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(en) Greece, Political Declaration of the 2nd Congress of the Anarchist Political Organisation By A.P.O. (pt, gr) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 20 Dec 2016 14:12:41 +0200

The two-day 26 and November 27 was held in Patras in the 2nd Congress of Anarchist Political Organisation, which started with the process of open political account on the 1st day of the presence and action of A.P.O. the anarchist movement, the operating experience of the organizational structure and continued to update its strategy and positions in relation to the political situation and the evaluation of institutions and initiatives. ---- The conclusions and observations of collectives-states after the first year of operation, resulting from the common basis of our constitution. The notion that A.P.O. as an organic part of the broader movement against state and capitalist barbarity, refers to it and is trying to become a ground for overcoming the partial reflective and protest, in order to create an overall anarchist revolutionary proposal, drawing inspiration from the struggles of today. Games which in the overall decline of social and class reflexes, creating mounds in the imposition of modern totalitarianism keeping open the way for social and class counter attack.

This way he wants to close the bankrupt political, economic and value-system, so shielded against the prospect of the dynamic expression of general social discontent, both locally and internationally. The general crisis of the world of the state and the bosses leads mathematically in a way, if not established a wide and international front struggle and resistance. In conflict societies, the generalization and intensification of geopolitical rivalries and warfare to the limits of a great war and the establishment of emergency regime as iron control and suppression grid every aspect of social activity.

The collapse of development and consumer "visions", the intensification of the international political crisis that comes as a result, the huge gap between the impoverished social majority and transnational political and economic elites, the intensification of the exploitation of workers and the disintegration of social and class conquests decades is the only way for the state and capitalist dictatorship. Where as if still trying to mislead using rags of "left-right" of pseudo-dilemmas, unconvincing widely walks.

This weakness of the state-capitalist system to derive consensus in the plans and policies, will be readily visible and usable for the oppressed to the extent that they can organize social and class in collectives and unions to take their lives in their hands . It will be a loading point for the anarchist movement to the extent that will overcome the playback restrictions of imposed by organizational deficiencies and distortions of political values and contents. The organized political presence and action in the fight fronts existent and establishing new, we want to be the bridge between the real social needs and moods and anarchist ideology and practice, that the resistances become springboards social and class emancipation.

In constant international instability and turmoil systemic policies stable, born the great potential of its revolutionary emancipation. Opposite already formed the counterrevolutionary extreme right and fascist facet of modern totalitarianism to get as ultimate barrier to the development of social history, which goes through the ceaseless struggle for freedom and equality. War and fascism, this is the "response" of the system in a comprehensive and deep crisis in its own contradictions, who causes the incurable conflict imposed by the basic principle, the exploitation and oppression of man by man.

The hierarchically structured relationships that produce this basic principle of inequality and unfreedom separate societies based on class position, ethnicity, skin color, gender. Patriarchy is still one of the foundations of the world power and a key element of social reproduction in the form of social cannibalism. Modern expressions - such as the rise of gender violence, the intensification of the exploitation of women in the workplace, traffic in immigrants (trafficking), the specific conditions experienced by women refugees in uprooting trip and incarcerated in concentration-camps intensified as intensifying the attack of the dominant social body, promoting the deepening inequalities. Within these conditions, the struggle of women for their liberation from the shackles of patriarchy is more than ever an integral part of the broader struggle towards total abolition of the capitalist state and enforcement, on the road to social revolution.

At the time of take-off of the state's attack and the bosses, the main pillars of the establishment of world powers trying to convey the rotting state, the capitalist and patriarchal way of organizing society. The spread of racism and promote social ekfasismou comes as a continuation of the institutional consolidation of the state of exception for the downtrodden and outcasts, their status as "unnecessary people" incarcerated in concentration camps and creating walls to Fortress Europe.

In Greece, in recent months the isolation operation and ghettoization of tens of thousands of refugees who originally built up a supposedly "humanitarian" pretext to justify the social and political isolation run of refugees and immigrants, today takes the form of overt attack by the state and para-state forces. The repressive operation against the refugee hosting squatting was an important point where the "political management" of the devastating effects of warfare and looting of the capitalist periphery, revealed its true face by implementing the process of wild subjugation of refugees and migrants, who live in squalid conditions in the concentration camps of the Republic. The ideological and repressive attack against unmediated solidarity, paving the way for the manifestation of social ekfasismou. The repressive operations and mintiaka racist delusions accompanied by the increase of both fascist attacks against refugees and migrants and against race venues.

This is a coordinated attack on the part of the regime's forces in order to prevail in the social field the racist and Cannibalism live resistance outbreaks hit. And in this attack, as well as the overall worsening of operating conditions, the current political administration has worked as a catalyst having the main responsibility for the spreading of defeatism and frustration and weakening the resistance. This attack is an expression of the consistent pursuit of state and parastatal rabble seeking to bow their heads who refuse to accept the dissolution of their lives through the intensity of labor exploitation, fear of unemployment, destitution personalized.

Their aim is to be accepted as inevitable a reality where the great majority will lack obvious social rights such as housing, medical care, heating, and the streets will be parading the militarized repression bodies. To be considered self-evident absurdity of the depletion and destruction of the natural world. To hit the social and class movements and especially anarchiko-

antiauthoritarian against which prepares one repressive campaign that seeks not only to the limit and to stop, but to bring overwhelming blows as it recognizes in it a real threat to the proper enforcement of the plans of political and economic elites who want to impose social and labor camp conditions.

The grim prospect of the establishment of modern totalitarianism only threatened by the flames of the games, we want to strengthen and synolikopoiithoun. From these struggles of our time, the dynamic resistance gather inspiration to continue.

From solidarity mobilizations to refugees and immigrants nationwide against borders and war.
The fascist actions of Oreokastro and eastern Macedonia and the Aegean islands, and "territorial battle" in urban neighborhoods towards the fascist assault battalions.
From the struggles to defend the natural world and the survival of local communities in Slag and Achelous, who have nothing to expect from the facilitators and the hollow and deceptive promises and that can be developed on the basis of self-organized solidarity.
From militant mobilisations of Assembly Epanaoikeiopoiisi Exarchia against narco-mafias, the state and social cannibalism, that revitalize resistance and kinematics culture in a historical symbolic field for the match.
From blocking movements first home auction, which is a social and class self-defense field with their own content as confrontational to those who want to find there votes pumping space.
Since the strikes and blockades to defend class achievements such as' Sunday on holidays "in conditions of generalized employer terrorism and to build the self-organized trade union base.
Since the protests against local and international masters and demonstrations on May Day, the December uprising and the Polytechnic. On the international solidarity and all those who stand in Mexico, France, USA, Turkey.
The games in every corner of our land suggest to the international attack the state and capital is requested of the International from below, the World of matches and Anarchy.

Faced with the onslaught of decadent authoritarian world we have to oppose the solidarity of our common struggles. Against the dystopia of modern totalitarianism, where the large majority impoverishes and subjugated, oppose libertarian society, organized through the federal social councils "Freedom of everyone and equality for all."



FOR ANARCHY AND libertarian communism

POLICY anarchist organization-FEDERATION collectivity
December 2016
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