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(en) afed.cz: Looking back at February 6, which was to become a triumphant celebration of European xenophobes. [machine translation]

Date Thu, 18 Feb 2016 12:55:20 +0200

After a few days we look back at events that are in the Saturday, February 6th place in Prague in connection with a European action day for Europe as a fortress, which no one gets outside and inside whose walls will be duly curled with traitors, just all those, who do not want this idea. ---- Xenophobic big feast ---- Saturday, February 6 should be xenophobes, opponents of Islam and the reception of refugees and different sorts of fascist and fascist enthusiasts a great holiday. D-Day, when they laid the foundations of the color of Fortress Europe, revived ideals from the time of the Third Reich. And now comes the main initiative materialized in the form of a movement Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West (Pegida) from Germany. In the context of the whole of Europe but it is evident that it is not for any "natural character of the nation." The greatest support is in fact Pegida in the former eastern part of the Land, and it has similar symptoms as other former Eastern Bloc countries, which could be summed up in the phrase "the immigrants have no experience, the more they are not afraid." "And we hate them," fit might add.

International day of demonstrations against refugees in the Czech Republic was preceded by a meeting organized ideologically allied groups that are associated around memorandum "We Fortress Europe". Besides Pegida shown here as representatives of the Polish organization Ruch Narodowy, which has ties to neo-Nazis. Czech side represented the block against Islam and Dawn - The National Coalition. The culmination of their organizational daughter-in-law were to become coordinated demonstrations on February 6.

In the day was the biggest event Pegida demonstration in Dresden. Expectations of the organizers but have not been fulfilled, as they failed to repeat a year old record attendance, and had to settle for less than half, about six to eight thousand participants, even though it was the day the only event Pegida throughout Germany. Became popular fitting commentary local newspaper Sächsische Zeitung : "Instead, Fortress Europe ', which Pegida planned, was extremely family house. And it stands on shaky foundations. " Other comments attributed to the decline of interest in the event Pegida hardening behavior of its leaders and supporters and open disposition to the right-wing Alternative for Germany, like the NPD, which is rightly considered a tenant of neo-Nazis. Moreover, it shows that the various local leaders Pegida have links to the perpetrators of the attacks against immigrants, politicians or journalists.

In Western Europe, the participation was negligible and in addition have islamofobové face their opponents in Calais gathered 150 people in Montpellier 200, Amsterdam 200, Copenhagen 100 smaller event was held in Birmingham and Dublin chased the fascists gang demonstrating neo-Nazis in the nearby pub. In Warsaw, for action against the alleged Islamisation of Europe demonstrated from 1500 to 2000 people, of which a considerable part consisted of neo-Nazis. Demonstrations in the Polish city of Wroclaw has been revoked. In Bratislava, brought together dozens of people. Outside primarily Islamophobic actions by neo-Nazis surrendered in the Hungarian city of Szekesfehervar honor Waffen SS units, those at the head of the march even in SS uniforms.

Fundamentals' family house Europe "was considered also in the Czech Republic, which are distinguished after Saxony's second largest attendance xenophobes, and on several events, which did not leave cold local anti-fascists and antifašistky.

Against a controlled invasion and traitors

In the Czech Republic demonstrated in two cities. In Brno, about 500 people gathered under the baton of DSSS, which is traditionally staffed linked to neo-Nazis. Much more attention, however, attracted Assembly in Prague. At the bridge to his supporters spoke Tomio Okamura, who was originally attracted to the presence of Marine Le Pen, but the audience had to settle unless a representative of the Austrian Freedom Party, Zemanovci Jan Veleba or vyvanulými celebrities such as actor Ivan Vyskocil, singer Aleš Brichta and songwriter Pepa Nos. Hackneyed political spinning wheel he heard demands for the government's resignation, early elections, withdrawal from the EU and the rejection of refugees. Grand present but thinned when participants began to move to another Prague events.

