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(en) anarchist group "restive horse" member A.P.O.: Capitalism is relentless, ruthless, cruel and voracious (gr) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 22 Apr 2016 09:36:27 +0300

Our struggles for the overthrow of being militant, collective and unmediated ... - "I was standing on a hill. And I saw the Old approaching. But coming as a New. Crawling on new crutches. That no one had seen before. And new mass murderer putrid smells. That nobody had xanamyrisei (...). " - Mn. Brecht - Six years after the inclusion of the country in international economic regime control of the political and economic directorial EU, ECB and IMF, with the agreement of the local civilian staff and local bosses, the attack against the vast majority of society continues. ---- In fact, this is an attack that began at least two decades ago in Greece as a result of capitalist restructuring taking place today at the global level and new misery conditions gradually formed millions of exploited after the outbreak of the global capitalist crisis with major axes the greatest possible seizure of social wealth, the complete control and subjugation of human societies. Understandings and loan agreements are just the modern version of this escalating attack aimed at complete overthrow of labor relations and social rights for the benefit of the state and capital.

Before about two decades megalomegistanas Agnello, commenting on the politics of his country, Italy, he said: "There is a kind of Left that is more useful than the Right. It is at the left that can do everything you could do the Right. " And of course, this is not only true in the case of Italy.

Today, the newly elected "aristerodexia" political management Syriza-ANEL pave the way for the deepening of the operating conditions and oppression and for the intensification of this attack in an even more extensive sections of the population. After having fostered false hopes on the landscaping of the system through a government role-taking and contributed decisively to the weakening of social and class movements that had developed over the previous period, then adopted the same neo-liberal agenda with its predecessors, fully in line with the requirements and antisocial patterns of local and international elites, while attempting to give extended life in the already bankrupt political and economic system by allowing social conditions of peace, national reconciliation and diataxikis cooperation.

Managing illusions systematically cultivated lately not aimed at improvement of people's living conditions, as you contend for this their exponents. One in which targeted and partially succeeded was the formation of consensus and assimilation conditions humane enforcement of the terms of the new capitalist attack that is already in progress by imposing new antisocial measures that increasingly degrade the life and contribute greatly to the further ftochopoiisi and impoverishment of the population.

The adoption a few months ago, the 3rd Memorandum and the implementing laws that came, came to seal the adoption of new antisocial measures aimed at imposing predatory taxation (continued ENFIA and new taxes), the dismantling of social security, education and healthcare (undermining further the already dissolved education and health systems) - the new cuts in pensions, the elimination of each and increasing the retirement age, the release of the first home auction to holders of "red" loans, in perpetuating of flexible working - "interest" as ruling slavery for most (introduction of voucher-further flexibilisation of labor relations programs, individual contract, employer terrorism-layoffs-reductions under the threat of unemployment, unionization hit) stoxepoulima public property ( privatization of ports, airports and entire regions), to impose hunger wages.

At the same time, the perpetuation and rising unemployment generate hard ftochopoiisis conditions, social exclusion and marginalization of hundreds of thousands of young people (many driven up to suicide), which facilitates the control and their subjugation. It is a fact that confirms the antisocial and murderous nature of capitalism not alleviated depending on its political operator, but instead, as the crisis deepens, it becomes even more voracious and ruthless.

Key contribution to the manipulation and the appeasement of social and class resistances have trade elite, controlled by partisan and bureaucratic mechanisms leaderships of the unions undertake a mediating role between society and the bosses, time found in good cooperation and dialogue with second, managing to total discredited trade union and workers' demands, to foster defeatism workers and challenged the effectiveness of the collective struggle. Today, having lost much of its mediation capacity, as large pieces of the racers have turned back, attempting to restrict their class struggles promoting social peace and diataxiki cooperation.

Strikes - "rifles in the air", convened by the sold out bosses of the government association (GSEE-ADEDY), trying to pull the wool over the workers' eyes, while they put gravestone in the labor movement and its demands, and made without planning and prospect thereby undermining the credibility of the medium in the consciousness of the world.

At international level, the picture is no different. The capitalist restructuring taking place in the direction of enforcement of state and capitalist dictatorship over human societies through the establishment of modern totalitarianism. Despite individual differences detected from region to region, there is no room for doubt that the severity of the systemic attack takes the character total war declared by the global political and economic bosses against the exploited and oppressed of the world. The establishment of a permanent emergency regime within the western metropolises together by conducting a relentless war in the wider capitalist periphery are the hallmarks of this war that aims at full control of societies and the consolidation of national and supranational mechanisms as dominant players in the global geopolitical. Meanwhile, there are also the endokapitalistikes conflict through the emergence of various power blocs in the global chessboard with different interests and aspirations.

The Greek state, as an active member state and southeast of the European Union border guard and co-perpetrator in European capitalist integration, actively participates in the formation of this international landscape by imposing poverty and indigence conditions inside and standing up impenetrable walls for those who took the road of migration and refugees because of looting and destruction led various areas of the globe yielding to appetites of global capitalism. The effort to reduce their flow and intensification of reconnaissance control creates a militarized area in the southern and eastern borders of Fortress Europe which includes fences, police-military operations, international patrols, minefields, warships and everything becomes useful in curbing this huge amount of people trying to enter the "capitalist paradise".

Opposite to our violent devaluation of life, all us from below, workers, the unemployed, youth, natives and immigrants, knowing our real needs, we must take life in our hands, to organize and to fight collectively, self-organized and adiamesolavita in any society and the workplace, in schools and colleges, workplaces, neighborhoods and streets, away from any party and union manipulation which inevitably leads to the weakening and degeneration of social and class movement. With base unions, neighborhood assemblies and racing patterns of youths, pupils, students and workers to set up embankments in the state and capitalist attack that ruined our lives.

For the wild-hit social basis there is no room for other illusions. The only real dilemma must be "capitalism or social revolution." The only realistic option is that of social transformation, the process that structures of exploitation and oppression relations imposed by the existing regime of slavery and misery and repealing society existing organizational structures, replacing them with other types of horizontal and collective self-organization such as libertarian communes , workers' councils, the assemblies and collectives.

AGAINST STATE AND capitalist barbarity


anarchist group "restive horse"

member A.P.O. (Anarchist Political Organisation - Collegiality Federation)
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