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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #256 (Dec) - Attacks: After the blood and tears, solidarity (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 3 Jan 2016 12:54:49 +0200

The attacks in Paris, sparked a huge wave of emotion and plunged society in fear. To move forward, it is necessary not to give in to the sirens of militarism and safe but to mend ties and defend solidarity despite the repression. ---- The attacks of November 13 caused a huge shock in the population and have instilled in us all a wave of mixed feelings: legitimate fear of being beaten again, incomprehension hatred, feel deprived, visceral anger and envy spontaneous revenge. ---- The emotion is intense but the days pass and it seems necessary to ask to think and try to understand: behind the apparent evidence of the confrontation of "good" and "evil", the situation is complex and, above all, the answers are far from clear as one would like us to believe. There is of course no question of finding excuses to fanatics who coldly murdered 130 people, but we can not content ourselves so far made solutions being proposed.

The first step then is to organize the flow of information and images to try to make sense of exactly what happened, and to unravel the causes. But we must also analyze the political consequences of these attacks and to provide the means to take a clear position in the tumult of the speech. Finally, we must consider the responses to all those and all those who are not satisfied of inaction and want to act to advance solidarity against fear.

A spectacular act of propaganda

Through the coordinated attacks of November 13, it's all Daech strategy which is expressed: the launch of several commandos simultaneously hit Paris and Saint-Denis, the primary objective of this political-military organization of Salafist inspiration was pass a spectacular act of propaganda, whose effects were magnified when suicide bombers had hit the public live from the Stade de France. The jihadists want Daech and show they can hit where they want and when they want.

Beyond demonstrating internally referred to strength and external target, shootings and explosions are intended to stir up conflicts within society and precipitating the rallying fringes previously reluctant population to mobilization will -t-en-war. The side effect sought by terrorists in return is to highlight the stigma suffered by the Muslim minority of the population and precipitate the radicalization of a growing share of substandard and desperate Muslims.

Shocking by their violence, activists hope Daech fractured society and deepen the split between the Muslim minority and the rest of society to enlarge the recruitment pool for jihad.

Finally, as noted by many commentators, these attacks are a direct response to the military intervention of the French army against Daech: the organization is attacked by the French state in Syria so response using the methods it are clean, namely the use of extreme violence against the civilian population and the use of terrorism to a partisan war logic taken to the extreme, to suicide.

Because, yes, France is "at war" but not just since Friday night or simply since the attacks in January: successive governments never asked its opinion to the population, have for years engaged the French army in interventions Africa or the Middle East, whose goals have always been to maintain or preserve geopolitical balances strategic interests.

At Chammal operation launched in Syria in September 2014 are echoing the operation barkhane in the Sahel-Saharan strip or Sangaris operation in the Central African Republic.

In total, several thousand French soldiers who were mobilized on "external operations", more commonly known wars ... Pointer and the imperialist policy of the French state as a cause of the attacks of November 13 does not return to disempower the perpetrators or to relativize the horror of their actions but to highlight other indirect responsibilities.

This thinking also requires us not to be content with the necessary criticism of religious ideologies, whose pernicious force is unfortunately capable of eliciting an exaltation including murder and self-sacrifice. We must not abandon conduct this critical but we also have to face social unrest this situation translates: guided murderers by Daech are not Syrian or Iraqi soldiers sent to France in controlled task, it is the French who grew up in France, it radicalized and turned their weapons against a population they knew.

Beyond individual pathways and personal trajectories, we clearly dealing with a social phenomenon: that young Muslims are not necessarily practitioners and seduced by an extreme form of jihad is indicative of social relegation they undergo and the no other method affiliate valuing the company offers them.

In this regard, we should also point the role of the prison as an area of ​​radicalization and reintegration in a criminal group. In France, as in Iraq, these are indeed the confinement centers that allow jihadists to strengthen their networks and the solution of all currently preferred by the French government repression is already doomed.

Hypocrite war against terrorism

From the following weekend attacks, the government was on a war footing to announce the one hand, the implementation of a battery of security measures and, secondly, an intensification of military intervention in Syria .

Since then, the militaristic turn has not denied and Russia, which only yesterday was beyond the pale because of its expansionist policy and its bad relations with Assad, has become an ally pampered by the French government. The Islamic State must be fought, there's no doubt, but the US bombing, Russian or French can best allow disorganize militarily Daech and prevent it from extending its control over the region.

Again, it is the civilian population that may also pay the heaviest price in this war ... pounding Daech provides no long-term solution and Syrian peoples or Iraq can not expect any improvement sustainable living conditions if the issue of reconstruction and the establishment of a new political power is not clearly stated.

Worse, these "strikes" are likely to aggravate the situation by feeding the resentment aroused by the intervention of the coalition and pushing even more disoriented young people in the Islamic state's arms.

There is no purely military solution to the challenge Daech and these are not the bombings of foreign belligerents who can actually solve the problem. This is even more true that the war on terrorism is marked by hypocrisy: while the French State shall do everything within the framework of the coalition, for Daech to pieces, he continues to maintain relationships trade and diplomatic with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are, more or less discreet, among the main economic and ideological support of the Islamic State.