Expressive radical demonstrations was the one he called "židobijec" Adam Bartos. The head of five hundred people passed out on the Victorious Loreta Square. He talked about traitors and what such people await the nation and the armed police on his side, only to add. Call for rebellion Blanik Knights emotionally kidnap one of the young holohlavcu as a modern-day knight began firing gas gun into the air (which earned him a ride home in a police car).

And this crowd eventually merged with the Assembly on Hradcany Square, convened Konvickuv block against Islam and who could surpass 4,000 heads. He met with a varied mix of people, from children to pensioners, from nazichuligánu after elderly agroskíny, from an apparently intoxicated after completely normal-looking people. Some came with crosses and banners "This is Jesus," while police drained man with satanic cross he arrived straight ax. These people, of whom could be a good half unhesitatingly designated by the term "white trash", then the pot talking about controlled invasion and threat to civilization. Additionally, he commented that Europe does not need to be happy that he managed to ours small pond: "If you can not be a fortress Europe, we have the strength Czech." And whoever is not with us, is a collaborator. It gave way to several speakers, most of whom took the founder of the Swiss side for direct democracy (DPS) Ignaz Bearth directly with Hitler's German diction of his speech.

It is undeniable that many of these congregations are denied the feeling of solidarity with like-minded, but unity in such a diverse crowd has its flaws. While some are labeling racists proud and easily identifiable youngsters are aware of their sympathies for fascist regimes of the past, there is still enough of those such names were considered a slur without thought about their actual content and whether it pretty verity. Write to sign "I refuse migrants! Do not call me a racist "is nice, but it's like a dogged opponent of meat prevents marking vegetarian. For people willing to believe hoaxum But such thought processes can not be surprised. A shouting at their opponents, they are left-wing fascists, is already an expression of despair and loss of judgment.

When the sun shines

Into all three were summoned xenophobic actions. This latest to support Prime Minister Sobotka, attracted about 80 people and the general worth mentioning. Let's get to popolední Pohorelec where the platform left against xenophobia and hate speech convened the Assembly "Towards a Europe free of fear and hatred." Here in sunny weather were about 300 "sluníckáru", a blend of human rights activists, old and young green, socdemáckých idealists, Marxists, anarchists and people who just feel the need to express that refugees need our help and xenophobia should not be abandoned space .

The main part of the event took place at Hrzánský Palace, Hradcany Square in sight. At this stage, prepared speeches speakers alternated swinging music, and nobody certainly could not complain that it was too quiet. He spoke briefly girlfriend stabbed a Muslim volunteer Eva Zahradnícková. Michael Meisner said it was important to show concrete true stories of refugees and face a wave of manipulation and hoaxes. Art historian Milena Bartlová recalled an abundant migratory history of their own families and noted that "in just a few months we are terribly slid slippery slope to the new fascism" and the need "to promote equitable economic policy, and help those who want rich successful company excrete and it does not matter if you were born here, or do they want to look for salvation " . Documentary filmmaker Tomas Kratochvil learned about the need for discussions with Islamophobes and spared the railway showcase his unique kind of paternalism. Green Party chairman Matthew Stropnický regretted his vote for the presidential elections Zeman and his address said that "the president is not weak, but the weak" . The EU said that it is a political project for peace, and the government that should come with a clear plan of integration. Marie Lukácová the Socialist Solidarity, not very successfully demonstrated a boring speech about globalized capitalism and economic problems in the world and added hackneyed quote , "... and then there was no one who would have said" . Pastor of the Evangelical Church Tomáš Trusina posed the question of whether too Lord love is such a naive sluníckár, whereupon he joined singer-songwriter James Cermak sluníckovým appeal, it is necessary to "overcome the fear of tolerance and love" .

After the program, and some waiting time is here, people went Neruda Street to Klárov.

Not pass!

