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(en) Greece, Libertarian Thessaloniki Initiative: Demonstrations against the new insurance bill (gr) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 16 Apr 2016 09:44:04 +0300

We will work until we die - I will not live as slaves - 1. The establishment of the social security system - This way both appropriated by the working class a field that was created outside of the control and the other succeeds the " calm "in a period of sharpening class struggle and revolutionary upheaval. - It is extremely important for our order to understand the role of social "benefits", both as a mechanism that prepares the world for the work that "must" be done and facilitate the accomplishment of (schools the training, the universities amplify, the repair hospitals, public transport easier access to work, etc.), and also as a means of appeasement of the anger and the resistance. ---- Already from the above it is evident that our reading does not coincide with this left facing each service one "victory of the labor movement". Social security, as the public nature of health, education, etc., are of great importance to the quality of life of the workers and must defend them as such. However not uniquely victory of our class but (also) the fund mechanism.

2. The unraveling of the protective settings

In Greece the crisis has unleashed a scathing attack by capital and any safety net was the poorest unpick apace: access to healthcare is limited, wages are falling, the pensions are reduced, taxes are increasing, allowances beaten. A range of policies and decisions of all aspects of domination serving the basic goal of the capital, the devaluation of labor power. A goal that is fixed but a parallel test of survival of capital in crisis conditions. And obviously all power bodies are oriented in the same direction: one example is the decision of the Supreme Court not only not justify worker for accident but to define and compensation to the company for damage she suffered as a result of the accident (for which is supposed to "blame himself"), which opens new paths tsalapatimatos labor law.

At the same time, the labor movement is experiencing a persistent and heavy defeat. The GSEE has shown once again its true face to the open alignment with the local and international capital in the referendum period. Here the attitude was a clear reminder to those (with naive or fraudulent purposes) had not understood until then its role. The "symbolic" 24-hour strikes without any meaning, plan or perspective, the sell-off workers' struggles, the bureaucratization and ultimately nationalization of the labor movement are phenomena that have existed for decades and confirm that the interests of bureaucratic unionism are next to those of the bosses.

The labor movement, unable to even defend and obvious, flickered with the memorandums and the medium in 2012, to erase completely, leaving a small portion of the order to try to organize and an even smaller rotate in direct-democratic, horizontal and militant modes of organization.

In this landscape came and through insurance bill attacking the labor movement, an attack that hardly seems to be able to ward off serious if we take into account this balance of forces. It's a battle, however, to be given (like any large or small battle) in the perspective of the recasting of the labor movement in subversive and revolutionary direction.

3. The minimum reaction against the attack on social security

Great importance to employee reaction weakness towards the new insurance bill is and the composition of the working class itself.

Much has been out of the production process and as such has no insurance. For a piece of them, dealing with the question of insurance seems rather odd and indifferent. As for the piece that works especially the younger age-often employed either "black" or has been employed "black" several years that the pension seems to anyway impossible dream.

It should be done separately in a piece that also has no access to insurance, medical or pension: the / bis immigrants / behavior shows. Immigrants / behavior shows are the most underrated part of our class, living without papers, "invisible" and therefore extremely weak in the face of what their bosses in store, and of course uninsured.
For some of the above, therefore, the defense of any acquis on insurance does not show any interest or better all the above do not realize why they need to fight

4. What does the new insurance

Since the looting of funds to finance capitalists (by the Bank of Greece) to the 50s (Law 1611/1950), by gaming the reserves in the stock market by governments Mitsotakis and Simitis the 90s (Laws 2076 / 1992, 2676/1999), looting and speculation at the expense of social wealth of workers, an essential tactic of the state for the protection and development of the domestic bourgeoisie. So after the latest antiasfalistiko law Loverdos (n.3863 / 2010) and the shearing of reserve funds in 2012, the "insurance" Katrougalos bill comes to rid once and for all employers and the state from the nightmare of social security , paving the way for the advent of private insurance and the burden of working with the full cost of their insurance.

The government bill on pension inter alia provides: reduction of total pension expenditure gradually by 2018 to 8.6 billion (21 billion in 2011), reducing pensions, integrating all funds and supplementary pension funds, phasing EKAS ( Social Solidarity benefit for Pensioners), reduction of disability pension (the key will be given only to those who have 80% disability), reduction of sunk by 10% and reducing the basic OGA pension (4%) and an increase of contributions (3% now , mestocho 13%). For freelancers total contributions reach 38.5% of their income.

Still, while workers 'contributions to supplementary increase by 0.5%, employers' contributions are increased only 1%, although in the crisis were reduced by 3.9%. Initial announcements of Katrougalos that will restore the level of employer contributions to previous levels, and they went to slam.

Finally, special mention should be made in the calculation of pension (ie on the basis of the individual contributions of the insured to the working lives). This transformation in the insurance dues enhances "atomikokentrikotita" and "individual solution". As the attack progresses so larger pieces of survival / the worker / triplet transferred to / not the same / a. Institutional promoting individual solution and social cannibalism are fragmenting the meaning of collegiality, leaving each and every single of / towards the state and the bosses.
In short, all that is certain that they actually get is ... The national pension amounting to € 384.

Here it should be emphasized that the insurance bill affects and freelancers, as we have seen with the demonstrations of the "movement of the tie." The "freelancers" can be electricians, technicians, lawyers, doctors. But they often -as ginetai- and employ others in offices or in their garages, is that bosses. The reactions of these indignant bosses are not just far away from us but against us. Moving in the footsteps of previous reactionary fiesta of "stay Europe", the protests do not find us just us adiaforous- find hostile. We do not care rising megalodikigoron levies, Megalogiatroi and "scientists" and deeply saddened when we see a lawyer who works for 800 euros in some office and megalodikigoro-boss marching together.

This should of course be noted that in those who deliberately channels called "freelancers" are thousands of "notepad" -ergazomenoi ie working relationships with disguised wage labor-which are naturally part of our class, and one of the most underrated since not even entitled to the provisions of the labor law for employees, such as gifts, benefits, licenses etc.

5. The need to mobilize in defense of social security

The already petsokommeno insurance system is one of the last elementary safety nets for us when someone / a of us is injured or when longer arrive at an age that we can not sell our labor power to survive -when that has left us no labor power to sell. The fight then against the new insurance bill is for our class a survival fight.
This fight can only be done on many fronts: against raising the retirement age, reduce pensions, inequality in working conditions on the basis of sex, race, ilikeias Ms. Against all that separates us and fragmenting exploited today against that create difficult living conditions for all of us tomorrow. Favor of equal rights for all / bis workers / ies, in favor of the legalization of all immigrants / three.

And it is a fight that must be given as "molecular" and "head": in our neighborhoods, our social spaces, in our work, in our clubs, door to door, but also to strike and the street when the insurance bill will voted.

Be there.

To do it again strikes labor and dangerous

To take back what belongs to us


Thursday 14/4, 18.00 square Ag. Therapontas

Tuesday 19/4 at 18.00 Eptalofou Square

Libertarian Thessaloniki Initiative


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