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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - feminism, Prostitution: surviving against soc'-dems (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Tue, 9 Aug 2016 11:41:41 +0300

"About love left for prostitution" is the title of the "open letter" that former prostitutes were sent to the Socialist Youth (Die Linke) in Bremen, rallied to the defense of the free market the "sex work." A slap. ---- In April 2016, the Youth Party néoréformiste Left Party in Bremen, issued a statement entitled "Solidarity with sex workers. No to the new law on the protection of prostitutes. Not paternalism and heteronomy in the industry of sex. " Vexed by arguments of culpable naivety Huschke Mau were told on behalf of the group of survivors Sisters eV ---- The German position on prostitution is significantly different from the French situation: ---- in 2002, the law has made prostitution (which was not illegal) a profession like any other with the related rights of employees or entrepreneurs;

brothels are legal if they comply with labor law [ 1 ];
result: the number of prostitutes has increased in fifteen, 400,000 (against 20,000 to 40,000 in France [ 2 ]);
a status of "sex worker" of sex was established in accordance with the wishes of the lobby pro- "free prostitution" ... but only fifty people (0.000125%) have adopted [ 3 ];
taking advantage of the legalization of the market, mafia networks have proliferated forced prostitution and trafficking. As for the number of johns ( "clients") uninhibited, it has increased significantly.
Nevertheless, it is useful to read this open letter in France, where the pro-prostitution lobby groups argue incessantly for market opening and a status of "sex worker". And where part of the radical libertarian left confused or sexual freedom and priced rape.

The full text in French
The original German text
The text in English

I am a former "sex worker" as you call us; I read your proposal, and I would like to tell you exactly what I think of 'solidarity' you offer us in this document. [...]

I really appreciated that you take a stand against "heteronomy" power of others on our lives. Unfortunately, reading this proposal, I had to go to the evidence that you had not realized that the "other" who has power over people who are in prostitution is the Prostitute, in the sense that feature is inherent in the system: he wants sex, I do not really want to, I just need the money so I consent to this heteronomy coercion. It's as simple as that.

You write:

Although sex work has long been established as a commercial service in our society and it is considered legal in the German Federal Republic since 2002, sex workers remain severely stigmatized in their private and professional lives.

I'm just stunned that you describe the act of prostitution as a "profession" and "service."

Sex is the most intimate sphere of the human being. Can we at least keep it, please, or do we let each part of ourselves be completely commodified and marketed? Since when the left she championed the sale of any human desire? You call the service of sex, as if it were possible to separate the self, the body of the person; as if you could simply peel, put it in a nice little box on the counter of a shop, and then a guy shows up, hands me 50 euros and leaves with the sexual service.

Is that how you imagine it? Really?

The FKK Paradise
is one of many brothels installed in Saarland. Working decomplexing its French customer, their website promises "up to twenty girls of all nationalities ready to receive you in an oriental ambience for a relaxing and fun shared."
You even talk about "poor working conditions"; do you really believe that the violence we have suffered and which so many of us are still suffering are somehow improved if we are given a nice "workplace", as you say?

"Working conditions"? But what are you talking about?

Under what conditions the violence we inflict she is prostituting acceptable to you? Or the simply you see as violence, ignoring what you say persons out of prostitution and researchers trauma?

68% of all prostitutes suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and that besides depression, substance abuse, and disorders of borderline patients and psychosis. Do you think these things are merely the result of "poor working conditions"?

Each of the women who came out I know describes her experiences in prostitution as sexual violence. That we have tolerated this sexual violence or have been forced to do so does not transform into a profession!

And then you go about stigma, saying that we should not be stigmatisé.es. I agree with you on this, but I must emphasize that this is not the stigma that rape us, kill us and attacks us. These are the johns. Unfortunately, you draw the wrong conclusions from the requirement that prostitutes are not stigmatized.

You write:

This [stigma] is expressed in a lack of recognition of their profession.

To be clear, what you ask is essentially that violence against prostituted women become normal. You want it to become a job. You want violence becomes acceptable.

