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(en) França, Organização Comunista Libertarie (OCL) - Courant Alternatif #250 - May 2015 - Summary and editorial (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Fri, 08 May 2015 10:17:29 +0300

SUMMARY --- page 3 editorial politicking ---- page 4 The people voting more! Dissolve it! ---- antiracism ---- page 5 About the racism and anti-racism ---- repression ---- Page 9 Licence to Kill: chronic mobilization of police impunity ---- page 13 Zyed zet Bouna October 2005 call for mobilization ---- Page 13 Today in the street, we continue tomorrow? ---- Page 14 the economy in brief ---- strife ---- page 15 The strike at Radio France Basque Country ---- page 21 Morvan wins the ZAD, the project Barrel Manufacturers With Stable degummed! ---- analysis ---- page 18 Health Act, legislation that can pay big ---- pages 22, 23 big brother ---- police state ---- pages 24 Bill on Intelligence ---- The mouv'ment ---- 27 pages Disappearances -Meetings libertarian Palestine ---- 28 pages Jerusalem: the myth of ethnic cleansing ---- books ---- pages 30 S. Federici "Caliban and the Witch": this is under debate (be) Kristin Ross, the Imaginary Town Acratie Editions: latest


Thousands of migrants die each year in the Mediterranean and the process accelerates. 1500 people died in 2011, 3419 in 2014, 1600 to date since the start of 2015. And these figures refer only to the dramas that have been recorded and evaluated.

Faced with this disaster, Matteo Renzi, Berlusconi said: "We ask not to be abandoned." However, this is not the Italian authorities who are abandoned by their peers, are first migrants. In 2005 was created the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union better known by its acronym of FRONTEX. The agency enjoys substantial autonomy, strengthened in 2011 and is authorized to have its own military equipment. The financial resources made available to FRONTEX are constantly increasing: 19 million euros in 2006 and 88 million euros in 2011, 110 million in 2015 (planned for now, but extensions are mentioned).

Of course migrants are victims of smugglers who exploit and often lead to death, but they are also victims of the war that their leads Europe with FRONTEX. These are not humanitarian means that are developed to help the military means but to drive them. Matteo Renzi rightly points out that search missions and rescue at sea are not enough, by themselves, to save the lives of migrants, but think the problem can not be solved by preventing smugglers to engage in their activity and making sure that their boats do not leave the Libyan coast. This senior executive from the Democratic Party (center left), he will even advocate to sink the ships before they take the sea as proposed fascist Daniela Santanchè.

The Migrants Coordination (Bologna and area) - movement of migrants against racism and exploitation) analysis it aptly: "If the indiscretions that talk of a naval blockade in the Mediterranean were to be confirmed, the result would we migrants would eventually become disposable pawns in a game between cops and robbers, between "good forces" of EU democratic and "evil agents" represented by smugglers. Different teams but both actually unscrupulous. "

Where a person has fled the country into civil war, the yoke of dictatorship (whether Islamist or led by a pro-Western wheeler) or an unbearable misery and she went through in difficult conditions half Africa, it is normal that she is not resigned to remain blocked in Libya or Morocco and ready at any price to try to cross the Mediterranean course, the catastrophic situation in Libya (Alternating Current N 243 of October 2014) does not simplify the situation but unlike Renzi who thinks "The only solution is peace and stability of the Libyan institutions", we believe it is necessary to see the real causes of the deterioration in capitalist exploitation of Africa. Of course, Libya is in an extremely serious condition, following the intervention of the Western (Sarkozy in the lead) to get rid of a dictator to whom we kowtow was not long before. But it is mainly the economic exploitation of Africa by major Western groups -exploitation reinforced by the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) - and the maintenance of dictatorships that make many Africans fleeing poverty.

And what situation are the immigrants arriving in Europe? "With many others we struggle every day to assert our rights against the institutional racism that would silence us, like arms to exploit speechless. With assemblies, rallies, strikes and demonstrations, we organize to demand the freedom of all to exploitation, precariousness and racist laws like the Bossi-Fini law. We are here and we are fighting here. But we know that our condition is the result of crossing a border, and that it continues to pursue us in the residence permit that we carry in our pocket or the papers they do not want us to give us, in that racism we face. "Explains Migrants Coordination of Bologna.

In France too, there are people who stay for years - even decades - without papers, while being exploited as a workforce exploited at will thank you. And even when they get the right to stay and work regularly, even when installed long they are victims of racism and exploitation. The children and grandchildren of these immigrants are also victims of social discrimination, spatial segregation, monitoring and police violence. Fortunately, more and more often, immigrants, undocumented workers, the so-called young "immigrant" are organizing to defend their rights against exploitation, racism, injustice or violence police.

And even when one is not immigrant, it is necessary to fight for their rights as employees come to do the employees of Radio France, social rights, especially the right to health from the egalitarian reforms. And we need more than ever to fight against "the establishment of a surveillance society" (as rightly expressed the Socialist Party in 2009 in his book La France en monitored Freedoms), at a time when this same PS now wants to go further than the right on controls through the law on intelligence.

"Faced with political crimes whose governments are guilty of all the shores of the Mediterranean, we claim the right to move and to cross borders by any means without dying. "We still say the comrades of the Migrants Coordination of Bologna. We only add that in addition to freedom of movement, it is necessary to fight for the abolition of capitalist exploitation and state control over our lives.

Limoges, 26 April 2015

For a more detailed analysis of the causes of the increase in the number of African migrants and management of this situation by Europe, you can consult the interesting article by Saeed Bouamama The killer wall of the Mediterranean on his blog: https: //bouamamas.wordpress.com ; he was taken to "free lyrics" http://www.paroleslibres.lautre.net and on our website: http://oclibertaire.free.fr.

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