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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL n° special - For a revolutionary alternative (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 27 Aug 2016 13:41:30 +0300

The questions asked by any and all revolutionary at the end of a social movement of this magnitude: what new societal transformation prospects are possible now? ---- The revolution is not a romantic whim. This is not to dream in Che Guevara or Louise Michel leading urban guerrilla warfare on the barricades in Paris in flames. The revolution is not a gala dinner as Mao said, and that - once will not hurt! - we agree. ---- This is because capitalism is dying, linking economic and ecological crises, we must act. And it is because he will look to extend his agony by wicked laws, to extirpate the proletariat its last profits, that revolutionary action becomes urgent. ---- If there is a teaching of this social movement, violence, unprecedented in recent decades, with which the State has served the interests of capital. This is a common enemy that we have to cut down: we do not fight the state by eternal teenager of romanticism - we still prefer it to conservatism eternal patriarchs - but because the main function of state violence is to maintain the hierarchy of social classes. Who can believe that lay off more, increase working time, reduce wages, is in the interests of working people? No one. But once said we do not want this society, a question arises: how revolutionary act?

The capitalist system can not be reformed

There are no key project or predetermined plan of action to disrupt social relations and lead to a libertarian communist society. But if one does not know or paths - and there are probably many - one can be sure, however, that some issues are dead ends. This is pseudo election and Republican solutions. Consider the social transformation from the struggles of the street and the concerns of the working classes. The capitalist system can not be reformed: it is what we must convince those who are most victims of exploitation, and false solutions which are left dangling.

Becoming aware of our collective strength

It is by multiplying the experiences of collective struggle that we will build a new world. This is to popularize the revolutionary ideas with the project libertarian communist society as horizon. We must continue to undermine the institutional political game, to rout the allegedly socialist party, to show that elections are a charade to make us believe that our opinion is important while it is only the law of profit. In parallel, we need to develop in the struggles, assemblies, etc., direct democracy practices to collectively develop a political project and move the lines.

The spaces of reflection and action created by the fight - boxes assemblies of industries, town or district; pickets; occupations; events - are all places where reflect on another company, the means and forces necessary to put in place: socialization of the means of production, solving environmental problems, social ...

Action on three levels

As a revolutionary organization, AL proposes a policy on three levels:

1. The building of a libertarian communist organization visible, audible and identifiable, whose reflections and proposals may refer, be in debate. A current inserted in the social movements, in line with its boldest fractions. Today, this tool still modest, is AL.

2. The development of an independent and combative social movement. This means contributing to the rise of revolutionary syndicalism, especially within Solidarity and CGT, participate in the feminist movement, anti-racist, environmentalist, and participate in various collectives that mount when moving.

3. Convergence, whenever possible, with other revolutionary currents in an anti-capitalist front logic. These join forces to make our voices heard on issues where there is no difference.

Fédérérer, radicalized, self-management

In social movements and trade unionism, it certainly is to gather Workers because unity is strength, but not only. Defend social gains against their neoliberal destruction, that's good. Pushing beyond mere defense to ask existing economic, social, societal issues that upset the established order, is even better.

Same in the feminist movement, anti-racist and environmentalist. These struggles have value in themselves, but it is vital to link to a more general change project of social relations. We can not be content with a feminist and an anti-racism which would simply see more women and racialized minorities to Medef, or ecology that militate for the taxation of diesel!

Unite against powers, when it is not hot in the fight, this can be done in self-managed places for social assistance. Include the Barricade in Montpellier, the House of the People in Rennes, the Spark in Angers, the Self Shooting Lievin, the CCC Nancy ... These places of social solidarity struggles of migrants, undocumented, Palestine, Kurdistan, Chiapas, etc. They can promote alternative culture (library, concerts, etc.) or even genuine popular education through public meetings and trainings.

Converging anticapitalist

Fortunately, AL is not the only revolutionary organization and construction of single frames of resistance and support for the struggles of anti-capitalist basis is a necessity. According cities, convergence with other organizations is possible. When we talk about convergence of anti-capitalist, we speak to various organizations - the CGA, the CNT, CNT-SO, the FA, the NPA, VP, local groups ... We also address, of course, to many people who are anti-capitalist sensibility, libertarian or independent and can be found in this.

The challenge for us is to put ideological differences aside (eg participation in elections) when it is possible and unite on major targets.

So if AL boycotts the republican institutions and does not participate in election campaigns, it can be found alongside organizations which themselves are involved, when it comes to be directly involved in struggles, strikes, blockades in times of heated battle; social assistance, local-authority against any period of conflict.

This proposal seeks to break the sectarianism of the extreme left, pushing the debate and unity of action.

It's multiplying, analyzing and uniting these experiences we will outline a new society. The big night maybe not tomorrow, but we did not sleep, and you do not want to sleep! The class struggle has taken quite a facelift through this inventive movement, despite the media manipulation, intimidation cops and bosses. So hop hop hop, that bursts the old world, the lucha sigue!

Elsa (LA Toulouse), Cedric (AL Albi), Matthijs (AL Montpellier)

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