Bojovnejšího spirit and enthusiasm and more energy offered antifascist demonstration "Solidarity without Borders" Initiative convened No Racism! ( INR ), to which also joined the Anarchist Federation in the framework of " Action Day against Fortress Europe ". The event began at half past one in the Lesser Town Square, where she spoke deputy INR, voiced criticism of the efforts to build a Fortress Europe, commented negatively on the role of political parties and recalled the miserable fate of people fleeing to Europe. Andrew also spoke Slacálek, who recalled the recent stabbing of a Muslim in Prague, denounced failing media and political establishment, especially politicians such as President or Secretary. He noted that not all opponents of the refugees are fascists, some are simply afraid and therefore not good "morally nadrazovat, we have to talk to them and separating them from the fascist core" .

The speeches were very good to hear, but most people just came mainly so that has expressed opposition to the xenophobic feast. There were plenty of banners, pickets anarchist flag. Assembly later added a mobile sound system. Since the beginning, there were sporadic provocations passing fascists, limited usually to vulgarity safe policing. Shortly after the rally marched to the Castle, has proven a group of about twenty neo-Nazi thugs in balaclavas, which, despite scant police presence at a given time at a given location dared to anything other than porvávání and throwing of stones, bottles and rubber mats . The crowd chanted anti-fascist slogans and after a while the Nazis drove into an alley. The procession continued down the castle steps to the lookout at Hradcany Square. There riot took several participants in the demonstration and some others tried chandelier. This required a human chain and blocking these cops. The chain got hit by cops a few rounds and after a minute he was pushed off robocopy.

Further action took place in a relatively calm and managed to block access to demonstration Islamophobe, under the mighty chant and a very lively atmosphere. Sounded a few more speeches, eg. From feminist society at Charles University , where among other things he said: "Ideal for the right nationalist-fighters embodies grouping Angry mothers who declares literally as antifeminist and trying to, quote, a return to nature and common sense. She naturalness and sanity in their submission, however, more reminiscent of a popular Nazi slogan Kinder, Küche, Kirche. "

At a quarter to five antifascist demonstration was put in motion again Neruda street back to the Lesser Town Square. For deliveries it sounded lively rap, chanting with. After a while the continued toward Klárov. Here combined residues of both xenophobic congregation, numbering several hundred people. The path to the Cabinet Office was closed at that moment the police. There were also several conflicts in which they are involved undercover with telescopic batons, and some people were detained.

At the time, the bridge was approaching a large group of nationalists, anti-fascist blockade of them made it impossible to achieve a goal - the building of the government. It was clear that the great triumphal march of 17 November repeatable. Chanted mainly internationalist: "they shall not pass!" The human chain at one point unsuccessfully tried to break a few cops. But it was seen that really know what to do. After a while they came up with a challenge to blocking people dispersed, or will be scattered violence. The intention was fulfilled, so there was no reason to give fízlum opportunity for a rich harvest, and around half past six in the present split in groups.

From words to deeds

All xenophobic events of February 6 have common verbal violence on their stage and in the crowd. Deny refugees humanity, and thus help make them a threat to close the borders, fight against internal enemies, collaborators and traitors. Trying to satisfy their own weakness by calling for a hard hand that crushes enemies, was palpable. But not only that, in many places even he materialized.

The very fact that the demonstration went Konvicková conjunction ultra-right wing football hooligans, where violence is always the first place, foreshadowed further development. Those of Slavic walkway just did not show when trying to challenge the anti-fascist demonstration. They attacked at least a few random hippies and other people, who were ranked as their ideology unsatisfactory, they tried to attack the main train station and eventually ended his campaign by throwing stones at the Autonomous Social Center Clinic and attempted to ignite it vhozenými flares.

Another large group of neo-Nazis was determined after the rally at Hradcany Square lead to the building of the Government, on which stones were also prepared. Eventually, the police ran away through the Old Town. At the demonstration itself, there was an assault transmission vehicle employees of Czech Radio. Besides the standing police have responded only with words: "You can make it for yourself, because you're lying. Recruit your own security. " Sympathy considerable portion of policemen have no illusions about doing that. Are reported cases of assault in the morning.

