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(en) Gaucha Anarchist Federation - FAG - 20 years of struggle for Socialism and for Freedom! (pt) [machine translation]

Date Mon, 21 Dec 2015 13:26:31 +0200

The political and economic situation of the country is at a delicate moment. The acceptance of the application of Impeachment against Dilma Rousseff (PT) by the president of the Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) opens room for different and diverging positions. The polarization between those who defend the government Dilma Rousseff and those who defend their Impeachment must be questioned. And his questioning should be done by affirmation and construction of an alternative outlet, a third, own and characteristic of low, of those who are independent of the course of events, have their social rights, working conditions and dignity of their shattered lives and hampered even further.

The output does not come from above!

Since Dilma's election Rousseff for president, and even before, the oppressed classes have suffered great difficulty with the withdrawal of labor rights, fiscal adjustment that cuts funding of health and education and austerity projects which increase the cost of living. All contrary to what Dilma promised in his election campaign. Indeed, Rousseff was elected with tight margin with the verse that would not touch the rights of workers. Immediately apply the fiscal adjustment revenue defended by his opponent Aécio Neves (PSDB). A true electoral larceny indicating, again, the nefarious character of bourgeois representative democracy and misrepresentation of people's interests.

But the sectors of right in opposition, direct representatives of conservative and neoliberal ideas of pure strain, not content with the PT-PMDB way of governing (through classes pact that gives little to the poor to give much to the rich) have decided it's time to rule directly, ruling out once and for all the PT along with the social and popular varnish assigned to it. In the view of a fraction of the ruling classes, the PT no longer serves their interests, even if this is a belly full of complaint since in more than 12 years of government profited PT and privileged as ever.

That big dog fight, the same condominium neighbors is thus a fierce struggle between the ruling elites of the political power of the machine to further deepen the attacks on the rights of bass that comes by the hand of PT. This is not about class struggle, where workers' interests are defended against the interests of employers. This polarization between "impeachment and government" does not represent our interests as oppressed / them. The class struggle will not step aside to make way for this false polarization.

The war of nerves impeachment and democracy must be defended

Investigations of the various ongoing operations (Zealots, Lava jet, etc.) indicate that there are times we anarchists of the FAG seek afimar: corruption is systemic and structural something that affects everyone, between parties of the order, banks, entrepreneurs and employers . Allied to this systemic corruption, one finds a cross-party way of governing that does not touch the privileges of the oligarchy, the power of the economic and financial groups and ideological regime of institutional practices. Who governs the system, the system is governed! In this system, all are partners in corruption and impunity. One hand washes the other. Everyone has their time. Who will not stand for this scheme does not govern.

It is in these terms that we view the corrupt Eduardo Cunha (PMDB), investigated for corruption and money laundering, as well as face the corrupt of all parties in order cahoots with the bosses and bankers.

So democracy that is there, is not designed to ensure the interests and wishes of the people. It works well expresses this in every election embezzlement in each regimental maneuver in each employer lobby in daily institutional racism that condemned without trial to black youth of the suburbs, the conspiracies of all kinds, the underground networks that steal and divert public resources and each rifle daily exterminate the black and indigenous people throughout Brazil. The list does not end here.

The impeachment is therefore one more card in the game that will change some parts to keep everything as it is. Because the rules will not be changed and the democratic rule of law, which is more than right for some than for everyone, will continue playing privileges and practices that exclude the oppressed of any fundamental decision on our lives. For the hard core of capitalist domination continue intact. Because more than 13 years of government "progressive" did not represent the will of structural changes but rather a management variable, a way to operate the machine that the end does not affect their gear, do not question their operating rules.

Democracy should be defended at that time, in our view, it is the direct democracy and grassroots social fighters, the popular assemblies, councils and referendums in public life, in school occupations and social struggles that defend rights and that in practice exercise their own way of managing their interests, to make decisions on matters that affect us directly, of doing politics from below as oppressed people. It will be the people's struggle and without retreat one centimeter to defend social rights and the freedoms of assembly, association and demonstration, seeking to enlarge them and deepen them beyond the illusion offered by representative democracy. We will not give a step towards the legalization of politics because we want a strong people who make politics the direct management of the commons.

What then do at that point?

We anarchists of the FAG we stand for a third position that affirms the class independence of the workers against the economic adjustment, direct democracy and based on opposition to the corrupt system of representation of bourgeois politics and the generalization of the struggles in the streets, strikes and occupations out of bureaucratic controls and electoral calculations. Not with the reactionary bunch of impeachment and the Congress nor with the kneeling governance, which passes the knife in the flesh of the people in collusion with the employer and the financial system.

The occupation of state schools for high school students in São Paulo against school reorganization project that pushed back the government Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) suspending the reform which included the closing of 94 schools is for us an example of what should be done at that time. perhaps, after the reductions in transport fares that triggered the June 2013 hours, the greatest achievement of social struggle against the setting at this juncture. A partial achievement indeed, but it generated moral rebel peleia, sidewalk in other practices that produce other senses and who is not capturing the polarization of elites. No output in the short term to pass out of the direct struggle of the oppressed. Search shortcuts right now is falling back into the trap of pragmatism that will not lead anywhere. The output does not come from above, the policy made by professionals, but must come from below, politics made with direct action and grassroots democracy on the part of all the oppressed classes.

Another ideology, another political culture, which make way for new generation of rebels fights defending his work, territory, social, health, education and democracy radicalized by self-organization. Who does not play over their fate and their hopes in the crook scheme of order parties and sows cores of popular power as resistance factors.

The radical of an alternative is on the level of practices and the production of social strength of a militant resistance from below, of the vital parts of the daily work, study and community. The unit can forge a third have to beat these dynamics and the union of grassroots democracy organizations of the oppressed classes. For us, these are the factors that can change the balance of force at this stage.

By a third: class independence and unity for the fights!

Nor with the reactionary bunch of impeachment and the Congress nor with the kneeling governance, which passes the knife in the flesh of the people in collusion with the employer and the financial system.

Direct and grassroots democracy with Assemblies, Councils and Plebiscistos in public life!

Generalize the struggle to change the correlation of forces!

Gaucha Anarchist Federation - FAG

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