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(en) Greece, Collegiality of anarchists from east: For the defense of squats on the counter-attack of the oppressed (gr) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 25 Jan 2016 11:16:14 +0200

In recent months various squats and hangouts have been targeted by the state and para-state. - Coordinated hits by institutional bodies (threats of evacuation to 111 -anikei in OAEE- in occupation Mundo Nuevo -anikei municipality Thermis- in occupied housing immigrants s / he "Orphanage" -anikei in ekklisia- in Katalipsi to Themistocles Athens-owned refutations M EIA) but also by fascists (Agros Autonomous haunt Ascension Occupation, Occupation Kouvelis in Athens, Libertatia and Terra Incognita in Thessaloniki) leaves no room for misinterpretation. ---- The bosses and the state realizing occupations as foci of resistance and struggle against the plans further enslavement of the oppressed have every reason to want their repression. Besides this pregnant squats and hangouts moving the logic of antiemporefmatikotitas of antithesmikotitas, self-organization is the negation of a world that is built on the farm and the project for a world of equality, freedom and solidarity. So it makes sense, the rulers hostile to them and those who fight every day -with Act; reason for the overthrow of the capitalist / authoritarian system of social relations that construct.

PPC, municipalities, church, Member & owners, all lamogia a company is

Certainly suppression fragrance free means no profit under capitalism, so worth seeing and biznes hiding behind.

In the "orphanage", which was occupied first time in 2006 and was discharged in 2013, he had been given a deadline until 2015 in church to tear down and carry out the erection center chronic sufferers. This of course was not made till the beginning of December 2015, when epanakatalifthike the building to accommodate the needs of immigrant and migrant women. The church today, persists and threatens to evacuate the building, claiming that now will proceed with the project. You will not surprise us, the last place on that level of Lambrakis not been cemented and not filled with apartment buildings, to turn into a shopping mall. The church in its efforts to safeguard the enormous fortune threatens the projects which are housed in buildings of "belonging" (we saw up concentration fancy priests out of the orphanage met derision neighborhood). This does not surprise us at all because it has long been understood that the actual role of the church: a profit like any healthy venture capitalist, who indeed taxed. Certainly not least, it can do no mess, although of course the stay time of the vigils against civil partnership and pride gay and racist sermons of some of their heads against immigrants.

At the same time, the municipality of Thermi, remembered also neglected building that "belongs" to the contribution of Siatistis roads with Philip, from the moment on which in it were anarchists who remake, turning the space to accommodate political and social needs. He wants, he says, the mayor can exploit him, to bring revenue to the municipality ...

In a similar background, moves and rumors about the sale of a building on the Via Egnatia 111 OAEE privately imminent eviction 111. Perhaps at least this money not to cut pensions by the new bill ...

Meanwhile the PPC, other than cutting the current in the homes of people who have to pay, and cuts off the current in the social and political occupied spaces. Last year in e.k.ch. "School" this year in the busy refugee in Athens, playing the game of the owners and repression, disconnects the current is, nowadays, a basic need.

Since we talked about owners, worth mentioning and building owners who do not belong to the public, but let them ravage. Some because their interest to come down on their own with time and some of indifference, remember the existence of these sites when they seized and used to meet housing needs and not only (Ntougrou ​​in Larissa, Acta et verba in Ioannina, Black Pepper in Upper Town of Thessaloniki). Unscrupulous as it is in front of the profit, they do not hesitate to call out the cops to make people in the street and load them in categories. And so the story of the property reaches the end after being consecrated by journalists in the press and on blogs that talk about homes "infection" and violence pockets (this of course may be true, though of course talking about the violence of the oppressed against the oppressors). Finally, will be implemented by contractors and companies that will undertake the project with profit in mind.

As a postscript graphic, we can mention the fascists, who consciously or because of stupidity (quite likely due to both) defending the capital and do the work where the state sticky. With individual attacks (in Thessaloniki highly unsuccessful, as they managed to set fire to an adjacent door occupancy libertatia, and make unsuccessful attempted arson occupancy Terra Incognita) supplementing a concerted effort of repression against the structures of the anarchist / anti-authoritarian movement and more extended structures of the oppressed struggling.

And why would someone do squat today?

The occupied areas are another expression of the struggle that we give daily to take back what state capital deprive us. Within this struggle is a key issue, from the bottom of this world, we can meet our needs collectively and through direct action, without begging by States and bosses.

Especially in today's reality it is important to construct a collective force that can defend fighter occupations, but also can prevent evictions primary residence and cuts current debts due to banks and PPC, manage to put the needs of the oppressed over the profits of the super market and companies, promote the culture of expropriation of concessionality, community. All of us, we have the same fate, without having something to lose, it is necessary to organize the attack and our defense against further depreciation of our lives in the name of national "recovery". It is an oxymoron to have thousands homeless and many more are driven to the streets and there are houses that stand empty. It is challenging to have so much wealth concentrated in the hands of a minority and to us to sharply increase the cost of living.

Inside and outside occupations: STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM

The occupation is part of our racing and as such we will defend them.

Inside the gray city and the stifling continuous pressure of everyday life, epanoikeiopoioumaste and give life to the empty buildings were standing against the logic of private property that dominates every aspect of our lives. The squats are places where kinematic structures housed (radios, printers, Banquet political and cultural expression, libraries, etc.) and social needs (housing, collective kitchens, gyms, etc.). Within these communicate without the mediation of money and the condition of the hierarchy within them breathe on our own way in them experimenting on new forms of organization that will replace the tragedy and the capitalist power relations.

We will continue to defend the use of both buildings capital fails to exploit to make a profit in order to accommodate the needs of the oppressed, and the buildings that encapsulate his authority over our lives by:

Step on the kings


Collegiality anarchists from east
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