Self-proclaimed "Blanictí Knight" has far more embarrassing impression, but the danger of creating death squads, which will no longer overlap only with a bunch of neo-Nazi hooligans can not be underestimated. Characteristic is the fact that none of Islamophobic speakers did not need to distance themselves from such crimes, as was the recent stabbing of a Muslim in Prague, where police also assessed as a hate crime, which is not entirely normal practice.

We did antimilitarism, but not zastydlí hippies, who set the other cheek and go against gun with a flower. Fascist threat is sometimes necessary to build and violence, and even with arms in hand, as we have learned a very tragic history of the last century. Even so, it was good that day showed violent manifestations only those whose mental world is violence and oppression directly connected.

Wasted opportunity and small successes

Despite the eeriness that Prague was the second largest meeting place xenophobes that day across Europe, we can speak of partial successes.

Despite the fact that fascist demonstration reached a lot of people, an increase compared to a similar meeting about a year ago it is not extreme, even given how actively organizing body mobilize their supporters and sympathizers. Across Europe, you can even talk about the fiasco that had to rescue former Eastern Bloc countries. And even in the very bastion Pegida in Dresden, were the organizers of participation very disappointed.

Czech nationalists, moreover, failed to repeat the march to the seat of government to which they enjoyed. Largely contributed to this counter-demonstrations, which xenophobes miserable as the advent of their action, and in particular the departure of her. Directly konvickovcu demonstration to disrupt failed, it would need a more powerful sound system. Related to this is a small complaint towards the organizers of the "Solidarity without Borders" that even speeches were not very good sounding. But all this was replaced by the incessant chanting.

As a very good strategy proved two decentralized counteractions, when managed miserable islamofobum access from several sides. Additionally, avoid ideological frictions when one of the events was character rather left-liberal and anti-capitalist second anti-system, although in practice it really does not matter which of these counteractions are participating. A great move was to prepare maps with the location of various demonstrations and preparatory meetings, such as the practice of chanting February 4. The progress of events organized INR showed how important it is not to panic, which was confirmed both in managing the attempted neo-Nazi attack, and otherwise in the chaos caused by a secret group of telescopes Klar.

The attempt by some Islamophobe reject the label of fascist and Konvicková comparing Islam to Nazism as their own, because unity with old acquaintances neo-Nazis, holding racist generalizations and invoking de facto fascist demonstration of their solutions deployed a crown, or rather a brown shirt.

Then the media was the jug and Okamura day big flop, because all the attention they gathered a group of rampaging Nazi hooligans, on which was written a few days. In addition, the Islamophobic conspirators managed to underline their engagement when the Nazis labeled as police agents, in order to fit it yourself in the role ublížených victims. This desperate uncovering of an alleged plot made on one side of the Nazis complete nerd and the other uncovered deranged nature multipliers "truths" about managed invasion of Islam. Additionally, the attack on the clinic involuntarily aroused the interest of the autonomous area and thanks to expressions of solidarity and strengthened commitment to hold firm positions and hold firm pressure mongering xenophobes. He could be handed a clear message: "Thank you for your support. We will not be intimidated. The department is stronger than before the attack. " It is also necessary to mention a great job of Antifascist Action in the rapid disclosure of the identity of the attacking neo-Nazis.

February sixth islamofobové wasted their big chance. Its Fortress Europe already felt over the horizon, but so far, fortunately, although this horizon tried to approach, there would still stuck to their vision. It is up to us, never to resurface. Antifascists shown that it is necessary to count them, although their numbers are not staggering. Xenophobes are not so coherent and unified group, as they want to look like, and some due to the absence of any strategic thinking had made their camp more harm than good. Their inability to interim and politováníhodnost but not demotivate us to inaction. Resistance lives, the struggle continues! You shall not pass!

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