At the same time, France is not much to support those who are fighting on the ground to Daech, foremost among which are the Kurdish protection units Rojava (YPG), and maintains the Workers Party Kurdistan (PKK) and the organizations that are close, on the list of organizations classified as terrorist by the European Union. The solution to eradicate Daech is to not only allow local fighting units to rout the jihadists troops but also to support the project of socialist and democratic reconstruction implemented in Syrian Kurdistan.

If the French Government and ignore the Kurdish progressive forces, it is because it intends to participate in the great game of the imperialist powers in the region and does not offend Turkey (which, on one side, pretends to fight but Daech on the other, lets jihadists in Syria apprentices worldwide) or Iran (which subsidizes Shiite militias in Iraq to fight against the Islamic State), nor Russia or the United States, fighting Daech defending their regional interests.

Safe increment

In these interventions redoubled ads in Syria meets the application, on the domestic front, a set of measures meant to restrict civil liberties to strengthen the security of the country. The government, after the attacks, keep in mind the regional elections and does not want to open boulevard to the right and the extreme right, and book a dramatic escalation safe and resumes without asking any question the proposals more repressive.

After September 11, many voices had been raised in France to denounce the speech Will-war in the Bush administration and to warn against the emergency laws enacted by the United States Congress.

Today, the same causes produce the same effects and the few dissenting voices are unfortunately drowned in the concert of militarists and security speech at the National Assembly as the Luxembourg Palace, the deputies and senators have voted and almost like a one man the extension of the state of emergency.

This device invented during the war Algeria allows prefects to establish a curfew (as already applied the prefect of the Yonne in a popular district of Sens), to order the closure of gathering places and prohibit meetings "likely to cause or maintain disorder".

The house arrest regime has also been reinforced in the draft law extending the state of emergency for three months, can now be placed under house arrest by the Interior Minister "any person in respect of which there are serious reasons to believe that his behavior constitutes a threat to security and public order ".

At the same time, the Directorate General of the National Police (NPD) has decided to allow the police to carry their weapons outside their service and the police headquarters in Paris has taken a series of decrees renewing week by week the ban on all demonstrations in Paris.

If the mobilization of solidarity with migrants and migrant November 22 has been held in these conditions, it is only thanks to the determination of a handful of organizations that can not bring himself to silence their claims under the pretext of emergency state.

The exclusion order affects primarily the trade unions, which must now provide the means to maintain their mobilization under penalty schedule to find themselves completely helpless in the face of patrons including the state of emergency will not cool the ardor antisocial.

Other security measures discussed, we can identify a number that are directly extracted from the National Front of the program: deprivation of nationality for criminals or the establishment of self-defense presumption for police officers have always been defended by the Le Pen family occasions and are now stride by the Socialist Party to power.

Legitimizing the FN recommendations

Legitimation by the government of repressive measures recommended by the FN does not also prevent opportunistic politicians to engage in a real escalation racist and xenophobic, equating Muslims and migrants to as many potential terrorists.

On the evening of the attacks, Philippe de Villiers did not hesitate to denounce an alleged "mosquéïsation" of France while the tenors of the right and the extreme right amalgam multiplied.

This climate of hatred gives wings to identity splinter groups that have attempted to appear on different gatherings by deploying banners and lighting smoke. Fortunately, popular reaction, most of the time, managed to defeat, as in Lille where a handful of fascists had to retreat under the boos and whistles of people gathered for the occasion.

At Pontivy, in Morbihan, Brittany extreme right has, however, managed to organize an event that resulted in the beating of a man of North African origin and assault of several journalists and anti-racist activists.

At the hatred and fear that the reactionaries of all stripes profess, we must more than ever against the solidarity and collective action: the response to the attacks, it is neither the withdrawal nor the militarization of society but, on the contrary, mutual aid and social justice.

Going against the will-t-en-war speech and safe that could petrify society, we need more than ever to hear a discordant voice and work towards the consolidation of all those and all those who refuse climbing.

The task is immense as the emotion aroused by the attacks seems for now paralyze reflection but we must not give up: with our friend-es, markets, our workplaces, in our neighborhoods, in our union or associative structures, we must lead the debate tirelessly to reveal the backstage of military interventions in the Middle East and convinced that the best solution to overcome Daech is to support the progressive forces fighting on the field, chief among which are the militias of the Syrian Kurdistan.

Remove the PKK from the list of terrorist organizations by the European Union would be a first symbolic gesture of support for women and men who fight and sometimes die to roll back terror regime that seeks to establish Islamic State.

While the state increases its power, we must also convince that security devices do not constitute a solution to the spread of terrorism and religious fanaticism: it is not by treating the symptoms with blows of repressive measures that the it will remove the causes of social discontent that feeds the jihadist adventurism.

What we need to support, on the contrary, the need to propose other collective experiences, strengthen neighborhood solidarity, the associative fabric, local union structures, etc. In short, everything that makes living together, think together and act together for a world free of oppression and inequality.

Faced with resignation and isolation, we must finally propose struggle prospects for collective action does not remain an empty word.

These struggles are the seeds wherever relations of domination and exploitation prevail over the relationship of trust and mutual support. For us to make them bloom to restore a sense of solidarity and emancipation.

Benjamin (AL Paris-Northeast)

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