In short, you are fighting for the right of women to qualify job suffering sexual violence. Or better: You're fighting for the right of men to violence to women and to minimize the violence, calling it "work."

Another thing I do not understand is your speech on "sex work as a personal choice."

All prostituted women I know have 'chosen' prostitution because they saw no other option. How do you interpret this as a personal choice? Is it because I can choose, in prostitution between only do oral sex with a condom (and lose my income because of "personal choice" of all women in southern Europe) and just take all these cocks in the mouth without any protection, because it is the norm? All a personal choice!

Our problem is not the "lack of recognition of the profession," our problem is the "profession" itself! Nine out of ten prostitutes would leave immediately if they could. What the hell is your sales pitch on the recognition of profession?

All your manifesto gives the impression of having been written by the pro-prostitution lobby, and it does seem to be the case. [...] If your next project on racism, will you see neo-Nazis? [...]

Then you write:

Thus, elements of the left have repeatedly called for a "total abolition of prostitution" or progressive so-called "Swedish model", saying that sex work / prostitution is the ultimate expression of patriarchy.

Let me clarify that: because this sentence gives the impression that you do not believe that prostitution is an expression of patriarchy. If it is not, what is it then? Why 98% of all prostitutes they are women and almost 100% of johns, men? But do not tell that it is because we live in a patriarchal system?

Then you say:

Yes, sex work is currently done in the context of patriarchy, which means that the issue of voluntariness is unfortunately always difficult to disentangle.

So, prostitution also takes place outside of patriarchy? Seriously? And what conclusions do you draw from it is difficult to answer the "question of voluntariness"? [...]


However, the feminist response can not be to adopt a paternalistic approach and try to tell the sex workers what a decent life should look like.

I'm dying to know where you go for that. People who see prostitution as destructive and inhuman are not patronizing: they and express solidarity with us. And that's exactly what you could do with a little practice.

this stupid idea that anyone who recognizes prostitution as harmful is kind of conservative moralist trying to lecture it is necessary that you stop back to "fallen women."

Recognizing the suffering and misery of prostitution and declare that it constitutes violence is not to lecture; it means seeing the real conditions and show where prostitutes live and respect and attention to those who suffer inside and prostitution because of it. [...]

But if you advocate the decriminalization of Prostitute (I think we all agree that we should never criminalize the prostitute), then this is equivalent to giving a speech as "Women affected by domestic violence are stigmatized. To free them from this stigma, we will decriminalize violence abuser. In this way, women will have nothing of which to be ashamed. "Are you able to understand at least part of it? [...]


Those who want to outlaw sex workers by choice criminalize entire industry and forced it underground, where no protection can be given to them.

In order to be better protected, sex workers need more self-determination and social and legal recognition of their profession.

Only in this way and being recognized as workers and that they can organize themselves publicly as part of the working class and assert their own interests, better working conditions and social security.

A ban sex work or the criminalization of clients (as in Sweden) would contribute to make the work of invisible and less safe sex.

The Artemis brothel in Berlin

The biggest "Eros Center" in Germany opened in 2005, on the occasion of the World Cup football. In April 2016, the two bosses "honest and respectable" of the institution of the sex industry were indicted for tax fraud, illegal work and human trafficking . The free market facilitates sexual slavery.
And yet revoici the fairytale underground. Please please go and read some texts explaining the Swedish model, which criminalizes the Prostitute and decriminalize prostitute. And read reviews of this law, where it has been applied in Norway for example.

No, prostitution does not correspond to an amount of actions cast in bronze. Yes it can be decreased.

No, the Swedish model does not deliver in hiding. Yes, the view of a society on women turns when one sex can not buy another.

No, we do not need "recognition as a profession," we need that prostitution be recognized as a violence.

And no, we're not part of the working class, we are first and foremost people injured by sexual abuse through prostitution! We will organize not part of the working class, but in associations of victims and survivors [...].

We do not need you to organize us or talking about us; we organize ourselves, thank you.


Those who actually advocate an emancipated society must also advocate for physical and sexual self-determination.

