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(en) Czech, afed.cz: When the cops threaten... Another story in a series of police bullshit, which appeared on the Web Antifénix responding to attempts to criminalize the anarchist movement.

Date Sun, 24 Apr 2016 13:09:13 +0300

In a few days we will commemorate the year of the "famous" police raids in the homes of anarchists, which is called Fénix got into the media to uncover the alleged Networks as revolutionary cells. After the raid left three people in custody, while others have been threatened with long sentences, but were released again (with two exceptions) without charge. On that malicious network charges ultimately were not at all and moreover, it turned out that one of the accused had no connection with the other accused and prosecuted only for an unrelated offense and the rest of the accused combines primarily an initiative of police agents provocateurs who were trying to just do something dunk to They had at least some result for the huge costs that this whole tragicomedy incurred. Police bullshit but continues merrily on, including methods of intimidation, as that would have done credit to the former secret police, whose political police activity today is indirectly connected. As an example, let him be a lesson for others, sharing the letter, which appeared on page Antifénix.

Dear friends,

I was interested to read on your site articles on illegal home searches and other bullshit from the police and I decided to share with you about my recent experience with the police. The mission of the police as anarchists probably doing great illusion, but for someone it might be surprising how illegal and totalitarian practices of today 'guardians of the law "are used. The main reason why I am writing you, but that I made some stupid mistakes. They stemmed partly from my family situation to a great extent but it could have ignorance of the law, especially what the police can afford. I do not want to repeat the same mistakes he had someone else, so I would like to show my example of what you can try the police and what do in this case.

Everything started 15. 3. 2016, when me on my cell phone from a private number 702 126 051 called a Mr. Freedom from police and asked me to come for an interview. Upon my arrival at the station in Zlin me that alleged Mr. Svoboda I became very much apologize for calling me because of sheer stupidity, but apparently in Bystrice end of last year there was a car theft and statements from operators they said my number rode out as one of many numbers, which at that time moving around. Said red tape required to be heard. The whole thing was quite suspicious, in fact Bystrice do not go and do not know where would it come from my number. When I asked exactly when that should happen, the cop I was not able to answer and instead I vehemently tried to talk about private things Finta as: "I will from somewhere, did not go you to the Golem?" Finally, we put together a protocol that I Bystrice and not I know where it come from my number. Error first - I did not have a copy, the second error - to request police, I said even his temporary residence and employment. All this interrogation proved a scam, which was intended only to know my personal information. If you ever summon the police under a similar pretext, be careful and do not say anything you do not! They probably would not have found otherwise, but why has it facilitated?

That same evening I was returning from a walk with his dog noticed that our street passes suspiciously slow blue-gray van and parked near our house. When I reached the gate, he got out of the van (license plate is probably 4AJ 3315), a young policeman who had been sitting in the office with that alleged Svoboda and spoke to me. I did not want to scare his girlfriend's father, who was present at that and I am so without asking cop walked to the van, to which I then also joined. I expected that I would be taken to the station for questioning me instead exported out of the city to a place where there was no street lights, there for effect even turned off the lights and in the ensuing darkness began with questions. He asked mainly arrogant cop who was sitting in front and I could not see his face. On the first question: "Who do you play in a band?" I did not answer, because after the police nothing. After rozcvicovacím query we get to what really interested him about - my friends Alex and Luke. I replied that I had not seen more than a year, and even before that I was with them much contact did not and therefore has no information that could be of interest to the police. That argument seemed to me good, because it is true and can hardly hurt someone, but in retrospect I think I was in the beginning certainly refuse to testify. My answer is still offering space to other questions: "We are interested even before that." Apart from my friends are still interested in jailbreaking website and Black International.

My answers about the cop did not like, so the threats began: "Can we blame you for some of your translations that you do" and vows: "Tell us what we want, and you hear about us." I have insisted: "Boys, I have not seen for a long time, I do not know of anything illegal and that if I ever had translated or not, I will not comment." Carousel same questions and answers, the same promises and threats are repeated a few times, then drove me back home.

Lessons: similar actions the police had the right, if you want to hear, you have to call, and you do not carry around at night in the woods somewhere. It is better to engage in any discussions venturing now and clearly refuse to testify.

I was hoping to just try, and when they saw that they have nothing to say, give me a break, but I had apparently become confident and decisive, because after a week at my job again found the same slick young cop. He tried to continue in the role of worthier ( "My colleague is too abrupt, I accuse you now, but I have three chances"). Thus I was very impressed. First, I do not think that would make me the police had nothing to prosecute, second, I know that similar threats tried on other comrades and I take it as a police folklore. Into the same category I include another ploy: "Do you think the others were silent? How would I get to you otherwise? "That, to see my number, would be enough to look into directories phones that my friends took a year ago in Operation Phoenix.

The call was similar to the last time, but when I patiently repeated the same answers began to come up with increasingly absurdnejšími requirements like me to write a list of things that I translated that I tried to ask who is doing what pages and wrote him what and where writes, I wrote everything I remember from the time AKA etc. I declined, it is not only long and secondly, I'm not StB collaborator, scheduled to similar reports. In the end, he tried prasáctejší method: "You want to get married, are expecting a baby, I go over and over your father in law? Shall I make a hell? Smashing family that we know how, a colleague in this just fine. " I repeated that he has no say. Barely an hour I was out a message from my girlfriend pregnant, he called her a kind of Dvorak.

As I subsequently found out, a cop (from now on the polite word could not be used) drove to our home, where my father caught up with his girlfriend and then called her phone. Obviously she's very upset. To be clear, my friend is not an anarchist, about my friends or other things he knows nothing, and her testimony in this respect for the police absolutely worthless. The entire initiative is alleged Mr. Dvorak therefore one purpose - to blackmail me that it would scare my girl pregnant, if I am not testify.

A further week later he appeared again at work. This time I threatened to do me problems at work, I will still summon me for interrogation ( "I can take away from the wedding and the birth"). That was the final impetus to begin to deal with the whole thing. I contacted the lawyer who was surprised when he heard about similar practices. He confirmed to me that something like that the police really have the right and all interrogations are conducted formally, should be a written record of any "chat off the record," I have unequivocally rejected. It's strange, but since I got myself represented by an attorney during police is inaudible, they are probably well aware that it is they who acted illegally, about a moral aspect even to mention.

I do not know what the police are trying to my friends sew (a large number of inquiries directed to the operation of the website and if you want me to my friends, some translations) But I absolutely sure that my friends have good character and none of them would, for example, does not reduce the make frightened innocent girl pregnant. Your opinion on who is the real villain, I have a completely clear.

Finally, I would like to thank the people of the ABC and Antifénixu for everything they do. I want to wish you good luck, strength and courage to all the persecuted and victimized activists. Do not let it break!


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