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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #262 - Emancipation Long live the children of freedom! (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 1 Jul 2016 19:25:28 +0300

The new parenting methods are still often seen as the advent of the child king, when they are not outright cause of the decadence of society. In a confusion between the decline of authority and educational benevolence, anarchists media and others fail to seize this model whose dealings with libertarian principles are nevertheless some ... ---- Issues of family education, especially for young children, are far from themselves up as favorite theme in libertarian circles. Under the pretext that the policy was not to interfere in the private sphere, few venture there, for lack of interest perhaps, but also respect a certain thematic tradition, the appeal issues family being symbolically tinged with a negative aura reactionary overtones.

A caricatured but proved broadly, the right theorists family and the diktat of its values VS confined to a left proavortement struggle, feminism and its emancipatory values, the child appears as an obstacle to women's liberation . Domestic issues are thus exclusively relayed by the press parental or religious movements and / or marked on the right. Or, on a far from trivial subject, can we decently leave the field to the right and extreme?

Consideration needs

Quantitatively, families with child (ren) up 8 007.3 thousand households out of a total of 16 994.7 - nearly half. (Source INSEE, 2012). This significant share of the population she intended to be excluded from political and militant sphere marked left? In youth and single struggle and political affairs, parents and especially mothers are remaining confined-as-the-s vestal virgins in their cocoon? Too often, the caesura is marked between domestic and daily engagement in public life. But the revolution and the improvement of society obviously begins at home, within the primary company that is family. This is precisely what postulate advocates educational benevolence.

Still confidential it ten years ago, this educational model has become indispensable to the point that the Council of Europe is considered as the most likely approach to respect children's rights and undertook to distribute a booklet for popularize.

This is a support of the child, against the foot of parental authoritarianism and excessive forms of pat-maternalism that unfold in an epic "do as I say, not what I do! ". Here, the child is considered a family member who has the right to feel emotions and to express them. His needs are taken into account in the same way - no more, no less - than those of other family members, children and adults.

Outlaw violence

Specifically, it is to outlaw all violence, replaced by an appeal to reason and putting into words the emotions of everyone, parents and children. Essentialize without the child in a "you are bad", "you are lazy", it is rather focus on his actions and its aftermath. "You do this. You were angry, tired and I understand. But your action has had such impact on others. " It uses a "you could solve the problem rather well" instead of "No do not do that! Because I forbid you! ".

Explain rather than imposing. Learn empathy by putting into words the emotions of each one, to better identify and respect. Do not minimize the feelings of the child, although her tears seem disproportionate us for the loss of a stick, for example. If as an adult it seems ridiculous, this is the world of the child, and say it is nothing at all, it is taught to repress his concern that in another case could be less benign. The educational kindness wants the child says, in the same way as a pedagogue as Sebastien Faure, "the child belongs neither to God nor to the State, or his family, but to himself even ".

Thus, if the candid surface of these proposals yet demanding a large parental investment is still mostly denounced from all sides, the model seems nevertheless closely approximate the libertarian educational ideal that refuses to make the child, and later adult pure believer in a doctrine but advocates an individual who, after analysis and reflection, possibly with other attempts to build. It is not unlike many educational doctrines, a copying machine and distort but rather a mode of production of free and autonomous individuals capable of choosing their social engagement mode. Is this not precisely what this movement, in a line that Maria Montessori, for her part, insists on the merits of early empowerment of individuals, by the constitution of materials suitable for children so that they discover through experience.

This crudely summarized bases, it seems difficult to claim libertarian and assert that a little authoritarianism is necessary to educate a child. Can we rise up police violence, all forms of submission or the imposition of 49.3, but accept authoritarian and arbitrary measures against a child, so that it is based in the mold requirements parental not suited to his spirit and his age? Can we emphasize order and submission to the detriment of self-fulfillment, development of curiosity and capacity to assert our children?

This model, if it is not to be confused with any laxity implies the contrary energy, patience and sustained dialogue with our children. More challenging to justify a spanking or not pure and simple, it is the fruit of awareness and effort supported if they are the result of a true knowledge. While gurus Manif for all screaming to a reversal of roles, often repeated refrain in all environments even libertarian drift resulting thus consists of privatization and commercialization of this expertise: courses and materials overpriced , private alternative schools only accessible to middle class or upper ...

This is why it is necessary to democratize the means advocating the emancipation of the individual from a very early age, the development of mutual respect and consideration of each other. Without make a dogma, you have to share, experience, and definitely decomplex parents wear to deploy. And above all, we must help them there by sharing a humanist parenting skills promising to erect a further decline of the individual company but empathetic and respectful of others, demonstrating the consistency between domestic and public efforts. Stay consistent, micro to macro-society, do not overlook welcome parents and their offspring in our struggles.

Julie (AL Moselle)

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