Prostitution is the exact opposite of sexual self-determination. Part wants sex, the other not. The money is supposed to bridge the gap. Prostitution has nothing to do with the physical and sexual self-determination because everything I do, the Prostitute decides; this is the situation of heteronomy.

I'm incredibly tired of all your talk of sexual liberation when you mention in the same breath prostitution as a path to this release. We do not train in this speech; we will not let ourselves exploit that way! Make your own sexual liberation, but you will not be allowed to use makeup and violence committed against us to get there.

Also, I'd like to see you do a little research; you quickly discover that forced prostitution and prostitution can not be considered separately, as you prefer to.

On the one hand, the lines between the two are blurred, and secondly there will never be enough women who do it "voluntarily"; a large percentage of them will always be forced to meet the demand. This means that you may not want prostitution without agreeing with forced prostitution; one does not exist without the other.

And by the way, if you support the complete decriminalization and legalization of prostitution, you support the market principle as the only regulatory factor, which means the demand increases, the supply grows, demand is growing even more because men now consider perfectly normal to be a Prostitute, supply continues to grow, and so on. It's an upward spiral.

See if you wait to see the capitalist value from women like merchandise, you wonder if you've ever read anything about the basic mechanisms of capitalism?


The intention behind our decision to focus on these workers and sex workers currently experience restrictions of their physical self-determination, their health and their rights in their professional life of workers sex workers, people who have made a conscious and deliberate choice to deliver sexual and erotic services.

Oh, and what proportion of these people? One in ten at the most. And that on which you want to align yourself to determine the factors affecting the situation of all women prostitutes in Germany? You do not care about the rest of us, or what? [...]

You certainly do not listen to 90% of prostitutes in the country who are migrants [...]. The vast majority of prostitutes are not brothel owners, high class escorts, domineering; the majority of them do not even speak German! How can you be so ignorant.es?

"The grief of a mother," work by artist Namibian Findano Shikonda. As in France, more than 80% of prostitutes in Germany are "imported" by trafficking networks.
Prostitution is classist and racist, or why do you think we can find so many Aboriginal women in other countries, and many Roma women in Germany? How do you explain that? [...]

At least once a week here at Sisters eV, we receive a visit from a woman who came out of the industry (not to mention those who contact us because they are still trying to get out!) It tells us that if it took that long to break his silence, it is because everything the company said, is that it is a profession and that it's working and it's a job; c eastern joyful sex work - and therefore all the injuries she suffered in prostitution indicated that it is she who must have a problem.

And that is precisely the political climate created by the people like you. All your speech trapped in silence women who have left prostitution. I too was speechless for years due to texts like yours - because when you're a prostitute and you read something like that, you do not even know where to start.

Prostitution is sexist, racist and classist, and you, you come after listening brothel owners and escort agencies, and you want to talk about sexual liberation? And you call that be left? You can not talk seriously.

There can never be to develop as comfortably as possible a sexist system, classist and racist as prostitution. Who do you hope to put up with this? Such a system should be abolished.

You must understand that support women in prostitution is not the same as supporting the prostitution system! This system must be reversed and not institutionalized and better "recognized as a profession"! The only thing I find praiseworthy in your document is the accuracy with which it constitutes a faithful copy-pasted arguments lobby of pimps ( "proxos" in English). Nice work, indeed.

Seriously, is this what looks like your solidarity?

Shame on you and no thank you!

Huschke Mau (@huschkemau)

Signed on behalf of women Sisters eV that came out of prostitution:

Annalena, woman out of prostitution
Sonja, woman out of prostitution
Sandra, woman out of prostitution
Sunna, woman out of prostitution
Nadia, woman out of prostitution
Andra woman out of prostitution
Esther Martina, woman out of prostitution
Eva, woman out of prostitution

[ 1 ] Read about the report of Vice, "In the German brothel offering" at will "formulas .

[ 2 ] Parliamentary Survey 2013

[ 3 ] "The legalization of prostitution in Germany is challenged" , Le Monde, November 7, 2013

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