what is there what to shoot, knave one.

As the "correct" the judge said, came from a foreign land, and yet here committing crimes. But it has become a tool! "We evaluated the circumstances of the accused properly studying high school and is a very good student, which is a significant factor. If they were deported, it would represent a big hit to his life and was the big question whether he could continue studying. "By Peter Judge Píša upheld the sentence. Judgment has not changed, only punishment. In other words, he said he understands Igor's ties to the Czech Republic, but: Well, Study, work, consume and Latin Mow, otherwise you'll see! Just one lot of bonds Igor can not continue to have, because it would be an informer could see and say that playing football or taking a stroll with a friend is one of the many activities that are not involved.

There is no reason to rejoice

The judgment is definitely nicer than expulsion, but it's still a prison. Inability to participate in political and social activities, organize, the threat of punishment lurking around every corner, it is for every person who does not intend to settle for the ubiquitous hierarchy utter degradation. The punishment that literally uždíbne tweak and holds convicted under total control. Moreover, in a world that increasingly resembles a prison. Punishments such as house arrest or helping to create the impression that everything is somehow okay and more people accept such prison or even such a judgment seen as a success, with which should be condemned reconcile.

Extending prison for prison walls but just helping these walls painted over the color that is near invisible or acceptable. What the dictatorship of the people he sees as unacceptable repression and generally oppose it with disgust, that democracy is perceived as something progressive and consider it to be fair. This invisible sebefízlování penetration, ubiquitous and invisible control of the prison into our lives creates so successful, and people accepted system. We'll see if Igor will try to do something with the judgment, he makes it or is it simply abandoning the tour, he will follow my heart and see what happens. Hard to say, anyway, it has our full support and solidarity.

If you want to support Igor, negratulujte him to "success" and rather ask him how he can help you cope with this difficult situation. But most importantly, change your surroundings in a world where no place for borders and prisons, whether they are visible or invisible. The environment in which Exclusion Act will be replaced by solidarity.

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