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(en) Catalunia, Embat, Press releases: Concentration in Barcelona on January 27 19pm: Call for Solidarity with Kurdistan (ca) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 25 Jan 2016 11:28:24 +0200

Genocide against the Kurdish people. Gathering in front of the Turkish consulate in Barcelona, Passeig de Gràcia, 7. Wednesday 27 January at 19 hours. - Organized Azad Platform of Solidarity with the Kurdish people - https://azadiplataforma.wordpress.com/ ---- On Wednesday January 27 marks the first anniversary of the liberation of Kobane. In this city in northern Syria, the militias of the YPG / YPJ for months resisted the attack of Daeshin (ISIS in English) and came out victorious. The defending was not only a city, defended a new model of society born of the struggle of the people of Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) to free themselves from the yoke of dictator Assad. This new model of society based on the liberation of women in radical democracy and horizontal decision-making power bases in a green economy at the service of society as a whole ... Meanwhile his brothers the north, Bakura (Turkish Kurdistan) also struggling to free themselves from the yoke of the government of Turkey, which is carrying out a brutal and savage war against all forms of opposition and specifically against the Kurds. Hundreds of people have died in Turkey in recent months due to the repression of the Turkish state, have imprisoned thousands of people have been censored media, resigned from his position as prosecutors and judges similar scheme and has been under siege whole cities with the aim of subjecting the population.

It is therefore necessary that we go out on the street, demanding respect for Kurds and other peoples who fight at your side. And also to show solidarity with the social revolution being carried out. We go to the streets to say that they are not alone, we are many who will not tolerate genocide is committing the government of Turkey and we will not stand idly watching attempting to crush a people to be free frieze that is fighting every day to break the chains imposed by Capitalism, Patriarchy and the State.

Therefore we call on January 27th at 19pm to concentrate in front of the Turkish consulate to show our opposition to the government led by Erdogan and to show our support for the Kurdish people.

Genocide against the Kurdish people

Gathering in front of the Turkish consulate in Barcelona,
Passeig de Gracia, 7

Wednesday, January 27 at 19 am

Call for Solidarity with Kurdistan

In late summer 2014 began the siege of the city of Kobanê. For four and a half months, the city in northern Syria was attacked by Daeshin (ISIS in its acronym in English), but Kurdish guerrillas were dealing with a very clear premise: do not spend. On 26 January 2015, after 134 days of resistance, the YPG / YPJ announced their release of siege Daeshin. Kobanê thus became a symbol of resistance against the forces jihadists, a bastion of freedom amid the chaos and destruction of the war in Syria. This victory created a growing interest worldwide for Rojava, although the project develops radical democracy that there had begun earlier, long before even the declaration of independence announced on 19 July 2012 by Kurds regard the Syrian regime of al-Assad.

In the mountains of Kurdistan take decades but centuries striving for a more just life for people living traditionally oppressed. The division of territory natural in 4 states (Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria) at the hands of the West, drew borders in order to maintain control by imperialist states, without considering the consequences for the population. Its identity was denied them, their culture and their dignity trampled repressed. Despite this (or perhaps because of it) were able to generate a social movement and a political project that can not be ignored. His harsh criticism of capitalism and imperialism, cruelty regimes that have repressed and the experience of a revolutionary organization like the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) with nearly 40 years of history, have led to develop a new political paradigm, inspired by the Social Ecology and Libertarian Municipalism Boockchin Murray, among others. The search for autonomy and the construction of a social structure from bottom to top, where the public and regional councils are based on a revolutionary project of social transformation, is breaking molds in both the Middle East and the world whole.

You can learn a lot from this extraordinary struggle that has been able to redirect their efforts and strategies including a large majority society. Several structures have catalyzed a revolutionary process pursuing horizontal democracy, gender equality and environmental sustainability. Its broad popular support is crystallized in thousands of common assemblies and organizations that make up the project. They understand that the liberation of women must be a priority in all aspects of society, and looking away from the patriarchal structures of domination that impose models of nation-state. The commitment to the region, forged in the mountains, is linked with the ecologist and environmental protection. In opposition to the production system and capitalist modernity tecnoindustrial propose a social economy based on mutual support and cooperative. The organization into autonomous zones offers the possibility to create globally replicable models, thus seeking to broaden and share the learnings of this political experiment. And it is Rojava, who lives in Syria massacre and authoritarianism Daeshin, which seeks to bring practical field a theoretical framework in the West of the century, seemed relegated to utopia. We also demonstrate that another world is possible, a world where many worlds fit, a world built from everyday praxis.

But we must not set ourselves only Rojava in all Kurdistan struggle for autonomy and the construction of Democratic confederalism. A Bashur (Kurdistan of Iraq) for incipient front nationalism neoliberal represented by clan Barzani in Rojhelat (Kurdistan of Iran) despite the repression of the dictatorship theocratic resistance survives and especially Bakura (Kurdistan of Turkey) we see how develops the same movement, despite the huge military presence by the Turkish state, a bridge between East and West, heir to the Ottoman Empire.

The political process that caused the loss of the absolute majority of the AKP, the ruling party with Erdogan that Turkey was itself the result of an enormous institutional work in organizations pro-Kurdish and Turkish left. The electoral alliance known as HDP shook the political landscape of the bastion of NATO in the Middle East, and even the appearance of democratic Turkish state, the response of the military was aspiring Sultan. Under the pretext of combating terrorism began a bloody campaign against the Kurdish movement; bombing attacks, curfews ... The majority recovered by the AKP on 1 November after elections challenged by very different groups of international observers gave free rein to the attacks against the Kurdish population not stop growing. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in recent months, and the need for self-defense against the population itself has accelerated the creation of civil defense units. The Kurdistan Liberation Movement working to achieve a peace process and a political solution to the conflict, but no doubt take the necessary measures to defend itself from the military occupation and the massacres and indiscriminate killings in the state Turkish, promoting one of the cornerstones of the movement: the right to self-defense.

We consider necessary to support the struggle of the people of Kurdistan, creating a solidarity network that allows strengthening the processes that are living. Many groups and organizations in this fight we see an opportunity to learn, share and join hands to create a better society. The revolutionary processes that are living are an appeal to international solidarity among oppressed peoples. The confederalism Democratic is a proposal can make a difference to the future political landscape, but it needs to grow and consolidate.

Therefore we demand that human rights are respected and do the following demands in line with the various international campaigns:

The opening of a humanitarian corridor to Kobane and the end of the economic embargo affecting Rojava.

The cessation of repressive activities of the Turkish security forces against pro-Kurdish.

The release of Abdullah Öcalan and end their isolation. The release of all political prisoners in Turkey, especially the sick, whose life in great danger.

The withdrawal of the PKK from the list of terrorist organizations.

Active support to the Kurdish people in the form of economic and political cooperation.
In addition to this statement minimal adherents believe that we can all participate in supporting the struggle of the Kurdish people in different ways. Help share this information is an essential job. Also consider necessary and crucial involvement and support in the various events that will be calling, as well as financial support to fundraising campaigns and involvement in groups and in solidarity with this movement. These are just some of the forms, you can always find yours.

How to respond from the Kurdish movement to ask how they can support:
"The best solidarity is to fight for revolution wherever you are."


Azadi, Kurdish Platform Support

CGT Barcelona

Onslaught Organization Libertarian Catalonia

Anarchist Federation of Catalonia

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