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(en) Greece, Libertarian Syndicalist Union Imathia: For Robin, self-management and solidarity - A comprehensive briefing on the project (gr) [machine translation]

Date Sun, 28 Aug 2016 12:56:06 +0300

We regret to throw in a text about the evolution of the game of Robin factory or former employees in Papadopoulos-Bottle factory in Imathia Fatherland. - To say that we participate in solidarity with workers from the first moment and who knows people and things always acted with a view to meeting merikoteron but their overall initial objective, namely the self-works. - This objective was clearly formulated and the creation of initiatives of solidarity, for which there was a clear position that whenever the workers decided to change their orientation, the initiative will aftodialyotan. ---- Two separate lines on which the initiative was set up was the clear position of the face of nationalist and fascist ideas and the direct-democratic character.

Since the beginning of the effort of the workers of the former factory canteen-Papadopoulos appeared within their ranks two trends. One was in the sense of self as sets the indu and the other in the sense of co-works with one of the two former bosses, Papadopoulos. From what we understand both reasonably supported each by two employees. The other employees seemed to waver between two logic, depending on the developments, internal conflicts and possible to accept the pressures in their daily life. We also found that employees with the shape of co-management with the boss discussed with him the developments at the plant. This not imagined but they informed us the rest of the factory workers. In Figure codetermination there was also a worker who in the posts on her personal page and a blog had made clear nationalist fascist positions and sympathy to the National Socialists of the Golden Dawn. As solidarity and solidarity in that first substantial crisis of the project we asked and we think we got clear positions on the part of workers that do not want shared with former boss and that remains vertically against fascism.

It is reasonable that workers and solidarity marched together in the street, who had decided the first of several contradictions and tensions in a number issues, which were created at other times of the first and other times by their solidarity. Throughout the effort the employees were part of a sub-groupings and allilokatigorountan aisles for pimp, theft, acts of selfishness, etc. Our position against these phenomena was clear that everything had to be discussed at the meeting and whether it considered to informing solidarity on any matter came into conflict with the fundamentals of solidarity: the goal of self-management, the antifascist their placement, direct democracy. We never asked - on our part at least - to go along at any reasonable fit our beliefs about the struggles that we gave. Instead we insisted from the beginning that the workers had themselves to plan, decide and control their light their own decisions and beliefs, but the steps are contemplating to enter into production. That's why we also insisted on not foolish and barren controversy on whether and at which they will discuss with the daily sovereignty bodies - municipal factions, mayors, political parties, parliamentarians, church or whatever else decide. All that was constantly asking for the respect of the axes of solidarity and of course the public placement and updating of solidarity initiative and society for everything decided and planned.

One of the primary weaknesses of the task that had to be solved in a short time was right to strengthen the workers' assembly, which would allow them to overcome and improvisation issues, gossip, blame etc. and bring together their common goal. Epanellimena some workers pointed to the fact of their inability to make assembly, even our everyday conversation is accustomed nearby paradegma of indu for the design and implementation of their decisions. This appeared in several of the common worker-solidarity assemblies which come with different placements to serious issues for them.

It is obvious to all and all those involved in our horizontal movements that the weakening and the indifference of the meeting results in strengthening internal hegemony, fatriakon confrontations, disorientation, misery and eventually into the swamp.

Another weakness of former Papadopoulos workers - Bottle was poor if not complete absence from workers' and social struggles that took place in the region, although many of the institutions of the "bottom" (base clubs, hangouts, refugees, etc.) found by principle in their side. Here to say well enough built a direct relationship of trust with the indu but with moments of Skouries movement. Positive was their attitude to the strike gathering in May. However from our experience epanelleimeni call be placed next to the workers' struggles and the refugees found the door closed. And certainly this the first time could be justified by the lack of organization, orientation, targeting, etc., but can not be justified by a point and then slowly when the task seems to be a hierarchy of priorities. And here we come to the near past and the present.

Early May the woman who spoke with the boss leaves the enterprise without ever explaining the reasons, which made two months after the recent intervention of the email list of the initiative, using without a decision of the Assembly in meil of Robin. Shortly after and one employee even expelled from their assembly on charges of collusion with the former boss. After this case another worker leaves for unspecified reasons to us.

From about the beginning of June and after, in front and in the solidarity caravan design in Athens with indu-Robin, employees of former Papadopoulos-Bottle factory gradually cease their meetings with solidarity. So for such an important event that would force the government to take place towards the demands of the recovered companies are former employees of Papadopoulos-Bottle indifferent. We do not know whether this time they made the same meeting. If we believe their words, rather there were doing.

And where the few remaining workers seems determined to continue to advance the project, we are informed that there is a subterranean discussion with business consultants, MPs, local actors complacent with the example of EN.KLO for:

financing of the operation, unspecified sources
changing the relationship with society and the solidarity and effort of Robin to approach bishops, MPs, MEPs, etc. to enhance their public image,
changing the production from wood processing in manufacturing wooden small items.

This discussion also confirmed by one of the factory workers who now accused of financial irregularities.

In our repeated attempts to contact to discuss with their employees and to answer our questions, their answers are contradictory and ambiguous and clearly show, in our opinion, to change their attitude towards us.

As solidarity-ies and insisting on our initial attitude, we are not the ones to indicate to their former employees Papadopoulos Bottle-how to formulate their struggle. But we understood that we had the solidarity and society as a whole to inform themselves Robin for all their discussions, changing their targeting, their individual decisions. Their sincerity was enough for us to redefine our attitude towards them. Instead, a game continues between the invective that culminates with meil sent to one of two workers who aspire to co-manage the business with his former boss. The meil it denounces two workers for financial irregularities and rewards indirectly the role of the second co-worker calling with Papadopoulos. In communication we had with the workers realized the following:

the meil not sent by a decision of the Assembly,
sent by a particular person continues to be at the meeting and has previously been accused of stealing money,
It has come back to shape the discussion of shared management with the boss,
that there is debate on the implementation of a design EN.KLO type.

And here all the project weaknesses return to a level that whole contest the initial mutual commitment employees - solidarity in the way of self-management and the struggle.

We considered prior to any final assessment of the project to cite a series of events as we experience them all this time. The facts we can easily conclude that essentially the Robin, as an example of a recovered business on the road of the struggle for self, no. Something else has emerged in its place. But we also believe that the final word in this have the factory workers who have all the right themselves to decide on their lives. As people see the self-organization of labor and social struggles and self the way our total liberation from the chains of exploitation, we would like a clear positioning of the workers of the former factory of Papadopoulos-Bottle in relation to suspicions that exist around the their attitude.

Employees and workers, unemployed-ies as oppressed and repressed realize that every race that comprises means of the issue of survival, begins a defensive position. We will respect each place provided that it is clear towards us, towards the movement of solidarity and the whole of society "from below". Let's respect and ourselves that we have all the right to know what they want to do, and that they have no right to play games with solidarity, dignity and ideas of a movement that comes through history and in our opinion rewrites timidly new pages to it.

Libertarian Syndicalist Union Imathia

August 2016

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